Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.


It’s Friday night and I’m browsing Jamie Oliver healthy recipes under 500 calories to add to my ever growing list of new meal ideas. We have a recipe diary & it’s so good to look back at them as well as add new ones. We bought the cutest little ceramic individual dishes today from John Lewis, perfect for cottage pies & lasagnes. Oh my god I sound about 68. Who gets excited about new ceramic dishes? Me, that’s who. Tazmyn just told me that I am inspiring, “you make it look so easy” were her words. I love that she feels motivated through me. I hope I can always be as determined as I am now, for me and for her. After all, this is all for us and our future. I’m so proud of us honestly. Almost two stone in two months, mind blown. I thought I’d miss Diet Coke but I don’t. I thought I’d miss biscuits but I don’t. I am addicted to the feeling of going to bed at night more comfortable, not bloated and not with heartburn and indigestion. I’m addicted to browsing through the summer clothes on ASOS. This is a lifestyle change now, it’s not a diet. Dominos pizza must have text me 73 times during the past 54 days, and not once have I been remotely tempted. It feels liberating to be following a plan that suits us, that works for us and that fits in with our lifestyle. I drink a lot of coffee, it’s what gets me through. I aim for 3 litres of water a day, most days it’s 4. I find the evening so much easier to drink water, where as Tazmyn finds the mornings better. Both my mumma and my mother in law got us Costa Coffee giftcards for Easter. The most perfect gift for us, two coffee junkies who are staying away from the chocolate. They will keep us going for a while that’s for sure. I never thought I’d be excited for next months weigh in, but I am.

Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.


Weekly meal plan


Hey everyone! It’s Sunday so of course it’s mealplanning day! We absolutely love mealplanning together on a Sunday. We usually go to costa and write down our meals for the week, however today we’re in Windsor and the sun is shining! We have the biggest pot of tea and attempting to smash our daily water intake whilst writing our shopping list for the week. When do you write yours? Do you find planning ahead as important as do? I can’t believe we’ve done a month now of no junk food, no meals out (Apart from one!) and more importantly no take aways! Cooking from fresh is definitely the way forward, especially when trying to eat more healthily.

Our weekly meal plan:

Monday – Chicken fajitas and lettuce wraps (because we didn’t have it last week in the end!)

Tuesday – Homemade chicken Balti Curry with cauliflower rice – 306 Calories.

Wednesday – Spicy Mexican bean burgers with homemade chips and salad – 325 Calories.

Thursday – Healthy lunch out (we have a softplay date, so will probably just have some wholemeal toast & tea in the evening or some rice cakes, either or, I’ll still post on the blog!

Friday – Hoisin beef with cauliflower rice and long stem broccoli – 408 Calories.

Saturday – Our traditional weekly homemade chicken kebabs & salad – 389 Calories.


So that’s our mealplan for the week! What does yours look like? Do you switch it up a bit but keep to your favourites at the same time like us? I think meals out and days out definitely require some planning ahead of time, like we have a day out on Thursday which will be a lunch out too but as long as you make healthier choices, then you can can’t go wrong!

Here’s to another positive week ahead! ✨

All the love,

Sinéad x

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To my wife.


Do you remember that night we were driving to Somerset and you took a wrong turning down some really dark country lane, and the pair of us were talking to each other in Italian and Spanish and American accents and although what we were saying wasn’t particularly funny, we found it the most hilarious thing in the world? I always think about our weekend in Brighton when we first met, and how patient and kind you were and how I knew you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. If I’m being honest, I probably knew before that, that I loved you because you have a presence about you that always made me feel like I was the only girl in the room. You are so easy to love and you made me fall so in love with you. I love how you lift me up whenever I’m feeling down, and you know what’s best for me, even when I don’t. You feel like home to me. I don’t think you can really describe that feeling, but when you experience it, it’s something you know you have spent your entire life longing for. I think you were always destined to be loved by me, and I know, that I’d have found you in any lifetime.

I love how my mum always wants to get her roast potatoes as good as yours, and how you talk to Gracie like she’s the best cat in all the world (she is, but we’re biased!) I sometimes wish my Nan was still alive so that she could have met you. She’d pinch your cheeks and feed you pasta. Just like I do. I love visiting new places with you. One passport stamp at a time. I love getting cheeky upgrades with you. I love shopping in Marks and Spencer’s with you. I love how excited you get about their meals. I thought I was the only one. I love the way you make my tea, and how you fluff my pillows whenever I’m brushing my teeth. I love that you always smell good. You’re my pyjamas. I get butterflies when I think about how many more christmas’ we’re going to spend together. You make my heart happy, I don’t know what I did before you, but I know I was waiting for you. You found me in the end, and I’m never ever letting you go.

What’s new


I gave my dirty cold to Tazmyn, the anti biotics didn’t cure my kidney infection, I’ve been given even more. My skin is worsening by the day. I haven’t given up fizzy yet, but I will on Monday. Apparently we made a sex tape and some guy in America now has it. Who’d have thought? I really fancy steak. The Brit awards was shocking but that little mix performance was everything. My therapist has breast cancer and I’m shit at goodbyes. A lady stopped me at a bus stop to tell me how nice I smelt and I’ve not had a solid 6 hours sleep for at least two weeks. It’s a laugh a minute here and I just had to share.

Until I can be bothered again,

Me x

Irreplaceable You.


