Sunbed game strong


Good morning love bugs! Just a quick Tuesday morning post from me, it’s 8am.. I’ve been up since 5 😭😭 holiday insomnia kicked in last night, I hope it doesn’t last. I was the first one in the entire hotel down to get sunbeds this morning, super proud of that. We even bought towel clips yesterday from the shop to make sure our towels have zero chance of wondering off if we’re at breakfast or lunch! Who even am I?! And when did I turn into the queen of sunbeds?

I’m currently listening to Little Mix’s new song – Bounce Back for approx the 679th time. It’s gotta be their best single to date surely?! So good. I’m waiting for Tazmyn to get her bum into gear and get showered so we can get down to breakfast which is our favourite meal of the day!! 💗💗💗Hopefully we’ll get some good beach photos today! All I know is I need a coffee as a matter of urgency..

lotsa love,

Sinéad x


Happy Anniversary Wifey!


Thank you for the best three years of my life. I don’t think you’ll ever truly know how much you’ve changed me, everything is better now because of you. I can’t wait for the next 30 years together. In three years we have achieved so much, we’ve lived together pretty much all of that time. We moved in with each other very quickly but it was the best decision we ever made. We have had a flat together, a house together, god knows how many kittens together, but one forever cat, who is our absolute world. We’ve been abroad four times together, and travelled all over the UK together. We’ve had matching tattoos, we’ve experienced life and death together. We’ve been to concerts, we’ve been on every form of transport together. We’ve survived Ikea together. We’ve grown together more than I could ever have imagined and we have made memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve got engaged and then married. We went on our honeymoon. We’ve had picnics and Sunday dinners together. You’ve made me like sweetcorn and I think chorizo is now forever injected into your blood. The perks of marrying an Italian. Everyday is a new adventure and I look forward to each little thing that life has to offer, knowing you are by my side to experience them with.

You’re my favourite person in the world.


Tonight we went out for an anniversary dinner which was super lovely! Right across from our hotel is a restaurant, bar & lounge called “Crazy” it’s a modern, trendy, shisha bar, that does cocktails and food and we thought it looked really nice so decided to give it a go! I went for chicken fajitas & Tazmyn had chicken schnitzel, presentation was amazing and they both tasted so good! They gave us free garlic bread and little dips which I thought was cute, and we had strawberry lemonade cocktails. Amazing! Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone who’s staying in the Side area of Turkey. We’ll definitely be back before we go home! On the way back to the hotel, Tazmyn bought me gelato from the ice cream place we went to a couple of nights ago. I had strawberry sorbet & Tazmyn had lemon. You can’t beat homemade ice cream, it’s just the best! 🧡

Here’s a few other pictures from today x

Tomorrow morning I think we’re off to the beach after breakfast so we’re looking forward to that! & then most probably spend the afternoon by the pool because it’s our favourite.

I’ve had the most dreamiest of days.

Lots of love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x


Turkey Diaries 🇹🇷✨ Day Three.


We made lots of new english friends yesterday which was really nice. The days go sooo fast when you’re lounging by the pool chatting to people. We’ve decided that pool days are definitely our favourite kinda days.

It’s 5:45am on Monday morning, technically the start of our fourth full day here. I set my alarm for 5:20am every morning here so that I can go and get sunbeds.. if I dared go down there after 6am I’d have no chance. We like to have the same sunbeds every day because where we get them is honestly a little suntrap. It’s close to the pool, close to the restaurant and pool bar. And the sun shines all day long. This morning I had to re-arrange the sunbeds a little bit so that they’re exactly perfect. We like to have a little table in between us so we can put our drinks on it, & Tazmyn likes to have an umbrella so that she can nap in the afternoon 🤣😭💛 Gosh it’s a task ensuring you’ve got the perfect beds let me tell you. Day four and so far we’ve had the perfect ones every day!

Anyway.. here’s some pictures from yesterday! ✨

The air con in our room is honestly unreal and the super king size bed is so comfy, we’ve been sleeping like little angel babies.

We booked in spa treatments at the hotel for Wednesday. Last year we absolutely loved the Turkish spa, so we’re really excited to do it again!

Lots of love as always,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x




I am in heaven and I never want to leave. It feels like we’ve been here 6 months when in reality it’s only been 2 days which is actually kinda a good thing because it means we have ages left of our holiday and I have time to work on this tan, which by the way is coming on fabulously, thanks for wondering.

Today we took a little taxi ride into Side old town, after it was recommended to us by a friend. It was truly beautiful. The taxi journey was only a short drive from our hotel, um I do just want to say that Turkish drivers are WILD. They give Thorpe Park a run for their money that’s all I’m prepared to say. Thank god it was a short journey.

My favourite thing about Old Town was definitely the harbour and the beautiful views. No filter was needed for any of these photos. We visited Calypso bar & lounge for cocktails which was amazing. Tazmyn had a Mojito & I had a frozen strawberry Daiquiri. The staff were all so friendly and welcoming.. if you’re ever in the area & wanted somewhere good to go with breathtaking views, I’d highly recommend Calypso.

