No titles, just vibes.


I haven’t posted in a while, I mean properly posted. I guess since holiday I just haven’t had the motivation to really blog & I’ve also been in that holiday blues phase where all I want to do is be back by the pool on my sun lounger, cocktail in hand, not a care in the world. I think I’ve snapped back into reality now though, just about. Walking past travel agents isn’t quite as painful, and I’ve stopped muting people on Instagram who are either at an airport or dare I say it, in Turkey aka my favourite place ever. We’ve thrown ourselves back into our every day life, and our latest project is decorating the bedroom! It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while but I guess put it off when other things more important came up. Now we’re channeling all of our energies into making our bedroom, our favourite place to be. We know exactly how we want it & we’re actually pretty excited to decorate together. Tazmyns always been the more D.I.Y one, she literally built the contents of our first flat all by herself. We vowed to never go to IKEA again, but that’s a whole different blog post entirely! We recently varnished some garden furniture together which was actually really fun & we’re super proud of how it turned out, so we’re ready to decorate our bedroom! I may blog about the ideas we have for it, the colour schemes, new pieces of furniture we’re purchasing, before and after photos etc, I’m not too sure yet. Let me know if you’d like to see that! It’ll be this week that we’re decorating, so hopefully it won’t take too long! 🤞🏼😬

Our healthy eating kinda went out the window just before we went to Turkey. We had Tazmyns birthday & then our holiday, & getting back on it has most definitely been a struggle. I don’t regret all the yummy foods we ate whilst we were off plan, but I’m definitely ready to get back on it now & be super strict with myself. Sometimes I think writing stuff online, & of course here on my blog, sort of holds me accountable & helps me stay on track and focussed. I’ve found this platform super helpful in aiding me to lose 3 stone before my holiday, and so I know it’ll really help me lose the rest.

We had a family barbecue yesterday, we hosted! Tazmyn was in charge of the actual cooking side of things & I did a bit of everything else. Our garden turned into bubble works, we had so many bubbles, Rory was in his element! He even insisted on mowing the grass for us 🤣 everyone had a lovely day though.. & we definitely feel as though we’ve eaten enough food for a lifetime! So today, is day one. Although I’m not sure I’m going to count each day this time round.. we don’t really have a goal, obviously we want to lose what we gained whilst we were off plan, & by Christmas we’d love to have lost a significant amount of weight just so that we feel really good about ourselves, but there’s no goal, no numbers, no deadlines or targets. We just want to continue living our best lives, with a healthy mindset and all the energy! Diets – healthy eating plans, definitely should always start on a Monday! Who agrees?

So as I write this, it’s 10.30am on Monday 15th July, we’re motivated and we’re focussed. We had extra strong coffee with our breakfast this morning, & our good old porridge, made with coconut milk, topped with frozen berries. If you don’t know by now, it’s our ultimate breakfast go to! It comes in at 200 calories & it’s super filling. I’m still to get through my first litre of water of the day, but I’m aiming for 3 litres per day. A fourth litre will be a bonus (Tazmyn always manages more water than me!) & of course, many, many cortado’s from costa! What would we even do without costa?! We haven’t meal planned yet this week, but we’ll do that at some stage, & try to keep our meals this week all pretty basic, and low calorie so we know where we are. Tonight, we’re having red lentil pasta, with chicken and reduced fat red pesto. I add loads of spinach and peas to it as well to bulk it out & it’s really filling.

This selfie of me, was taken a couple of months ago, when we were losing weight, feeling amazing about ourselves. It’s a little reminder of how I want to feel again, and the push I think I need to get started.

I hope you’re all well!

Lots of love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x


6 thoughts on “No titles, just vibes.

  1. Lovely to hear from you, i do love this little blog. We are both in love and on a weight loss journey so i always relate to your stories and updates 🙂 Absolutely update us on decorating plans, good luck and enjoy! Like you, i had a few bad weeks ‘off plan’. Yesterday was my day 1 and i cant tell you (well i know you know) how good it feels to be back in control. This will be you tomorrow. We can only focus on the next hour in front and the next litre of water. We have just under 6 months left of this year, we can make a massive impact mentally and physically if we really try now. No deprivation just healthy, realistic choices. We will slip we are human it’s just how quickly we accept and move on isn’t it? Lets think of this as prep for our 2020 summer hols and channel how good THAT will feel! We’ve got this! You lost in three months what took me nine months! Lets keep our carbs lower and keep the motivation higher 💜 xxx

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment! Always nice to see your comments underneath my posts 💗 all of what you said is so true! Do you follow me on Instagram? Would love to follow your journey too! Well done for getting through day 1. I always think the first 3 days are the hardest and by day 4, you’re more or less in the “zone” 💛 I read your comment out to Tazmyn & the bit about our summer 2020 holidays is so motivating!! That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself haha. Lots of love to you xxx


  2. Lets do this lovely, summer bodies are made in the winter so they say so lets get a wee head start 😉 Im on your Insta already stinaoc84 i just set up a new one, had followed too many pages and felt it was too busy so got a nice fresh one 🙂 today im having wholemeal toast with avocado tomato salt and pepper, if you like those foods and can allow for the higher calories in the avocado please try it, i find it so nice and filling. Not for everyone tho. This is my final year of yoyoing i turn 35 soon and im just over it. We can and will do this. You two have a fabulous day xxx

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