Carrie Underwood


I just had to write this post.. Carrie Underwood is my favourite artist, I love her. I listen to her music every day without fail, usually when I’m doing my hair and make up and getting ready for the day, and I know all the lyrics to pretty much all her songs!

If you aren’t familiar with who she is though, I’ll give you the basics; she’s an American singer and song writer, she won the fourth season of American idol in 2005, her genre of music is known to be mainly country with her most famous song probably being “before he cheats”.

My favourite Carrie Underwood album has to be Storyteller though, with my favourite tracks being, heartbeat, like I’ll never love you again and Clock don’t stop. If you fancy giving the storyteller album a listen to, you can find it on Spotify and the album tracks are:

1. Renegade Runaway

2. Dirty Laundry

3. Church Bells

4. Heartbeat

5. Smoke Break

6. Choctaw County Affair

7. Like I’ll Never Love You Again

9. Chaser

10. Relapse

11. Clock Don’t Stop

12. The Girl You Think I Am

13. Mexico

14. What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

Carrie Underwood recently dropped her latest album a few days ago which is called Cry Pretty. I waited what felt like FOREVER for this album.. I so badly wanted it to be as good if not better than Storyteller. I listened to every song on the album a couple of times to see if I could grow to really love any of them.. and I have to say, I’m majorly disappointed. It doesn’t feel country, it doesn’t feel as meaningful and uplifting as her previous album. It was really hard for me to even pick a couple of songs on this album that I can say I truly love. But the ones I like are End up with you, Backsliding and Kingdom. If you haven’t already checked out the album, you can find it again on Spotify, and the track list is:

1. Cry Pretty

2. Ghosts On The Stereo

3. Low

4. Backsliding

5. Southbound

6. The Song That We Used To Make Love To

7. Drinking alone

8. The Bullet

9. Spinning Bottles

10. Love Wins

11. End Up With You

12. Kingdom

13. The Champion

In an Instagram live that Carrie did on the day of her album release, she said her favourite track on the album is Cry Pretty. It’s a good song, but again, doesn’t feel very country to me, which is a shame because that’s why I love her so much I think.

Have you listened to the new album yet? What’s your favourite track? Do you like any of her old songs? What are they?

Here’s to hoping she’ll tour the UK after she’s had her baby and I get the best seats in the house.


3 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood

  1. It makes me really happy when I see someone excited for the latest stuff with their new artist. Music is so important, thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’ve heard of Carrie Underwood but I’ve never heard any of her songs before. Country-music wise I mostly listen to Toby Keith. But after this post, I will for sure check out Carrie Underwood on Spotify. 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

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  3. I drive past the “Home of Carrie Underwood, winner of American Idol 2005” sign every time I take the back way into Checotah and they’re still hometown proud! Can it really be 13 years? Country music has undergone many changes since 2005 and Carrie (among others) seem to cater to their diverse listening audience or whatever sells songs. Apologies for not being up to speed on her latest album (I tend to favor the classics — Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Dottie West, et al) and I really need to take a listen to what’s happening now. Thanks for highlighting a “local!” I also appreciate your unabashed, honest thoughts and (seriously) need to start writing “country songs.” 🙂 My life is full of them and singers are at the mercy of their songwriters. Cheers!

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