Day 86. Dream it, then real life it. ðŸ’«ðŸ’—


I love waking up to the sunshine beaming through our bedroom window, it instantly puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Gracie sleeps in bed with us, we wouldn’t have it any other way. This morning she found a spot under the covers right in between us both, and she stretched out. She’s the queen of this household let me tell you.

We have 22 days until Turkey ✈️☀️ I’m honestly so excited. We have countdowns on our phone & we keep checking the weather forecast out there. It’s in the 30’s now which makes me sooooo happy. I’m addicted to the sunshine & being tanned & just knowing we’re going to spend at least 8 hours a day laying in the sunshine on holiday, by the pool, makes me so excited! Two weeks, all inclusive, five star hotel, just me and my honey. GET ME THERE NOW.


1 litre of water before breakfast

B R E A K F A S T – 200 calories ☕️💛1 litre of water after breakfast


L U N C H – 204 calories huns.1 litre of water – weight loss is no joke and I ain’t playinnnnnn x


D I N N E R – red lentil pasta, reduced fat red pesto, spinach, peas & seasoned chicken breast 🤤😍 373 calories for this my darlings.TOTAL DAILY CALORIE INTAKE: 777 💘


Iced gems for me tonight sweets, a face mask, and a brand new episode of my 600 pound life. Doctor NowZarden would be so proud of us it’s actually unreal.

Take care guys, see yas all tomorrow ✌🏼

Love & light to all, even the haters, and the lurkers.. I see you babes 👀💗

Mrs Sinéad Anna Chalke

(god, don’t you just LOVE how that sounds!)

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Day 85. When the why is clear, the how is easy.


1 litre of water before breakfast ✔️ laundry in the machine ✔️ bed made ✔️ Gracie fed ✔️ Kitchen spritzed ✔️


Happy Monday! Monday’s are my new favourite days of the week, a brand new fresh week, full of new opportunities and goals. Whatever it is you’re doing today, whether it’s work or running errands, I hope you’ve got your motivational pants on and are ready to smash your goals this week! ✨


B R E A K F A S T – 2 0 0 CALORIES 💗it feels SO good to be back on the healthy eating regime this morning. We have three weeks exactly until our next weigh in, which will be June 10th & my goal is to lose 7 pounds by then.

1.5 litres of water


Lunch – Shakeeeeee, totally forgot to take a photo but you know the calories by now, 204.

1 litre of water 💘


Dinner – Today has been crazy busy, we literally haven’t had a second to sit down so tonight’s dinner was kinda all over the place, what we were supposed to have tonight, we’re actually going to have tomorrow instead, so we just picked up a healthy under 400 calorie meal from Marks & Spencer. Quick and easy! 💗

Tonight I chose chicken arrabbiata, at 396 Calories & I had it with some salad too 😍1 litre of water

PUDDING – Fresh strawberries.


Total daily calorie intake: 800 calories 🌸

This evening, we are most definitely going to be watching a LONG ASS episode of my 600 pound life. All the motivation we need is right there. Maybe I’ll have a snack under 100 calories, maybe I won’t. Let’s see where the night takes me..

All the love,

Mrs Chalke x

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Sunday night motivation.


For anyone who, like us, may have had a naughty weekend with rather a few treats and cheat meals, and is preparing to get back on it in the morning, & needs a little motivational boost..

it’s Sunday evening, it’s almost 10pm. We’re SO ready to start eating healthy again.. my birthday weekend has been amaaaaazing but it’s also reminded us of how we used to eat on a daily basis, & how sluggish we would feel as a result of that, & we never want to go back to those ways ever again! So as I’m typing this blog post, drinking a litre of water before bed, taking my make up off & catching a quick episode of my 600 pound life to get us back in the zone, I thought I’d write a little list of things to remember when I’m struggling, things that for me, are motivational tools. Yours may be different, but hopefully this post will make you think about your own goals, & your own personal motivation to keep you on track ✨


🌸 Turkey is in 24 days! ✈️☀️

🌸 That river island beach dress of dreams fits you like a glove, keep it that way.

🌸 You’re 4 pounds away from your 3 stone holiday goal.

🌸 You don’t want to be tired walking around the airport like last year.

🌸 Back aches are for old people.

🌸 Snacking leads to binging.

🌸 1 litre of water before breakfast every day

🌸 Beyoncé makes you want to work out

🌸 Suntan looks better when you lose weight

🌸 Do it for your future

🌸 Give the lurkers who check the blog every day, something to read about

🌸 Carbs are a swear word

🌸 Watch my 600 pound life DAILY

🌸 Temptation is nothing that the mind can’t control.

🌸 Goal for month four: 7 pounds. ______________________

All the love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke

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Day 84. You create your own opportunities ðŸ’«


So I slept through the best bit of the Eurovision, the votes!! It was definitely too late for me, I’ve always struggled to stay awake late. Tazmyn woke me up after the winner was announced soooo that was fab. The favourite always wins the Eurovision, it was kinda pointless putting bets on any other country really but oh well, it was a good night listening to lots of cheesy music & drinking Prosecco & eating Chinese food.

How are you all this Sunday morning? What are your plans for today? We’re going on a walk with my uncle, his wife & our cousin Rory, & then we have a gift voucher for Sunday dinner so we’re looking forward to that. The best thing about Sunday is a roast. Without a doubt. Are you having a yummy roast today?


