Review: That’s Sew Sweet


I’m always on the hunt for new small independent Instagram stores to follow, whether it’s a candle or wax melt page, a home decor and interior design store, or somewhere with really cool and unique items that I just wouldn’t find on the high street. Independently run stores really don’t get enough recognition in my eyes, and with business’ such as these on the rise, and more people choosing to shop in this way, now is really the time we need to help showcase our favourite online finds, the power of social media is huge, and together we can really support smaller stores.

That leads me to That’s Sew Sweet, an Instagram business, created by the lovely Calley Owen. Calley is a busy mum of 3, who lives in a lovely little coastal town in Somerset. She started crafting around 3 years ago as a hobby when her nan gave her an old sewing machine, this is where she began to make anything and everything varying from cushions, shoulder bags, to blankets. It’s from here, she went on to discover deep box frames and started to make family trees, with more recently turning her hand to graphic design, and is thoroughly enjoying it!

Calley kindly sent me one of her prints to review recently and I absolutely love it! She asked me what colours I liked and for some information and within a few days the print had arrived safely with me in the post.

The print was beautifully packaged, with personalised stickers on the envelope and the actual print wrapped in tissue paper. I was thoroughly pleased with it, and can’t wait to recommend her to family and friends. I’m dying to get my hands on a family tree next!

Our lovely print has taken pride of place in our living room and looks super fancy in its black frame! I love that it’s super personalised to us, and makes a really lovely touch to our home.

Please do check out Calley’s prints and items for sale, she’s recently made an Etsy page which is acting as a temporary shop while she’s in the process of building her website.

To give you a rough guide of pricing,

A standard print A4 print is £8

Personalisation is an additional £1.50

Postage is £2.99

A mounted print is £9

A framed print is 12.50 plus postage.

For pricing on family trees, and other items listed on either the Etsy or Instagram page, please contact Calley directly and she will be able to assist you further.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Calley at That’s Sew Sweet for gifting me this lovely print, it’s made a beautiful addition to our home, and I’m excited for what the future holds for you! ☺️ x

15 thoughts on “Review: That’s Sew Sweet

  1. There needs to be more people like you who are appreciative of small business’. I used to crochet and sell my items and then donate the items I dont sell to a local church or school. It’s so hard to get your name out into the world if people aren’t willing to help spread the word! Thank you for all you do to help us small folk 😊

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