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Apologies this collaboration has taken so long to get published, but finally it’s here.

So basically the guys over at Rejuvenating water sent me 3 of their products to test out and review for you guys here on my blog.

Firstly, what even is Rejuvenation water?

Each bottle of rejuvenation water contains 5g of amino acid. Amino Acids are naturally occurring compounds that are building blocks of proteins.

Each bottle is low in calories

Each bottle has no added sugar

Each bottle is vegan

Where is Rejuvenation Water available?



Holland & Barrett




My Review

Okay so for this review, as I was sent three different bottles of water to try, I enlisted the help of both Tazmyn and my friend Josie. I’ll be honest, the flavours we were sent didn’t automatically entice us, but we each picked one to test out regardless. So this is how we got on!

Josie: ginger and lime rejuvenating water.

The packaging is pretty simple yet refreshing to look at. It’s not too much all in one place. All the information is on the back of the bottle too. It states that you must only drink one bottle per day and ideally after exercise so I felt that now was the perfect time having been gallivanting around Bracknell town for hours battling the Christmas crowds!

When I opened the bottle the first thing I could smell was overwhelming ginger. It smelt very much like ginger ale and I couldn’t really place the Lime anywhere but when I tasted it I was pleasantly surprised. Funnily enough it didn’t really taste of ginger, it tasted of Schweppes Lime Cordial like my mum used to buy when I was little. It was sweet and refreshing all at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my two younger children. I would definitely buy it again.

Out of 5 stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tazmyn: Apple & Mint Rejuvenating Water.

I like the packaging as the name of the brand and the flavour clearly stand out. I personally wouldn’t say seeing the colour of the drink is that appealing, and if it’s being branded as a water maybe it could be a clear colour with added flavour as I see it as almost squash.

I like the fact that once you open the lid, there is a further top to peel off to keep the drink fresh.

On initial impressions, I like the smell of the drink, the apple is quite overpowering but it is still fresh.

When I first tasted the drink I can’t say I was overwhelmed with the flavour. It was very sharp and bitter and almost tasted salty. It was like taking a sip of salty water and unfortunately I couldn’t finish the drink.




Sinéad: Spanish Orange Rejuvenating Water.

Packaging wise, I like the design, I think it’s simple, the relevant information is clearly stated on the bottle, however I wouldn’t say if I was in a supermarket, this would particularly stand out to me based on appearance.

I also liked that when I took the lid off the bottle, there was a separate seal over the water to keep it fresh, this is something other water bottles don’t have. The smell, I’ll be honest was not pleasant at all. It reminded me of medicine the doctor would prescribe at a child.

However, the taste was ok. I could really taste the Spanish orange coming through in flavour, but it reminded me of the fruit boosters you get from juice plus that I would physically struggle to swallow. As I was drinking it I could tell it was a health benefited drink opposed to just a regular bottle of flavoured water. I wouldn’t purchase this drink again.

Overall stars out of 5: ⭐️⭐️

Huge thank you to Rejuvenation Water for this opportunity & allowing us to test out your products!

Please check Rejuvenation Water out, you can find their Instagram page here.

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