Counting my blessings


We watched Adrift in bed tonight, candles lit, snuggled up with Gracie. Tazmyn finally managed to find a website which let us stream it because we’ve been wanting to watch it for ages now. It was really good. I’m not going to say amazing because I don’t think it was, however, Shailene Woodley is spectacular in it and I just love her in anything and everything, especially this (and big little lies!) I wonder if she won awards for her role in this movie, I’m sure she did.

After the film ended, Tazmyn did something, I can’t even remember what now but the pair of us were in stitches from laughing so much, we always find something to laugh uncontrollably at, that’s the best kind of laughing though isn’t it? When your face hurts because you can’t stop. She always makes me laugh. She’s so silly and she laughs at her self too, I think that’s what I love the most, because I’m the same. We laugh at each other and at the same time crack our own selves up. I hope we can always make each other laugh. Love and laughter. Definitely the best recipe.

We got some Christmas cards in the post today, I don’t think I’m ever going to get bored of seeing “To Mrs & Mrs Chalke” on the front ☺️ We have been married 168 days (not that I’m counting) & my heart is as grateful as ever.

I might cuddle her extra tight tonight though.



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