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At first I was like £6 a month for what exactly? Always late to the party, it took me a while to get what the fuss was all about, but on the whole, we love Netflix. Even though Tazmyn and I are two totally different people when it comes to what we choose to watch (unless it’s can’t pay we’ll take it away, 24 hours in police custody, anything with Piers Morgan, Doctor Foster, GP’s behind closed doors and whatever Alex Polizzi happens to be in!) 

I’m the type of person who will watch something romantic whatever the weather, give me a Nicholas Sparks movie any day! But I think I’ll save that for another blog post. Tazmyn on the other hand is scary movie/crime drama/thriller mad & majority of the time I’d rather paint my nails than sit through any of that. 

So we have picked our favourites that we have watched together on Netflix, some more my cup of tea, and some more Tazmyns. Marriage is all about compromise, right? 

Tazmyns Netflix picks: 

Luther (all 4 series) 


The Sinner


Line Of Duty

Sinéads Netflix picks: 

Pretty little liars – still haven’t finished all seasons though, it’s taking me foreverrrrr so please don’t post any spoilers! 

Below her mouth 


Duck Butter

Amanda Knox

if you’ve seen any of the films/tv shows we have mentioned, let us know what you think of them below, and if you have any you think we’d like that are similar to the ones we’ve listed, be sure to tell us! 😘

23 thoughts on “Netflix & Chill

  1. Me and the hubs love Netflix!! Although seen more of Tazmyns list than yours so I’ll add them to mine! X


  2. I love Netflix too! My favorite shows are Call the Midwife, The Bold Type, Victoria, and Orange is the New Black. I recently discovered Please Love Me, an incredible aussie dramedy that I can wholeheartedly recommend!


  3. Have you guys watched Wentworth yet? My wife and I binge watch it every season. You’ve gotta check it out.


  4. Out of every single show you mentioned there the only one I’ve watched is Amanda Knox, here I was thinking I was a pro a netflix-ing! I really enjoyed the Amanda Knox documentary, but I felt it was really insensitive. I totally understand it was about the investigation of Amanda Knox, but it was almost as if the production crew forgot that a girl actually did die?? I was really annoyed at the end of it that there was no “In loving memory of Meredith Kercher” – to me it just seemed very strange and it annoyed me a lot. Although the fact that they were using evidence from Nick Pisa from The Daily Mail is enough to question their sensitivity and reliability…A PART from that I did actually think it was pretty good haha x


    1. Yes!! Totally agree about the Amanda Knox documentary, I think she’s guilty, always have done. Absolutely no respect for Meredith throughout the documentary and it cantered more on how Amanda is dealing with it etc, could have been done better in my eyes but still enjoyed it too xx

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  5. Oh really???? I am so unsure about who I think did it – it just seems so weird. I think if Knox did do it then it was an accident and her and her bf tried to cover it up. Yeah I feel the exact same xx


    1. No I feel like she absolutely 100% did it. The image of them both as the police arrived at the apartment straight after the murder, and you see Amanda and whatever his name is stood cuddling in the corner sent shivers down my spine. I feel like she’s 10000% guilty. Where as making a murderer.. maybe I need to do another blog post 🤣🤣 xx

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      1. HMM!!!! very interesting, she’s clearly a bloody weirdo whether she did it or not haha. Ohhhhhhhhh yes, that makes me so sad. I look forward to that in the future hahah!xx

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  6. I love me some netflix; my tastes are more action or dark comedy. The end of the f***ing world, misfits and being human are some of my faves atm 🙂 I haven’t actually seen any of your picks, but I will add it to my “to watch” pile xx


  7. I love Netflix! My SO and I never really watched the same shows/movies on the service either, but since the split I am free to watch whatever, whenever! 🙌😂😭🙈


  8. I literally still pause randomly in the day and think about the Amanda Knox documentary 😂 one of my favourite Netflix documentaries x


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