Mini Home Bargains Haul


Wahhhh so we don’t live anywhere remotely near to a home bargains, meaning we never get to go there unless we travel a distance. Whilst visiting the inlaws though, they kindly took us to a huge Home Bargains in Glastonbury, so felt it was only right to do a mini haul.

We have a friends 21st birthday party in a couple of days so needed to get some little bits for her, we already have a bottle of something bubbly for her, but today we picked out these for her..

Aren’t they all just the cutest little bits? So there’s the gift bag which was only 49p – can you even believe that? The letter A candle which is cute and personalised with the letter of her name for 99p, a gorgeous body mist which smells amazing for £1.49, a super cute and very on trend pineapple photo frame in gold, which was £2.49, and the two mini candle holders, again on trend, one with pineapple print and the other with flamingos, both 75p each! An absolute bargain. I’m sure she’ll love all of these bits, I know I’d love to be gifted this sort of thing. Let me know your thoughts?

Next up, a few bits I just, just because…

Zoflora – I am obsessed with the stuff! Maybe that’s for another blog post entirely – my favourite scents are country garden and lavender. What are your favourite scents? What do you use yours for? I picked up these two today from home bargains just to add to my ever growing stash under the kitchen sink, both priced at £1 each! You can’t not really.

Crackle Wick Candle – seen these all over social media the past few weeks, so had to get my hands on one! They are the dupe of the Woodwick candles which are insanely pricey, averaging between £25-30!!! This one though from Home Bargains was £6.99 and smells amazing! Would definitely recommend getting one of these if you’re a candle addict like us.

Sheet face mask – I am just really really into sheet masks at the moment! Especially the Garnier ones as I feel like they’re full of moisture and really do leave your face feeling like it’s had a good drink! Amazing for hydration and soothing all skin types. This was £1.99 and they had different varieties too.

Tealights – I mean, we got these for obvious reasons. We are newly married, they look super cute, we are candle addicts and they smell lush. These were just £1! Absolute bargain!

Mouthwash – I never used to be into Listerine, until Tazmyn got me hooked! This is my favourite one and it was just £1! Always good to have.

So that’s my mini Home Bargains haul, what are your latest buys from there? Is it somewhere you go regularly or is it a bit hit and miss? Let me know if you like any of the products I’ve mentioned above too 💗

21 thoughts on “Mini Home Bargains Haul

  1. My fave zoflora is bluebell woods it smells amazing!! I use it for everything, mopping, cleaning, air freshener, I don’t know it I should be doing this but I also water it down and throw it on the carpet because it smells so nice! Looks like you have some great bargains 🙂 x

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  2. Bluebell woods is my favourite too! We haven’t got one near us either (so wish we did!) but my auntie has one literally 5 mins away for her in Hull and she’s constantly showing me her bargains 😂 and that’s a perfect little gift for your friend! I’d be happy x


  3. I love home bargains, we have one 5 minutes away so go weekly lol I generally buy candles and all my cleaning bit’s from there ooh and the mouthwash as like you said it’s so cheap. I looked at the crackle wick but didn’t pick one up. Maybe I will on Friday. I’ve only just started using zaflora so haven’t got a fave scent yet but sure I’ll find one soon. Mainly use it to make my kitchen smell amazing lol I did pick one up last winter though and put some on the radiators which smelt amazing when they were switched on.
    You must do a blog on how you use yours.

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  4. Love the presents you picked up for your friend !

    I don’t go often but when I do I spend a bomb! Recently I went and cleared them out of 60 mini glass mason jars with lids (going to do sweet favours for our wedding – we love sweets)

    Please please do a post on what you use Zoflora for! I like to fill the washing up bowl with some boiling water and leave it with the kitchen door shut while I’m out at work. I’ve also got one of those mini spray bottles and I dilute some and use it as my own frebreeze. Never thought of cleaning the radiator with it as mentioned in the comments above but I might try it now !!

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