Day 58. Are Jacob and Maya ever going to be caught?!


I’m not ashamed to say Emmerdale is my most favourite soap, it always has been but I’ve been a let down of a fan recently, because we haven’t watched any soaps at all! I so badly need to catch up, pronto.

Baaaaaack to the food diary:



Breakfast: 200 calories 2 litres of water 💦💕


Lunch – 204 calories Mid afternoon snack: popcorn, 42 calories ❣️1 litre of water


Dinner – Tonight I made jerk pork steaks, Mediterranean vegetables & couscous. It was okaaaaay, Tazmyn absolutely loved it & said it was 10/10 (she’s biased because she loves me) but I really wasn’t overwhelmed by this to put it lightly. The seasoning was nice though so I’d get that again. 388 calories for dinner 🌸

Pud – Strawbeery jelly – 3 Calories 🌸

I also decided to give one of these Tesco high fibre bars out at 92 calories. buuuuuut if I’m honest (when am I not?!) I wouldn’t recommend as they tasted like paint. Smelt like paint too, so that was a waste of calories but you live and you learn don’t you.

– apologies for not editing all of these photos like I usually do so they’re all in nice colours etc, I honestly take too many photos a day to be editing them all and I’m not a photographer sooo hope you can all understand!

Total daily calorie intake: 926 calories 🌸____________

On a slightly different note, there’s a tarantula currently chilling on our living room blind at this moment in time and it’s the size of Alaska. Neither Tazmyn or myself are prepared to get it so I’m contemplating knocking on the neighbours door in my pyjamas and ask for some assistance.

If you don’t get an alert through to your inbox tomorrow that I’ve published another blog post, it’s because Simon the spider ate us both.

Send prayers,

Sinéad x

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Day 57. Success is never owned. It is rented. And the rent is due everyday.


I like Monday’s. They’re always for fresh starts. Even though we were super good all through Easter, it didn’t feel like we were 100% on plan, I guess because we don’t usually have a hot cross bun for breakfast or two roast dinners in two consecutive days. Today is going to be a day 100% on plan, back to our usual meals & being healthy. The sun is still shining, I think it’s going to go up to 24 degrees again today. We’re going to spend the day in Windsor ☀️

How’s your Easter weekend going?


Breakfast – 200 calories 🌸1 litre of water 💦


Lunch – We had a lovely coffee in Carluccios whilst we were in Windsor today, buuuuut we remained loyal to good old costa & had lunch there! Tazmyn had a protein bar which was 215 calories & I had my usual cafè latte shake at 204 calories. Oh and a cortado, obviously! ☕️🌻1 litre of water


Dinner – Tonight we each had a M&S under 400 calorie meal with a side salad. We really love the healthy meal range from M&S, it always feels like a treat whenever we have one of the meals, & at £3 each, they’re so worth the money in our eyes! I went for the beef ragu again because it’s amazing!! I am going to add an extra 300 calories on to this meal though because I had some jalapeño and chilli stuffed olives and didn’t realise the calories until after I’d eaten them 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ oh well, they were worth it! So dinner – 678 Calories 😫🙈2 litres of water tonight (needed!)

Pud – Strawberry jelly & fresh raspberries – 3 calories for the jelly 🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗


Total daily calorie intake : 1,085 calories.

This is my highest calorie day I think in almost 2 months, with the exception of pancake day but hell would have to freeze over before I politely declined pancakes on pancake day.

Lots of love huns,

Sinéad x

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Two months in, what have I learnt?!


So we’re coming up to it being two months of us changing our lifestyle habits & eating healthy. I thought now might be a good time to share with you what I’ve learnt so far, things that have helped us, what we would recommend to those who are wanting to lose some weight for the summer, or just who can’t get into the right mindset just yet & need a little motivational boost. I hope this helps! 🌸

1. Have a goal.

For me, having something to work towards, really helps. It’s definitely just as important to focus on the journey as well as the end result, but we all need a goal. Mine has always been our holiday to Turkey in June, I wanted and still want 3 stone off by then, mainly just to feel healthier within myself & have more energy.

2. Monthly weigh ins are a god send!

Literally. I cannot believe I used to weigh myself multiple times a day when I had bathroom scales at home. We don’t own a pair of scales now, which is definitely a blessing. We weigh in monthly at Boots. Sometimes we’ll do a mid month weigh in just to see how we’re doing, but I never want to get back into the pattern of weighing myself all of the time. It’s not healthy and it’s demotivating as our bodies fluctuate daily whether it’s through water retention, our time of the month, etc. It’s really important to not be hell bent on the scales! Non scale victories all the way!

3. Self love is everything.

Love yourself at the beginning of your journey, just as much as you love yourself at the end! You deserve to live the life you have always dreamed of, so fight for the fairytale because it does exist! Put yourself at the top of your to do list every single day and do not stop until you’re proud. Appreciate every little victory because they all become part of your journey. Treat yourself. For me, it’s either minutes on the sunbed, getting my nails done, buying something nice for my holiday or even a new bath bomb! Nobody can do you, better than you can.

