Review: Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser


“The £3.99 sell-out Aldi hot cloth cleanser that rivals Liz Earle’s”



What you get:

1x 200ml bottle of cleanser

1x muslin cloth

Claims to:

Remove make up and gently exfoliate skin leaving it smoother and clearer.


• 2 step cleansing routine

• Creamy cleanser to remove make up

• Muslin cloth to exfoliate

• Made with rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter, white tea and eucalyptus oil

• Gently cleanses and exfoliates skin

Suitable for:

All skin types

My thoughts:

Okay, so packaging wise, I love it. I think the box it comes is stylish and simple, it stands out and was easy to spot in store. The quality of the muslin inside the box is good, it doesn’t feel or look cheap, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this £3.99 muslin or a more expensive branded one. The cleanser itself, again packaged nicely in a simple and stylish bottle. Appearance wise the cleanser is white and creamy, absorbs into the skin extremely well, something I’m always weary of when trying cheaper products as they tend to take a little longer to absorb into the skin, but this one absorbed straight away, and I probably used a little more on my face than what the box recommends which is a small amount. I’d say my favourite thing about this cleanser though is the smell, if you’re familiar with salon brands and facial treatments then you will agree that the minty scent that this cleanser has is a lot like something you’d find in a high end salon. As soon as you apply it to the face you feel a clean, cooling, relaxing sensation that smells minty and fresh. The muslin exfoliated the product well onto my skin when rinsed in hot water, and my skin was left feeling extremely fresh and hydrated. I would absolutely recommend this cleanser to everyone and anyone, and I definitely think hot cloth cleansers are the way forward. Will I buy this product again? Yes, absolutely.

Have you tried the Lacura hot cloth cleanser? What are your thoughts? Let me know 🌸


18 thoughts on “Review: Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser

  1. I had the liz earl one for Christmas and thought it was lovely but didn’t want to buy it again because it was pricey so someone told me about this but I wasn’t too sure.. but sounds like it is good product! I’ll be off to Aldi today lol xx

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  2. You must be reading my mind 😂 i spotted this in aldi yesterday and debated getting it but didnt but now im gunna go back and get it to try lol.xx

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  3. I’ve seen so many people rave about this but they sell out so quickly in all my local shops. After reading your review, I understand why! Give the mud mask a go if you get a chance, that’s another pretty good product from this range x

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  4. I use the Liz Earl one maybe 3 times a week (I prefer tougher ‘scrubs’ for exfoliation and a cleanser for every day) haven’t had to re-purchase yet as it’s always on my amazon wish list for Christmas presents!

    I am however dying to try the aldi one and have yet to find it in my local aldi or the one near my office. I managed to get the ‘caviar’ night cream which is lush if you spot that one (silver pot with blue text) but i’ll keep on looking for this!! Thank you x

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