I like that you make me take my tablets even on the days I really can’t be bothered to, it shows you care, even if I don’t. The weather really alters my mood, I think that’s why I love spring, everything is fresh and new. I hate scary movies but I love true crime documentaries. You’re so organised, on our shopping list under biscuits, you put rich tea fingers first because you know they’re my favourite. I don’t like odd numbers and my favourite day is Wednesday. We do this thing in bed where I turn over first and you’re the big spoon, 10 minutes later we turn over on your side and it’s me that’s spooning but that’s how we end up falling asleep, every night. I somehow managed to get you to watch footballers wives with me and now you love it almost as much as I do. I hate the smell of smoke, smoking in general is just disgusting in my opinion. I don’t like busy shops or having to queue for ages. I definitely believe in angels and ghosts and life taking you on different paths, all for a reason, even if we don’t know what the reason is. I live for roast dinners, they somehow taste better during the week but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them on a Sunday, because I really do. You replace the batteries in our fairy lights before I even notice they’ve ran out and you make the best cup of tea. I like garden centres, and department stores with cafes. Autumn is my favourite but Spring is a close second. I’m a drama queen, you’re the opposite. Maybe you level me out. I do your eyebrows but I get mine done every 10 days by the same lady. If she’s not there I go into panic mode. You see the best in me, but you’ve definitely seen the worst too. Food is the way to my heart, but I love a massage. You could be a chef, I love your cooking but I’m happy it’s only me that you cook for. I don’t like trains. I’ve loved you since the beginning, I’ll love you forever. I’m a deep thinker but I’m super impatient. I’m fussy. I like things done my way and change really scares me. I believe home can be a person and that for me is you. I love flowers but my love for chocolate is definitely on the rise because of you, we always have a secret stash of it. You take longer in the bathroom than I ever will, even if you’ll never admit it. My nails are either always red or dark almost black. I don’t take compliments very well but neither do you. We’re both cat people. I named Gracie after watching teen mom for many years. We have secrets that nobody else knows about. We both cry at sad movies. We dislike the same people. I can’t imagine my world without you in it. Life’s all about the WHAT IS rather than the WHAT IF’s, and I can’t wait for all the memories we are yet to still make together 🔐💗

The Kings Arms Cookham || My Perfect Sunday 🌷🌸✨


My darling wife treated me to Sunday lunch at my absolute favourite place today, the place where we actually had our engagement party a couple of years ago. It never fails to disappoint us and is perfect for any occasion!

The Kings Arms is situated in the picturesque village of Cookham, literally 2-3 minutes drive from us and we absolutely love it.

In their own words:

The Kings Arms is a premium pub, bar, and restaurant with its very own , centrally located in the heart of the picturesque town of Cookham.

The perfect destination for brunch, lunch and dinner, The King’s Arms is just a stone’s throw from the Thames, offering the ultimate setting to relax, dine and mingle in the optimum style and comfort.

Serving up a delicious range of pub food, as well as a tempting selection of real ales, lagers and wines every night of the week, The King’s Arms should be your first port of call for a romantic meal for two, a celebratory three-course dinner, or a light lunch to refuel after exploring the local area.

And in the summer time, it’s always Pimm’s o’clock. With our delightful outdoor space, you’ll be able to soak up the sunshine with a refreshing cocktail and tuck into a delicious selection of light bites.

If you’d like to take a look at The Kings Arms website, you can do so by clicking here.

So I went for a non alcoholic cocktail/mocktail, purely because of the name. It was called “Victoria’s Secret” which stood out to me. It was really reasonable too priced at under £4 and was super refreshing.

We didn’t have starters (defo not needed before a big Sunday dinner!) so I went for the roast beef, with a side of cauliflower cheese. It was just phenomenal. I’ve been lucky enough to have Sunday dinner at the Kings arms a couple of times so it’s a real treat whenever we get to go! For pudding I went for something a little different to what I usually go for. I opted for the pineapple tart tatin which came with fresh pineapples and mangos and coconut milk sorbet which was to die for! Definitely going to have to try and make that myself at home. We ended our meal with flat white coffees too. Always have to end the meal with a coffee (true Italian woman over here!) 💗💗

Thank you to my amazing wife for a perfect Sunday! Every Sunday spent with you becomes my new favourite. I love you forever.

With a very full belly, (although we did walk 3 miles today, it’s called balance)

Mrs Chalke xxx

Happy Saturday 🌸


We decided to spend today in our pyjamas and have a much needed duvet day. It’s been a mad week, full of firsts, full of craziness so today has been really lovely. We caught up on all the laundry (3 whole loads of it!) We finished the R Kelly docuseries called Surviving R Kelly.. mind blowing and would highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already! Our favourite YouTuber Eleanor Neale finally uploaded a video which was a Q&A on Madeleine McCann, so we watched that. Again, mind blowing! I’ve maintained the same theory throughout though about what I think happened to her and I still stand by that. We also ordered dominos pizza. Our first dominos in about 4 months so it was a real treat. We plan on doing absolutely no cooking this weekend what’s so ever! 🙃

Last night I had a crazy 30 mins or so where I was soooo tempted to start Cambridge weight plan again. Luckily a dozen people talked me out of it. But I did contact a few consultants hoping they would magically tell me that chocolate tetra’s are now £1 each opposed to £2.60 each (are you feeling okay hun?!) turns out they’re still £2.60 and I still think it’s a huge rip off when Superdrug do meal replacement shakes for £1. And really, do I even want to do a shake diet at 28 years of age? The answer is a big fat no. We love food, we love cooking, we love each other exactly how we are, so there’s really no desperate need for quick fix weight loss programmes that leave you feeling bankrupt but there’s something about Cambridge that always entices me back in somehow. Hmm, I’ll keep you posted on that.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s having a lovely Saturday! What are your weekend plans?

Love, as always

Mrs Chalke x