4. My 600 pound life is my saviour.

Tazmyn & I literally watch an episode of my 600 pound life on a daily basis. We absolutely are obsessed with Dr Nowzaradan and want him to be our doctor. We would smash the weight loss goals he gave us and make him so proud. But seriously, it’s hands down the most motivational TV show I have ever watched and I think everybody should watch it. I think it should be shown in schools up and down the country, they should play an episode in the waiting room when you’re at the doctors, they should have it shown on a 300 inch plasma in gymnasiums all across the United Kingdom. It’s my favourite thing to watch and I wish I’d discovered it years ago, the end.

5. Doing this with somebody, HELPS.

So I’ve lost weight before, 7 and a half stone to be exact. But I did it on a crash diet of meal replacement shakes, I had zero social life, my hair fell out, I got gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed, and I was miserable. This time I am eating sensibly with the absolute love of my existence, living our BEST lives and doing it together! There’s no better feeling and there’s no better motivation than your future with the person you love most in the world. It’s all for us. It will always be all for us,

6. Coffee shops are a saving grace.

This may not be the case for everyone, but sweetie in Italian, I could live in a coffee shop. We find them so helpful, go have a coffee, sit and chat, meal plan, listen to some music, and bobs your uncle. I don’t know where I’d be without my daily cortado fix. (Costa vouchers for my birthday please mum!) 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️


So every morning after breakfast, we do 20-30 minutes of cardio. It’s become our morning routine now and it’s something we would neverrrrrrr have done prior to a couple of months ago. If you have Spotify, there’s hundreds of cardio playlists you can listen to, or just your favourite music that helps you work out. It sets you up for the day and you feel so good afterwards! We also go swimming every week too which we love.

8. Cravings don’t last.

My darling Tazmyn came up with this one & it’s so true, they don’t! You’re gonna want that dominos pizza, especially on Tuesdays when it’s buy one get one free, but you’ll go to bed that night super proud that you didn’t click that order button. Temptation is nothing that the mind can’t control.

9. Always carry a healthy snack.

Okay so I’m more of a savoury kinda girl where as Tazmyn is a sucker for anything sweet. She always craves chocolate and I always crave something salty, so I tend to always have individual packets of popcorn in the house or on me when I go anywhere & Tazmyn really likes the chocolate slimfast bars that you can buy in Boots or Superdrug. It’s just handy to have something sensible on you, for those times you are struggling.

10. Preparation is key.

Such a good one. Meal planning for us has been vital in helping us stay on track. Prepare what you’re going to have for dinner and lunch and breakfast so that you’re never in a situation where you don’t know what to do and end up having something really bad.

11. Pinterest

I spend hours on Pinterest, just scrolling for motivational quotes. You’d be surprised at how helpful this is! The app is brilliant.

12. H20 💦

Oh my goshhhh. I genuinely think the amount of water we drink is KEY in aiding us to lose weight. We aim to drink 3-4 litres of water a day. We quite literally clear Tesco out of strawberry flavoured water.

13. Calorie counting is the best.

When my doctor told me that good old fashioned calorie counting is the most effective method of weight loss, I rolled my eyes and thought here we go again.. I just didn’t think it would work. How wrong was I?! I aim to not go over 1,000 calories a day. Tazmyn aims to not go above 1,200, for the reason being she’s more a snack person than I am so she’ll have things like a babybel, popcorn, a banana, rice cakes etc if she’s hungry, where as I’d probably rather a bigger dinner. Calorie counting DOES work. I’ve lost 26 pounds in two months, that’s almost 2 stone! I wish somebody had shaken me years ago and told me to save my money on crash diets and just do it this way instead. Food is everything and we have enjoyed trying new recipes and cooking together. Life is meant to be lived.


Lots of love,

Sinéad & Tazmyn x

Day 56. Happy Easter 🐰🐣🌸


Happy Easter my lovelies! 🌸🐰 I hope you’re all having the most wonderful day today with the people you love most in the world.

We woke up to the sun shining & church bells ringing. Definitely the perfect way to start the morning. Both my mama & mother in law so kindly gifted us Costa Coffee vouchers this year rather than chocolate eggs! We are definitely coffee addicts so they will be put to good use! 🙈

Today we are going for a super long walk (try to find a costa that’s open.. although I think they pretty much all are open today surprisingly) & then my mum is doing a huge roast dinner later on this evening! Roasts are my favourite but you already know that by now! Are you having a roast dinner today? I know some people are having barbecues today with this gorgeous weather we’ve been lucky enough to have! ☀️


Sunday’s food diary:

Breakfast – It wouldn’t be Easter without boiled eggs & hot cross buns! We each had two boiled eggs & a salted caramel & chocolate hot cross bun from Marks & Spencer. We get these every year as they’re just the best!! 208 calories per hot cross bun (which I actually think is amazing!) & I’ve not counted calories for the eggs as I only eat the whites! 🌸2 litres of water 💦


Lunch – Everyone probably thinks we’re always in Costa, they’d be right, but for us, being in coffee shops really helps us stay focussed. Coffee fills us up & generally we’re just absolute coffee addicts! Do whatever works right? And I mean, I’ve lost 26 pounds in 56 days so I’m obviously doing something right.

