Best places to shop online this Christmas!


It’s just easier isn’t it? It’s convenient and it’s also sometimes beneficial in regards to finding unique items that you simply can’t find on the HighStreet. Tazmyn and I love online shopping. We find it easier and hassle free. We’ve never been fans of carting bags and bags of shopping all around the shops etc, so much rather buy the bulk of what we need online and then get a few odd bits from the HighStreet.

Here are my FAVOURITE places to shop online this Christmas! 🛍🎁🎄⭐️🎅🏼💕✨

1. Etsy

Okay so I loveeeee Etsy! We had our engagement party invites made via Etsy a couple of years ago and they were super cute and stylish. Not something we’d have found on the HighStreet. Tazmyns Christmas card this year from me, is also from Etsy too, but I’ll show you that in another post.

2. Not On The HighStreet

Somewhere I think of straight away for every occasion where I’m wanting something unique and personalised. It’s not cheap, but you do get what you pay for and on a lot of items this year, delivery is included in the price which is quite helpful. Definitely worth taking a look through their Christmas section. Lots of beautiful things. Very quick delivery too! Always a bonus.

3. River Island

Obviously River Island isn’t just an online store but I couldn’t not include it. I am truly obsessed with River Island at the moment, they have a HUGE sale on currently as well, all bags and purses are either 30% or in some cases 50% off which is fantastic! Something that is on my personal wish list this year is this bag, how gorgeous though please? A little bit of me 😍🖤

4. Ink & White

Although I have already done a blog post all about collaborating with Ink & White already, I’m still featuring them in this list because they are my favourite online store for prints and greeting cards! Shop Ink & Whites entire collection here and use my discount code SINEAD15 at checkout for 15% off any purchase you make!


Of course! Asos are just my absolute go to for clothes, pyjamas, unique finds, whatever it is you’re looking for, Asos will have it! Tazmyn and I both shop from here so we’re always ordering stuff throughout the year, as well as some of our Christmas wishlist being from here too. I find Asos Curve sizes usually pretty good too.

6. LookFantastic

Somewhere new for me, as I’ve never purchased anything from this website until this year where I’ve actually got a few presents for Tazmyn. They have some amazing deals, a lot of branded products, a lot cheaper than on the HighStreet or from the retailer direct. I must say, shipping here is super super fast and you can find some great discount codes too! I’d highly recommend the lookfantastic website!

7. Amazon

We have amazon prime and I can honestly say, it’s a life saver. Amazon is definitely a go to for us as a couple, anything you could possibly want or need you’ll find here. Pretty straight forward and self explanatory, but none the less handy, year after year, whatever the occasion.

8. The Body Shop

We absolutely love the body shop, and although we shop through a direct body shop consultant who delivers to us at home and gives us some fantastic deals, we always would prefer to look online through the website opposed to instore because there’s some great online exclusive deals up to 30% off on some products, where as in store may not offer the same promotions.

So that’s my favourite online stores to shop from this Christmas, I hope it’s helped you if you’re still shopping for gifts. Where’s your favourite place to shop? I’d love to know 💗


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