Day One


We survived the 3 train journey to Dorset. Train 3 was probably the most challenging as we didn’t get a seat so were forced to sit in the doorway right by the toilet on a little pull down seat, surrounded by the smell of shit from passenger after passenger deciding to take a dump. Brilliant!

When we arrived at my Tazmyn’s parents house, my mother in law had put on an afternoon tea for us which was super cute and so sweet of her. Homemade scones too! 😍😍

In the afternoon we headed to Perry’s Cider Farm in Illminster. It’s one of my favourite places to visit here, when Tazmyn and I briefly lived in Somerset, we’d go to Perry’s often, sometimes for a cream tea, sometimes for lunch and sometimes just for a mooch about the farm shop. I do love farm shops! We brought a few things, how could we not?

The standard, cider for the wife, strawberry jam for me, and a bar of chocolate each too, Eton mess white chocolate and Bakewell tart milk chocolate. So excited to try those!

The in laws treated us to dinner too, we went to a lovely little pub called The Stonemasons, again in Illminster, I had steak, my favourite. Tazmyn, of course had a burger, always has a burger! They took us to this really cute ice cream place in the evening in Sherborne called Ecco Gelato. I mean, how cute an actual ice cream shop with fairy lights, cool seating and just about every flavour of gelato you can possibly imagine! I had raspberry sorbet and coconut ice cream with sprinkles!

When we got back to the house, I made myself at home on Izzy’s bed, the most comfortable bed in the history of the universe. Tazmyn and Izzy played on the PlayStation and Poppy and I lay on the bed chatting. I adore those two girls, I genuinely don’t think I could have picked two better sister in laws to have. Izzy is the most beautiful girl, even more so because she doesn’t know it, and Poppy is so funny, the things she comes out with are hilarious. I love them, and I love that we’re now family. Izzy was talking about her prom which will be later on this year at school and I’m so excited knowing I’ll get to see what she looks like on that special day, I’m just excited to watch both of them grow, they’re amazing.

Day 1 in Dorset has been lovely, as always, I’ll blog again tomorrow.

With love,


14 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Awww sounds like the perfect day! The way you talk about your sister in laws is lovely. I love my sister in law, she’s amazing! And I’m with you on the love for farm shops too, they’re bloody fab. Xx

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