204 calories for lunch 🖤1 litre of water


Dinner – Going to say 500 calories only because of the two roasties & bacon rolls! Absolutely amazing though and worth every calorie.

We spent the afternoon in the sunshine drinking slushies and working on our pre-tan before turkey!

I took this side by side of Tazmyn. She’s lost 23 pounds and it’s showing! Absolute hottie in both photos but I’m one lucky wife that’s for sure, & she’s all mine! 💞___________

Total daily calorie intake: 912 approx! Really not sure on the actual number but it’s not exactly high whatever way you look at it!

Going to have some jelly later on so that’s another 3 Calories incase you were counting.

Lots of love,

Moi x

• Weekly Meal Plan •


Hi huns! 💗 This weeks meal plan is coming to you from our favourite place in the world, that’s right you’ve guessed it.. COSTA!!🤦🏻‍♀️☕️💕 it’s Easter Sunday, but we’ve of course still made time for our daily coffee fix!! We also went on a lovely long walk this morning too as the weather is so beautiful. I hope everyone’s having an amazing Sunday! ☀️


Monday – M&S under 400 calorie meal with salad 🌸

Tuesday – Pork steaks, Mediterranean veg & couscous – 388 calories.

Wednesday – Swede mash cottage pie, green beans, cabbage & sweetcorn – 337 Calories.

Thursday – Philly cheesesteak (from the pinch of nom book if you’re doing slimming world.. we obviously aren’t but wanted to try out this recipe as it looks so yum!) salad & couscous. – 395 calories.

Friday – M&S stir fry. (Under 400 calories)

Saturday – Homemade chicken kebabs & salad – 389 Calories.



What does your weekly meal plan look like?

Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Day 55. Soul full of sunshine ☀️


I had the best nights sleep last night in all of my life. Woke up feeling fresh as a daisy. We’ve got a really lovely day planned today, I’m going to squeeze in a sunbed session too of course, but we’re going to lay some flowers down at my nanny’s grave & also have dinner at the Toby this evening. (You can’t beat a roast dinner, whatever the weather!)! I think it’s so important to have a little bit of everything in moderation, that way you won’t feel like you’re restricting yourself too much & ultimately fall off the wagon. Breakfast & lunch today will still be on plan, & then just tea out tonight. It’s all about balance.



Breakfast – 200 calories1 Litre of water


Lunch – 204 calories 💗1 litre of water


Dinner – Tonight we ate at the Toby Carvery after going on a loooooong walk to visit my nanny’s grave and put some flowers down for her. It was 25 degrees today and super super hot so maybe a roast dinner wasn’t the ideal option but who am I kidding? I love a bloody roast! Not sure on calories, I had coconut sorbet for pudding though 😋💗

1 litre of water 💦


This evening I think we’re just going to sit in the garden & have some jelly & strawberries.

How’s your Easter weekend going?

Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.


It’s Friday night and I’m browsing Jamie Oliver healthy recipes under 500 calories to add to my ever growing list of new meal ideas. We have a recipe diary & it’s so good to look back at them as well as add new ones. We bought the cutest little ceramic individual dishes today from John Lewis, perfect for cottage pies & lasagnes. Oh my god I sound about 68. Who gets excited about new ceramic dishes? Me, that’s who. Tazmyn just told me that I am inspiring, “you make it look so easy” were her words. I love that she feels motivated through me. I hope I can always be as determined as I am now, for me and for her. After all, this is all for us and our future. I’m so proud of us honestly. Almost two stone in two months, mind blown. I thought I’d miss Diet Coke but I don’t. I thought I’d miss biscuits but I don’t. I am addicted to the feeling of going to bed at night more comfortable, not bloated and not with heartburn and indigestion. I’m addicted to browsing through the summer clothes on ASOS. This is a lifestyle change now, it’s not a diet. Dominos pizza must have text me 73 times during the past 54 days, and not once have I been remotely tempted. It feels liberating to be following a plan that suits us, that works for us and that fits in with our lifestyle. I drink a lot of coffee, it’s what gets me through. I aim for 3 litres of water a day, most days it’s 4. I find the evening so much easier to drink water, where as Tazmyn finds the mornings better. Both my mumma and my mother in law got us Costa Coffee giftcards for Easter. The most perfect gift for us, two coffee junkies who are staying away from the chocolate. They will keep us going for a while that’s for sure. I never thought I’d be excited for next months weigh in, but I am.

Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.