Day One


We survived the 3 train journey to Dorset. Train 3 was probably the most challenging as we didn’t get a seat so were forced to sit in the doorway right by the toilet on a little pull down seat, surrounded by the smell of shit from passenger after passenger deciding to take a dump. Brilliant!

When we arrived at my Tazmyn’s parents house, my mother in law had put on an afternoon tea for us which was super cute and so sweet of her. Homemade scones too! 😍😍

In the afternoon we headed to Perry’s Cider Farm in Illminster. It’s one of my favourite places to visit here, when Tazmyn and I briefly lived in Somerset, we’d go to Perry’s often, sometimes for a cream tea, sometimes for lunch and sometimes just for a mooch about the farm shop. I do love farm shops! We brought a few things, how could we not?

The standard, cider for the wife, strawberry jam for me, and a bar of chocolate each too, Eton mess white chocolate and Bakewell tart milk chocolate. So excited to try those!

The in laws treated us to dinner too, we went to a lovely little pub called The Stonemasons, again in Illminster, I had steak, my favourite. Tazmyn, of course had a burger, always has a burger! They took us to this really cute ice cream place in the evening in Sherborne called Ecco Gelato. I mean, how cute an actual ice cream shop with fairy lights, cool seating and just about every flavour of gelato you can possibly imagine! I had raspberry sorbet and coconut ice cream with sprinkles!

When we got back to the house, I made myself at home on Izzy’s bed, the most comfortable bed in the history of the universe. Tazmyn and Izzy played on the PlayStation and Poppy and I lay on the bed chatting. I adore those two girls, I genuinely don’t think I could have picked two better sister in laws to have. Izzy is the most beautiful girl, even more so because she doesn’t know it, and Poppy is so funny, the things she comes out with are hilarious. I love them, and I love that we’re now family. Izzy was talking about her prom which will be later on this year at school and I’m so excited knowing I’ll get to see what she looks like on that special day, I’m just excited to watch both of them grow, they’re amazing.

Day 1 in Dorset has been lovely, as always, I’ll blog again tomorrow.

With love,



I always call it Somerset, and the wife always corrects me and tells me it’s Dorset, well to me they’re the same thing. Aren’t they? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway, today we’re off to “Dorset” to visit the inlaws for a couple of days. Inlaws, it’s so weird to think they’re actually my inlaws now for real. Izzy and Poppy are my sister inlaws, oh I love that. This morning has been manic, I’m terrible at packing, Tazmyn writes lists on her phone 3 weeks prior and has her case packed at least 10 days before we are due to go anywhere! Me on the other hand, leaves it all until the morning we’re going! Brownie points for the effort though, because I did set my alarm for 7am this morning and by 8am I was showered and my make up was done, even if half of my clothes were still in the tumble dryer! Cool, calm and collected Tazmyn is casually styling her hair in the bedroom and I’m packing the last minute things to the case. Charger! My phone charger is always the last thing to be packed, but thank god I didn’t forget it.

Its now 8:36am, technically we don’t need to leave the house until 9:30, our train is just before 10, oh did I forget to say we have to get 3 trains? It’s okay though, my travel sickness doesn’t really come into affect on trains for some bizarre reason, only on busses, planes and cars. Tazmyns packed us cans of fizzy drink for the journey, just one of the reasons why I married her! And we both have portable hand held rechargeable electric fans that we carry everywhere with us, for those moments we’re stressed and sweaty, which is more often than not! I really need to blog about those fans, they’re a bloody lifesaver! We’re currently sat at the dining room table, drinking tea with chocolate and ginger biscuits that my mum just brought back from her weekend in Whitby, I’m in between typing this post and checking out the window to see if it’s started to rain yet – please don’t rain, I’ve straightened my hair!!

Looking forward to a couple of days in Dorset though, I’ll blog again tomorrow morning.

Wish this drama queen luck on this 3 train journey! And pray it doesn’t rain!

With love, always

Bad Habits


We all have them.

Good, bad, unhealthy or just damn right annoying. Fortunately, neither Tazmyn or I smoke, I drink maybe twice a year and that will only be a cocktail, she likes a cold beer from time to time.. however, we are extremely comfortable being in each other’s company so that’s why I thought this post would be interesting to see what we thought each other’s bad habits were.

