Gotta put your heart & soul into it.


Decorating is stressful and we haven’t even started painting yet. It’s taken all day to move furniture out of our room, get rid of all the junk, and prep ready to start painting tomorrow.

Colour wise.. we’ve chosen Cosy Grey for the walls. I’ve seen so many good reviews about this shade, and we love all things grey! I feel like Grey and white are just the perfect match.. so we’ve ordered new bedroom furniture which is all white. White chest of drawers & matching bed side tables. We’re trying to keep our room as minimalistic as possible, simple and airy. Cluttered rooms just make the space look really small in my opinion, where as light colours and minimal furniture, make rooms often look a lot bigger and more spacious. We’ve ordered grey bedroom curtains from Dunelm, we had to have them made to order because the shape of our window is quite big. We were in two minds between blinds and curtains but ended up going for curtains in the end. In general we’re just aiming to have a fresh, modern, spacious but cosy vibe to our bedroom, somewhere that we love spending time in, not that we don’t already! 🤣 Tazmyn left the bedding down to me with what kinda duvet set I wanted. I’m obsessed with duvets, and I also love floral. With the grey and white, I wanted something simple but also with a splash of colour just to make the room look that little bit brighter, and also add a bit of me in there, because I am a girly girl after all!

So this is the duvet set I decided on.. I absolutely love it. It’s so on trend, and the colours, I feel will go really nicely with the walls and furniture that we have ordered. This bedding set is from NEXT but I’ve also seen it available in a few other places online too. Asda also have some really gorgeous on trend bedding sets at the moment, so there’s a high chance I may end up purchasing a back up duvet just in case. I love this one though & I’m really excited to get it on our bed & see what it looks like once we’ve decorated.

My vision is that once the room is all done, we’ll cover it in fairy lights and candles and it’ll be our little love bubble that we never want to leave. I’ve never really decorated before so it’s exciting doing it together that’s for sure. I’ll probably post some photos of the end result once we’re finished! ✨

Back to today.. so in between re-arranging furniture and prepping our bedroom for tomorrow, we’ve also managed another day 100% on plan, and I’m super proud of us! The worst is out the way now, & we’re on a roll. Breakfast was the usual, porridge, coconut milk, granola and frozen berries with a coffee. 2 litres of water down by lunch. (yep that’s the same cup as they have in Love Island, but I had it first!)

This afternoon was spent running last minute errands.. with wet hair! Who even am I?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Slimfast shakes are all £1.60 at the moment in Superdrug so we definitely had to stock up! I’d be so lost without my caffe latte shake at lunch. I even got my cheeky free Nero today too which wasn’t actually free because APPARENTLY the offer ends at 4pm which I personally think sucks but there ya go.. it was pretty so I didn’t mind paying. When do I ever mind paying for a cortado?? ☕️Dinner was suuuuuuper late this evening. It was a quick and easy dinner, chicken nuggets, salad and new potatoes. Simple and SO good! As I write this blog post now, we’re currently watching Love Island (of course!) with our evening snack of a mini pack of chocolate digestives at under 100 calories per bag. Can I just say, Michael is a toooooootal dick. I think the whole nation are laughing at him now. I can’t stand amber anyway but..

Lots of love, as always

Sinéad Anna Chalke x


4 thoughts on “Gotta put your heart & soul into it.

  1. Enjoy the decorating! I bet the room will look fab! really great you are back on track! I was up 5 pounds at weigh in! Omg! I couldn’t believe it! I am determined to get back on track next week!

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