Little Things


Sometimes I have loads to say, other times keeping it short and sweet still means the same. 

Last night when I got out the shower, I came into the bedroom to find my pyjamas laid out for me on the bed, as well as a little note. 

My wife is the best. 

What little things do your significant others do for you that really means so much?

24 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Oh that is beautiful! It’s important to do little things like that! Life’s got hectic since our little girl arrived but we always do little things for each other, take turns to get up with Bonnie and he’ll bring me a cuppa in bed or run a bath or bring home my fav chocolate & visa versa. It’s always the little things that mean the most xx

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  2. Wait, I have more to say 😂
    The fact that you acknowledge this little thing is also awesome.
    I know I haven’t been reading your blog for very long at all, but your posts make me smile and have hope that one day I will find a love like your’s and Tazmyn’s. 😍

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    1. This is so cute! I’m 10 days into my blog now, 355 to go, so I’m sure you’ll see lots more like this. It’s so important to never take anything for granted, the little and the huge things mean just as much! You’ll find your forever, when you least expect it 😘💗 xx

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