Holiday dreaming


Sunday night dreaming about our summer holiday 2019! πŸšβ˜€οΈ We are off to Turkey in June for two weeks! We visited Turkey last June with my mum and loved it so much we quite literally booked up to go again as soon as we got home, only this year we are going for two weeks instead of just the one. I don’t know about you, but I feel like one week isn’t enough! Two weeks feels like a proper holiday in my opinion, and a real chance to tan! I’m really excited to blog during this holiday & to document all of our wonderful holiday memories!

Have you got your summer holiday booked yet? If so, where are you off to?

I thought I’d write a little list of why I love Turkey so much and what were the reasons that made us want to return, so that for those of you who may not have visited before, may decide it’s the place for you! πŸ’—


🌾🐚 The airport is small.

– Okay, I don’t know about you, but I can’t be dealing with all those Spanish airports that are quite literally like a maze and take 3 hours to find the exit sign after you’re through baggage claims! Turkeys Antalya airport is TINY which ultimately means it takes super super speedy time to grab your bags and head out the doors to find your private transfers to the hotel. This was a huge factor for me because I hate airports at the best of times but really liked the one in Antalya.

🌾🐚 It’s always HOT

– So, this may not be ideal for everyone and I’m totally aware of that, but for me personally, I’m a lover of the sun and HOT climates so Turkey is ideal for me. Last year we visited in early June and some days the temperature rocketed to 38 degrees. I was in my element. Lounging by a pool drinking frozen cocktails, how could you not love it? Turkey is guaranteed hot weather all year round so it’s the place to be if you’re looking for that D x

🌾🐚 Its CHEAP

– Turkey is sooooo cheap! I hate the people that slag off Turkey and say it’s only cheap because nobody wants to go there due to the terror attacks etc, NOT true. Yes Turkey is cheap but not because nobody wants to go there, far from it, everyone wants to go there! We booked our holiday through Thomas Cook and managed to get a really really good deal, you can find even cheaper package holidays through online companies such as Travel Supemarket and On the beach which we have used in the past and are really good! Once you’re actually out in Turkey, everything is really cheap too. For example in our hotel we had a spa which did package deals where you got a full body massage, a traditional Turkish spa, and a facial for less that Β£30 English pounds! We were in the spa for a good few hours too and thought it was amazing! So so worth it. Perfume, watches, handbags, everything you can think of, designer labels, everything is super cheap!

🌾🐚 The people are so friendly

– Again, before we went to Turkey last year, everyone tried to warn us of dodgy people approaching us and telling us what they can be like.. but we didn’t experience anything like that at all! We stayed in a 5 star resort (we’re going to the same one this year!) and everyone, staff and guests were all so polite and friendly.

🌾🐚 The beaches are STUNNING

-They really are. I’ve never seen beaches prettier than the ones in Turkey. So clean too!Made you want to visit yet?

Sending love,

SinΓ©ad Anna Chalke x

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