Selection Boxes


Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere. You can’t miss them. They’re the go to present, perfect for children, family members you haven’t seen in ages, they’re cheap and they’re cheerful and we’ve all had one or two over the years haven’t we? Me personally.. I hate them. My mum and my wife know never to get me a selection box at Christmas, unless it’s biscuits (always got time for a biscuit!) – i would much prefer a really nice box of Ferraro rochers or some after eights. Even so, you just can’t escape selection boxes still being super popular in supermarkets up and down the country!

Here I’ve listed the best of the bunch.

1. Cadbury.

Bog standard, very traditional, Cadbury’s selection box. I always remember getting one of these as a kid. These are available in just about every supermarket this year and you’ll find them for about £2. Bargain! Perfect for those little cousins or nieces and nephews.

2. Galaxy

£2.50 from Asda, but again, available pretty much everywhere. I think I’d prefer this to the bog standard Cadbury’s. What about you?

3. Haribo

I’ll admit, I didn’t know Haribo selection boxes even existed, maybe I just hadn’t been looking, but I’d definitely choose this rather than a chocolate one. £2 from Asda. I have the Haribo advent calendar so I’d be a fan of this.

4. Fox’s Mints

Exclusive to B&M – I thought this was a rather different type of selection box, at least that I’ve come across anyway. Lots of different types of mints, and absolute bargain at £1.99

5. McVities Family Circle Biscuits

Now you’re talking. Who doesn’t love a biscuits selection box though? You can get this for £3 in Tesco, I’m sure other places will do it cheaper the closer we get to Christmas.

6. M&S

My mum every year gets me and Tazmyn a box of these M&S biscuit selection boxes and my sister and her boyfriend a box too. They’re just the best. Quite pricy at £15 a box but you can’t beat Marks and Spencer really can you? Has to be done.

What are your favourite selection boxes? 🎄✨


Best places to shop online this Christmas!


It’s just easier isn’t it? It’s convenient and it’s also sometimes beneficial in regards to finding unique items that you simply can’t find on the HighStreet. Tazmyn and I love online shopping. We find it easier and hassle free. We’ve never been fans of carting bags and bags of shopping all around the shops etc, so much rather buy the bulk of what we need online and then get a few odd bits from the HighStreet.

Here are my FAVOURITE places to shop online this Christmas! 🛍🎁🎄⭐️🎅🏼💕✨

1. Etsy

Okay so I loveeeee Etsy! We had our engagement party invites made via Etsy a couple of years ago and they were super cute and stylish. Not something we’d have found on the HighStreet. Tazmyns Christmas card this year from me, is also from Etsy too, but I’ll show you that in another post.

2. Not On The HighStreet

Somewhere I think of straight away for every occasion where I’m wanting something unique and personalised. It’s not cheap, but you do get what you pay for and on a lot of items this year, delivery is included in the price which is quite helpful. Definitely worth taking a look through their Christmas section. Lots of beautiful things. Very quick delivery too! Always a bonus.

3. River Island

Obviously River Island isn’t just an online store but I couldn’t not include it. I am truly obsessed with River Island at the moment, they have a HUGE sale on currently as well, all bags and purses are either 30% or in some cases 50% off which is fantastic! Something that is on my personal wish list this year is this bag, how gorgeous though please? A little bit of me 😍🖤

4. Ink & White

Although I have already done a blog post all about collaborating with Ink & White already, I’m still featuring them in this list because they are my favourite online store for prints and greeting cards! Shop Ink & Whites entire collection here and use my discount code SINEAD15 at checkout for 15% off any purchase you make!


Of course! Asos are just my absolute go to for clothes, pyjamas, unique finds, whatever it is you’re looking for, Asos will have it! Tazmyn and I both shop from here so we’re always ordering stuff throughout the year, as well as some of our Christmas wishlist being from here too. I find Asos Curve sizes usually pretty good too.

