Our Christmas Cards 2018


So I’m guessing everyone we sent cards out to would have received them by now, so I’m going to share with you the Christmas cards we had made this year.

It’s our first Christmas of being married so of course we had to go all out and have them personalised! This may be a running theme now each year, although this year was extra special because the photo we chose for the front of our Christmas cards, was from our wedding day. A little special touch from us, to all of our family and friends, who obviously weren’t there when we got married, a little picture/memory they can keep. We absolutely loved designing our own Christmas cards this year too!

We went for a black and white version of our photograph as it sat nicely with the template of the Christmas card we chose, it’s simple yet cute. I love that they include from Mrs & Mrs Chalke at the bottom of each card, again really personal. We had these cards made through Photobox – a simple and easy website with lots of different gift ideas from cards to wall art, they have everything! Definitely worth checking them out if you’re looking to have something personalised made this Christmas. They always have great discount codes too and delivery was fairly speedy as well, obviously the closer to Christmas we get, the longer the delivery will generally take but that’s to be expected!


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