Breakfast – 200 calories.1.5 litre of water


Lunch – Costa & a lighter life chocolate peanut bar at 214 calories. These bars are my absolute favourite and are currently on offer for £1.50 at Superdrug which is a bargain! They taste so naughty. 1 litre of water


D I N N E R – we went out for Sunday dinner today, I had roast beef which was amaaaaazing. The lovely waiter Chris got the entire restaurant to sing happy birthday to me too which was slightly embarrassing but also very sweet 😭🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 I’m really looking forward to get back on track tomorrow, 100% on plan with no naughty treats until our next weigh in next month.

Another litre of water this evening

Probably will have a cup of tea this evening with a 100 calorie snack.

Hope you’re all well,

All the love

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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Hola chickas! It’s that time of the week again, you guessed it.. shopping list time! This weeks meal plan is brought to you from Marks and Spencer’s cafe, where I am currently sipping red berry fruit tea, whilst Tazmyn writes the shopping list. We’ve decided to be pretty basic this week with our meals, getting back on the healthy eating wagon after a few naughty treats is always hard.. so we’ve kept all our meals under 400 calories & stuck to what works for us! Perhaps we’ll be a little more adventurous the following week who knows.

All the best xo

__________ 🌸 _________

Monday – Pesto red lentil pasta with chicken, spinach & peas – 373 Calories.

Tuesday – Linda McCartney chorizo & red pepper sausages, swede mash, broccoli, peas & sweetcorn with gravy. – 300 calories.

Wednesday – Cajun chicken, potato salad & salad – 352 calories.

Thursday – “Super simple chicken curry” with chips & salad – 320 calories.

Friday – Pinch of nom stuffed meatballs & courgetti – 307 Calories.

Saturday – Homemade Nando’s chicken kebabs & salad – 389 calories.

____________ 🌸 ___________

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Sinéad Anna Chalke x


Day 83. Wake up & make up.


Good morning sugar muffins! How are you all? Thank you for all the birthday love yesterday, I had the loveliest day & was very spoilt. We also slept like babies, & woke up at almost 10am this morning after a much needed lay in. There’s still no sunshine but that’s okay, we are going to have another lovely day! Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest, aka an excuse for a mini party! 🎉 every year when the Eurovision is on, we place some silly bets & have a little party at home with snacks & a nice dinner whilst we watch it & rate all the songs! Tonight we’ve decided to get a Chinese take-away.. I honestly can’t remember the last time we had a take-away so it will be such a treat! We’re still going to have a healthy breakfast & lunch today so not completely going off the rails.. I think it’s important to see a treat MEAL as just that, and not excuse it for a treat DAY which then leads to a treat WEEK. And that’s where the trouble starts.


Breakfast – 200 calories 💗

– porridge, made with coconut milk, topped with reduced sugar strawberry granola, coconut flakes & frozen raspberries. 1 litre of water


Lunch – We literally skipped lunch today, our breakfast was super late & we had a slow morning. By the time we got to costa it was the end of the day, so we had our usual cortado & skinny flat white for Tazmyn & saved ourselves for dinner! 😍

1 litre of water


We cleared Tesco’s shelf. 21 bottles of water! I truly believe water is KEY in losing weight. I’ve never gone a day since starting this process where I’ve consumed less than 3 litres per day. I make sure not to go over 5 as too much water can be dangerous, but drinking water is so good for every part of your body. I see it as though I’m giving my body a drink & keeping it hydrated. It’s good for your skin, it cleans your body out of all bad toxins & it aids weight loss! EUROVISION! 💗💗💗

Oh my gosh! Every year Tazmyn and I go all out for Eurovision. It always falls on my birthday weekend which is a bonus! One year we even had Italian flags all up around our house 🤣😭🤦🏻‍♀️ & last year Tazmyn did an Italian themed dinner for my mum and I which was super yummy! 😍

This year I’ve placed bets on:

Italy (of course!)



San Marino


We’ve ordered a Chinese & opened a bottle of Prosecco that I got for my birthday! Little mini Eurovision party at home, with snacks! 🍿🍫🌸

We’ll be back on track with being 100% healthy on Monday, but everyone deserves some weekend treats when it’s their birthday!

I hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday evening.

Sending love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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Day 82. ITS MY BIRTHDAY ðŸ‘¸ðŸ»ðŸŽ‰ðŸŒ¸


T W E N T Y N I N E 🎉💗


I have been truly spoilt! I woke up to so many beautiful presents this morning. My favourite perfume, a voucher for a mani and pedi, a personalised cooking apron because I’ve always said I’ve wanted one, new vans, a weekend away to Brighton at the end of the year booked & paid for, minutes on the sunbed, soooo many clothes, candles, a voucher for Sunday lunch this weekend, hair products, face masks, cupcakes and a Millie’s cookie birthday cake! I am one lucky girl that’s for sure & so so very grateful.

My darling wife made me the cutest birthday breakfast. All continental because it’s my favourite! Bake in the oven pain au chocolat, Portuguese tarts, watermelon, strawberries and cereals! It was the best! 😍😍I’ve had so many lovely messages from people this morning too. We have a cute day planned and I’m really excited! ✨


We spent the day in Eton today. Living so close to Windsor & Eton is really lovely. I love being by the river anyway, even if the sun isn’t shining.. like today. Not sure the sunshine got the memo about it being my birthday.Tazmyn took me out for lunch too! I had steak which is my favourite! You can’t beat steak on your birthday can you?!

I also managed to squeeze in a sunbed session too, of course! Time is slowly running out before holiday!


I’ve had the most wonderful day & I feel so extremely lucky to have so much love around me. First birthday as a wife, but my last year of my twenties. Here’s to making this year the best year yet! 🎉💗

We are currently snuggled up in bed with lots of M&S snacks, watching my favourite film of all time.. Pretty Woman! About to do face masks too! 😍

All the love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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