6. LookFantastic

Somewhere new for me, as I’ve never purchased anything from this website until this year where I’ve actually got a few presents for Tazmyn. They have some amazing deals, a lot of branded products, a lot cheaper than on the HighStreet or from the retailer direct. I must say, shipping here is super super fast and you can find some great discount codes too! I’d highly recommend the lookfantastic website!

7. Amazon

We have amazon prime and I can honestly say, it’s a life saver. Amazon is definitely a go to for us as a couple, anything you could possibly want or need you’ll find here. Pretty straight forward and self explanatory, but none the less handy, year after year, whatever the occasion.

8. The Body Shop

We absolutely love the body shop, and although we shop through a direct body shop consultant who delivers to us at home and gives us some fantastic deals, we always would prefer to look online through the website opposed to instore because there’s some great online exclusive deals up to 30% off on some products, where as in store may not offer the same promotions.

So that’s my favourite online stores to shop from this Christmas, I hope it’s helped you if you’re still shopping for gifts. Where’s your favourite place to shop? I’d love to know 💗

Our Christmas Cards 2018


So I’m guessing everyone we sent cards out to would have received them by now, so I’m going to share with you the Christmas cards we had made this year.

It’s our first Christmas of being married so of course we had to go all out and have them personalised! This may be a running theme now each year, although this year was extra special because the photo we chose for the front of our Christmas cards, was from our wedding day. A little special touch from us, to all of our family and friends, who obviously weren’t there when we got married, a little picture/memory they can keep. We absolutely loved designing our own Christmas cards this year too!

We went for a black and white version of our photograph as it sat nicely with the template of the Christmas card we chose, it’s simple yet cute. I love that they include from Mrs & Mrs Chalke at the bottom of each card, again really personal. We had these cards made through Photobox – a simple and easy website with lots of different gift ideas from cards to wall art, they have everything! Definitely worth checking them out if you’re looking to have something personalised made this Christmas. They always have great discount codes too and delivery was fairly speedy as well, obviously the closer to Christmas we get, the longer the delivery will generally take but that’s to be expected!

Counting my blessings


We watched Adrift in bed tonight, candles lit, snuggled up with Gracie. Tazmyn finally managed to find a website which let us stream it because we’ve been wanting to watch it for ages now. It was really good. I’m not going to say amazing because I don’t think it was, however, Shailene Woodley is spectacular in it and I just love her in anything and everything, especially this (and big little lies!) I wonder if she won awards for her role in this movie, I’m sure she did.

After the film ended, Tazmyn did something, I can’t even remember what now but the pair of us were in stitches from laughing so much, we always find something to laugh uncontrollably at, that’s the best kind of laughing though isn’t it? When your face hurts because you can’t stop. She always makes me laugh. She’s so silly and she laughs at her self too, I think that’s what I love the most, because I’m the same. We laugh at each other and at the same time crack our own selves up. I hope we can always make each other laugh. Love and laughter. Definitely the best recipe.

We got some Christmas cards in the post today, I don’t think I’m ever going to get bored of seeing “To Mrs & Mrs Chalke” on the front ☺️ We have been married 168 days (not that I’m counting) & my heart is as grateful as ever.

I might cuddle her extra tight tonight though.


My Favourite Pinterest Ideas This Christmas 🎄🎅🏼✨☃️💕⭐️


Everyone knows I HATE hampers, it’s a well known fact about me, however Pinterest have some really cool unique gift ideas so I thought I’d share some with you, for those that are not very inspired yet this year. I hope this helps!

I especially love this hot chocolate bar/station idea. I thought it was a super cool thing to include in your Christmas Day festivities if you’re hosting this year, why not set up a hot chocolate making station for your guests, after you’ve had the big yummy roast dinner and you’re playing games or watching movies in the evening, what better way to enjoy the evening by making your very own hot chocolate with a choice of different toppings?! Great for children too! ☕️💕