As always, here’s some photos from today! ✨

It’s been such a lovely day, majorly hot again too which of course I’m always happy with!

Our hotel also had a foam party this afternoon too, we absolutely loved the foam party last year when we came here, so we’re really looking forward to it. I didn’t take my phone so wasn’t able to get any photos or videos but it’s on every Saturday so next week I’ll definitely remember my phone!

We’re back in the hotel room now, drinking coffee and slowly going to start getting ready for dinner this evening. Think we’re going to have dinner outside in the hotels barbecue area so that’ll hopefully be nice.

Lotsa love,

Sinéad & Tazmyn Chalke x


Turkey Diaries 🇹🇷✨


Hello Dolls 💛 I hope you’re all well.. we are now in beautiful Turkey & I’ve decided to call this post Turkey Diaries because I’d love to do daily updates of what we get upto whilst on our holiday.

Our journey here went really well.. both Tazmyn and I aren’t the biggest fans of flying so it’s safe to say we were both a little anxious prior to our flight. We arrived at Gatwick airport at around 4am yesterday morning.. both our suitcases were over the weight limit 😭 our allowance was 20kg each. Mine ended up being 24kg and Tazmyns 23. The guy checking us in must have been feeling friendly because he let us get away with it, so that was a nice little bonus. I’d have hated to start unpacking my suitcase at baggage drop off in front of everyone. We then got some breakfast at Jamie Oliver’s diner. My opinion? Extremely overpriced and bad presentation. But I guess that’s just airports for you. I did however get a free coffee so I can’t complain! I hate to be one of those tight cows who moans about prices of things but two bottles of water at the airport.. £5?!!!! Are you ok hun?! 😐 Tazmyn slept through majority of the plane journey, which was just fabulous company for me.. Beyoncé got me through take off though. The guy sat in front of me thought he was at an Odeon Lux screening because he attempted to recline his seat so far back that I genuinely felt winded from the waist up.

The coach transfer from Antalya airport to our hotel took around 45 minutes.. both Tazmyn and I got crazy butterflies as we pulled up outside our hotel.. have you ever returned to somewhere that you absolutely loved? We fell in love with this hotel last June and I remember being so sad when it was time to go home. Walking into the hotel lobby yesterday was just such a nice feeling. This hotel is a five star all inclusive resort and it’s honestly just amazing. We were given a room with a pool view & our fridge in our room was all stocked with bottled water and fruit juice which I thought was lovely. We unpacked as soon as we got into our room & then of course, went down to the restaurant for some dinner.

It’s currently 6:04am & our first morning here. I’m that crazy woman who sets alarms on her phone so that she can go down and put towels on the sunbeds 😳 (I am so like my mother!) but I have the advantage of having stayed in this hotel before so I know that by 6am, all the sunbeds are taken by the Germans sooo it was vital I got down there at 5:30! And guess who got the perfect sunbeds? 🙋🏻‍♀️💓 you gotta do what you gotta do! 😘 I’m now back in the room, Tazmyns still dead to the world, I’m going to make a coffee and sit on the balcony I think.. honestly can’t wait for breakfast! 😍

Expect lots of photos & updates while we are here.. we have lots of stuff planned and things we want to do over the next two weeks and I’m just super super excited!

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Lots of love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x


Holiday Eve! ✈️☀️🔗💓🥂✨


I’m writing this blog post at 6:30pm on Wednesday evening, whilst I’m sipping a glass of Prosecco. We’ve just had some dinner, a healthy ready meal from Marks & Spencer & salad.. didn’t want anything heavy before we fly, but think we’re going to get some breakfast at the airport in the morning. Today was spent running last minute errands.. Tazmyn got her haircut, I had an eyebrow appointment & then a manicure and pedicure. All holiday nails ready now! 💅🏼💓 we transferred some more money into euros & Tazmyn grabbed us some more sweets for the plane! ✈️☀️

The plan.. is to get some sleep within the next hour, and be up at 1:30am so we can get ready to leave for the airport at 3am! 😭😭 I am one moody cow when I’m tired so god help us! Really hoping I get some sleep and feel somewhat refreshed after a shower. We’ve got red bulls ready for the journey to the airport ha.

We also invested in memory foam travel pillows so hopefully they’ll come in handy on the plane. Both Tazmyn & I don’t particularly like flying, me more so.. just thinking about it sends me into a state of anxiety. I’ve packed lemon sherbet sweets, I’ve got my holiday Spotify playlist at the ready, & we’re also going to download tonight’s episode of Love Island so that we can watch it on the plane. Cross your fingers and toes for us that there’s no screaming kids sat behind us kicking our seats.

I guess my next blog post will be from sunny Turkey! ✈️😍☀️ Here’s to the best two weeks of our lives & the holiday of a lifetime. I can’t wait to just be sun kissed with my baby love.

All the love,

Mrs Chalke x

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