So, I asked the wife what my bad habits are.. (in her own words!)

🌼 Never keeping your side of the bed tidy

🌼 Overreacting – 🙄

🌼 Can’t really multi task – kinda true 🤦🏻‍♀️

🌼 Get extremely stressed when cooking – also very true 😳😳😳

🌼 Leaves water on the bathroom floor

🌼 Checking your phone at dinner

🌼 No verbal filter – guilty 😬

Thaaaaaaaanks then babe, love you too.

Tazmyn’s bad habits:

🌼 she takes foreverrrrrr in shops!

🌼 she sleeptalks

🌼 such a fidget!

🌼 Talks through movies/Tv shows

🌼 Only ever wants a cup of tea to dunk biscuits in, never actually drinks it!

🌼 Reads the news 10 times a day

🌼 Online shops 24/7!!!

I don’t know about you, but I think bad habits are part of what makes us who we are. A little bit of sleep talking and wasting my Yorkshire tea bags so you can dunk your custard creams in aren’t going to make me love you any less, just as long as you always cook the dinner 😉

What are your bad habits?

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Things that make me happy


🌸 Smiling

🌸 Yorkshire tea

🌸 Autumn

🌸 The Spanish Language

🌸 My mums chilli and garlic prawns

🌸 Living in my pyjamas

🌸 Photo albums

🌸 Candles

🌸 Cold Weather

🌸 My wife’s roast beef dinner

🌸 Breakfast dates

🌸 My Birthday

🌸 Garden Centres

🌸 Christmas Eve

🌸 Going on holiday

🌸 Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood

🌸 A good hair day

🌸 Bubble Baths

🌸 Discounts

🌸 My beautiful cat

🌸 The first sip of a cold can of Diet Coke

🌸 Essie nail polish

🌸 Clean laundry

🌸 100% charge on my phone

🌸 Picnics

🌸 Lemon Sorbet

🌸 Empty coffee shops

🌸 Custard

🌸 My eyebrow lady

🌸 Kisses

🌸 Butterflies in my tummy

🌸 A moisturised face

🌸 Laughing until I cry

🌸 Firework Night

🌸 YOU, my darling wife, you make me so very happy! x

What makes you happy?


Mini Body Shop Haul


Not really a haul sort of person, but we recently went to our favourite place shopping, which is Bracknell. It’s right on our door step, 20 minutes drive away and they’ve done it up so it’s really trendy, has pretty much every shop and it’s just so nice. Anyway, they’ve opened up a big body shop so we thought we would have a look, can I just say, I think The Body Shop is really underrated.. places like Lush get a lot of social media attention but in my eyes, The Body Shop is definitly better. Granted, it’s quite pricy and extremely easy to rack up a huge bill, but if you have a birthday coming up or Christmas, then this is your place for present ideas or stocking fillers! (Tazmyn and I have pretty much already mentally formed our Christmas lists!) 🤦🏻‍♀️😭


So a few of the items I purchased, which are probably not things on your every day shopping list but you may like the sound of..

Almond Milk Body Yoghurt – £8.50

So this is an alternative to the regular body butters that The Body Shop are famous for, where body butter takes a while to absorb into the skin, the yoghurt easily absorbs due to its new lightweight, fast-absorbing gel-cream formula. It’s also 100% vegan. It claims to give you 48 hours worth of moisture, when applying it to my skin personally it does make it feel a lot more hydrated and gives it a smoother feel compared to your products like body butter which are generally thicker in texture to the yoghurt. It also comes in a variety of different scents, I chose the almond milk one because almond milk is one of my favourite anyway and if you’re familiar with the Laura Mercia range you’ll agree that this body shop product is very similar to the almond soufflé cream by Laura Mercier which is priced at £45 a tub, so you’ve got yourself a bargain here! If you did fancy another scent though, the body shop also have: Banana, Mango, Moringa, British Rose, and Strawberry in this range. I love this product, it’s probably my favourite thing I’ve ever brought from The Body Shop so I’ll definitely be stocking up again! 