Feeling festive


Fourth therapy session went really really well, I still don’t know if our therapist actually likes me, but regardless, she’s helping us and we’re thankful for that, I’m thankful for that. We had a Toby Carvery again, I just love it in there, it’s so Christmassy and warm and cosy. Although, the gravy let me down today. Hate when that happens. I think I’m 75% done with my Christmas shopping, I still feel massively behind compared to usual but presents are just presents at the end of the day, I’m more looking forward to creating memories together, another Christmas spent with the love of my life, that’s all that matters. We always make a huge thing of Christmas Eve, we have lunch somewhere fancy, go to the Christmas carol service at the church and then my mum gets a Chinese take away in, it’s like our family tradition, Chinese and love actually. I love that Tazmyn is part of that tradition now and together we both have our own too. Just us. We’re sending our Christmas cards out tomorrow, was meant to be Saturday but we didn’t have stamps, trust us! So they’ll be sent out first thing tomorrow morning, once they’re sent out I’ll do a blog post and show you all the ones we had made this year. It’s our first Christmas being married so obviously we had to be all American and get personalised Christmas cards with a photo of us on the front! I’m so excited for people to receive them. Literally everyone we know is getting one. Has to be done. We’re currently snuggled up on the sofa with candles lit, the Christmas tree looking pretty, drinking cups of tea and watching the Christmas special of Gavin & Stacey! It’s the best isn’t it? They seriously need to make another series, it’s been too long!

Hope everyone’s well and feeling festive!

December 3rd.


To you my love,

For the past few weeks I have tried every day to be a little more mindful. It’s hard to get into but once you know how, it’s something that you can so easily incorporate into your every day life. For me, it’s those extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning after I’ve opened my eyes, when usually I’d jump up, dressing gown on and straight downstairs to make a cup of tea, where instead I find myself just laying still next to you a little bit longer watching you sleep, wondering if you’re having nice dreams or if you’ll tell me how awful they were when you wake up. Listening to you breathe, I’ve noticed you breathe heavier when you’re not having a good sleep and you’re silent when you are. You look so peaceful most of the time, but I’m aware that any little noise or any little movement could wake you up, so I stay still, and I just watch you. Often you’ll reach over to put your arm around me, and I smile to myself wondering if subconsciously you know I’m watching you or whether you just do it out of habit because we have shared a bed with each other for such a long time now. It’s the staring out of the window at nothing in particular but everything at the same time. Have you noticed it’s actually beginning to get dark shortly after 2pm in the afternoons now? I don’t think I’d ever really paid too much attention to that before. I love these dark cold evenings when the wind is blowing against the trees and our cats never want to be too far away from us because they know how warm it is inside, and how comfy it always is on the sofas because we have blankets on us all of the time. I’ve always loved the coziness of the late autumn/early winter evenings but I didn’t appreciate them until I met you. Not really. I value everything that little bit more because of you. Each moment is so precious. I listen to the candles flickering and my eyes get blurry from staring at the Christmas tree lights for too long, I love the smell of real Christmas trees. Nothing beats it. We watched our first Christmas film of the year today, the ones on channel 5 are always so cheesy and romantic but I think that’s why I love them so much. It made me want a white Christmas so much and to put tacky lights up all outside the front of the house like they do in the films, because that’s the magic of it isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be colour coordinated and stylish, It just needs to be magical and fun. We organised to have the girls again on Saturday, we’re going to have a whole afternoon of Christmas crafts and we’re going to make pizza and probably watch another Christmas film with them. I can’t wait to hear Darcie tell me what she wants for Christmas again. There’s nothing quite like asking a four year old what they want for Christmas. They are so innocent and they have no concept of quality rather than quantity, they just want everything, yet they’d probably be so happy with just anything. I love that. We have stayed in our pyjamas all day today, yet I’ve somehow managed to empty our laundry basket and done two loads of washing as well as publish two blog posts, so I feel as though at least I’ve done something if not much. Who knows, maybe I’ll even wash my hair, maybe I won’t. This tonsillitis that I’ve self diagnosed is taking it’s toll on me and I’m feeling super sorry for myself, I just want all the cups of tea and biscuits. But you make tea better than I do and you’ve coincidentally fallen asleep as I’m writing this, so maybe I’ll have to wake you up to make me one.

in case I only tell you 99 times today..

I love you!