Irreplaceable You.


I like that you make me take my tablets even on the days I really can’t be bothered to, it shows you care, even if I don’t. The weather really alters my mood, I think that’s why I love spring, everything is fresh and new. I hate scary movies but I love true crime documentaries. You’re so organised, on our shopping list under biscuits, you put rich tea fingers first because you know they’re my favourite. I don’t like odd numbers and my favourite day is Wednesday. We do this thing in bed where I turn over first and you’re the big spoon, 10 minutes later we turn over on your side and it’s me that’s spooning but that’s how we end up falling asleep, every night. I somehow managed to get you to watch footballers wives with me and now you love it almost as much as I do. I hate the smell of smoke, smoking in general is just disgusting in my opinion. I don’t like busy shops or having to queue for ages. I definitely believe in angels and ghosts and life taking you on different paths, all for a reason, even if we don’t know what the reason is. I live for roast dinners, they somehow taste better during the week but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them on a Sunday, because I really do. You replace the batteries in our fairy lights before I even notice they’ve ran out and you make the best cup of tea. I like garden centres, and department stores with cafes. Autumn is my favourite but Spring is a close second. I’m a drama queen, you’re the opposite. Maybe you level me out. I do your eyebrows but I get mine done every 10 days by the same lady. If she’s not there I go into panic mode. You see the best in me, but you’ve definitely seen the worst too. Food is the way to my heart, but I love a massage. You could be a chef, I love your cooking but I’m happy it’s only me that you cook for. I don’t like trains. I’ve loved you since the beginning, I’ll love you forever. I’m a deep thinker but I’m super impatient. I’m fussy. I like things done my way and change really scares me. I believe home can be a person and that for me is you. I love flowers but my love for chocolate is definitely on the rise because of you, we always have a secret stash of it. You take longer in the bathroom than I ever will, even if you’ll never admit it. My nails are either always red or dark almost black. I don’t take compliments very well but neither do you. We’re both cat people. I named Gracie after watching teen mom for many years. We have secrets that nobody else knows about. We both cry at sad movies. We dislike the same people. I can’t imagine my world without you in it. Life’s all about the WHAT IS rather than the WHAT IF’s, and I can’t wait for all the memories we are yet to still make together 🔐💗


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