You are exactly where you need to be ✨


SEASON 7 OF CATFISH helloooooo!

I swear I’ve seen every single episode of this show, but tonight we only discovered that there’s a new season, so it’s safe to say we’ve watched a few episodes back to back. Firstly, how staged is this programme please? You can tell Nev wants to laugh at them all. How do these people actually believe for one second that they’re speaking to a genuine person? Are they that dumb please? Episode 1, season 7.. the girls own fiancé was the one catfishing her for 7 months. Would you not know that you were speaking to your own damn partner? Even though this show is all scripted and fake.. I still find it so amusing and hilarious.

Anyways.. day one complete! 👏🏼💗 dare I say it but today was actually pretty easy! I’ve surprised myself. 4 litres of water down, and ending the day at under 1,000 calories so I’m happy. I’ve not had any cravings, and I’ve not been hungry. I’m not going to speak too soon though because I always find day 3 the hardest so let’s see how the next 48 hours go. For dinner I made red lentil pasta with red pesto, chicken and spinach! Very yummy! And so filling too.

This evening (after watching catfish) we of course had our nightly fix of Love Island! I don’t know what we’re going to do when it ends.. we’ll have withdrawal symptoms that’s for sure. I absolutely LOVE Maura & want her and Curtis to win now. I also really love Belle & Anton.. & I just think Molly Mae is super jealous because she thinks Belle & Anton have a chance of winning now & she doesn’t want anyone to knock her and Tommy off the hot spot. Can’t stand either of them two personally.

On a slightly different note.. is anybody as obsessed with filling photo albums as I am? it’s my absolute favourite thing to do. These three albums are all full now & I still have about 100 photos needing albums to be homed in! I’m going to fill more and more, creating memories is special, but documenting them and keeping them forever is everything.

Anyway, night night.. sleep tight 💗

Sinéad Anna Chalke x


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