Coco Calming Face Mist – £6.00

Okay so these are very instagram famous at the moment, I’ve seen them everywhere and really wanted to try one for myself, what I didn’t know though until I visited the store that each cooling mist has a different purpose. I chose the coco calming face mist, simply because of the scent which is coconut water and I love anything coconut. This product is again 100% vegan, it’s also enriched with aloe vera which I’m a huge fan of, and while is suitable for all skin types, this particular product aims to soothe dry, sensitive skin when you need instant relief. It’s also make up friendly and actually the sales assistant in store who was helping me choose what to buy sprayed this mist onto my face and even though I had a full face of make up on, it didn’t smudge or affect my make up what’s so ever, so a huge bonus if you’re wanting to use this mist when you’re out and about. For me though I think I’m more likely to use it as part of my skincare routine at the end of the day. Other mists in the collection include: Strawberry soothing face mist, Mandarin energising face mist, Mint mattifying face mist, and Rose dewy glow face mist. 

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Face Mask – £11.00

This product is mainly for Tazmyn rather than myself, as we both have different skin types, hers being normal to somewhat oily, and mine being dry and sensitive, Tea Tree is known to dry out the skin but also be a great ingredient to help clear impurities and acne scaring. Tazmyn is a huge fan of anything tea tree and is particularly a fan of clay face masks so this is right up her street. The product is again 100% vegan, and claims to soothe and calm the skin whilst absorbing excess oil. Tazmyn actually used this product last night, and afterwards said her skin felt amazing. She has the most amazing skin, it’s so soft at all times and she swears by tea tree so there you go!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash – £6.50

So this item was part of a 3 for 2 deal at the body shop, Tazmyn chose 3 tea tree products, this being one of them. I feel like £6.50 is quite reasonably priced for this 250ml bottle, it’s what it says on the bottle, a facial cleanser. Aims to cleanse blemished skin, remove impurities and excess oil, so again if you have an oily skin type then the tea tree range may be something to look at. Again, of course this is 100% vegan, suitable for blemished skin and like most tea tree products this leaves your skin feeling incredibly refreshed. 

Skin Clearing Mattifiying Toner – £6.50

This product comes in both a 250ml bottle or a 400ml bottle as does the cleanser, again 100% vegan, suitable for oily skin, and claims to remove all make up and impurities. I think this toner in particular is really good as it works to mattify your skin leaving it feeling clean, refreshed and visibly clearer where as a lot of toners out there can leave your skin looking very shiny and if you have slightly oily skin like Tazmyn does, you most probably won’t want that. 

What have you recently purchased from The Body Shop? Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned above? If so let me know how you’ve got one with them 🙂

Little Things


Sometimes I have loads to say, other times keeping it short and sweet still means the same. 

Last night when I got out the shower, I came into the bedroom to find my pyjamas laid out for me on the bed, as well as a little note. 

My wife is the best. 

What little things do your significant others do for you that really means so much?

Celebrity Dinner Party


Last night, during one of the many weird conversations my wife and I have, we discussed who we would have at our celebrity dinner party. Whilst Tazmyns guest list leaves very little to the imagination, I thought I’d share them on my blog.

So 5 guests each.

Sinéad’s celebrity list:

Carrie Underwoodso she can sing.

Meryl Streepbecause I think she’d be really good to have at a dinner party 

Lily Allen just because I love her 

Louis Theroux because he’s hilarious, super interesting and would make the best conversation with all of my guests!  

Laia Costa for her Spanish accent and there’s just something about her, plus she’s my favourite actress of the moment  

Now, for Tazmyns List: (in her own words)

Kate Middletonall time favourite crush 

Kelly Brooketo look at 

Amanda Holdon to look at 

Emelia Fox – for her accent 

Bear Gryllsfor the conversation 

Judging from look of Tazmyns dinner party guest list, I don’t think much eating or conversation would be going on 🤣🙄 not quite sure Bear Grylls would bring a bottle of wine with him either, maybe a bottle of urine.

Who are your 5 celebrity guests you’d have at a dinner party? Ask this question to your significant other and see what they come out with, I’d love to know your answers 🙂