Night 2 in Brighton ✨


After brunch at the breakfast club this morning we wondered around the cobbled streets of Brighton, there’s so many quirky shops that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We decided to take an impromptu bus journey to the marina as it’s somewhere we both wanted to visit, we were super shocked to find out that the busses run every 6 minutes here and are 24 hours! It was really easy to catch a bus and to find out which route we needed to take to get to the Marina. The waterfront/marina is so pretty, it’s like a totally different part of Brighton that I wasn’t even aware existed prior to this evening.

We took a walk around the harbour which was really pretty, somewhere I can imagine being the place to be in summer as there’s so many bars and restaurants all around the waterfront and lots of places to sit and drink a cocktail!

Tazmyn chose the place we ate at tonight. We wanted somewhere new that we’d never been to before and Tazmyn being a lover of all things Italian/American, chose a bar/grill type place on the waterfront called Coast to Coast. If you are a taste card holder, you can get some great deals at this restaurant which is perfect for cocktails too and also lets you mix and match them which is always a bonus!

Inside the restaurant the layout is really nice with booths and dark lighting. We decided to skip starters as we were still super full from the pancakes at lunchtime! I went for the chilli cheese burger – I never really order burgers but really fancied one tonight and it was super yummy!

Skipped pudding too, and got cocktails instead which are all two for 1! I had a strawberry daiquiri which was frozen (my favourite!) and Tazmyn got a bubblegum daiquiri 🥰🍹✨

We got an Uber back to the hotel after dinner which was really cheap (Uber’s are really quick in Brighton which is good!) and I took a long hot soak in the bath. Got to be done!

We head home tomorrow, our mini break has flown by but been so much fun! I love making new memories with my most favourite person in the whole world.

Sending love,

Sinéad x

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The Breakfast Club, Brighton.


I’ve wanted to visit The Breakfast Club since forever, but having been told from my mum and sister how busy the London ones always are, plus my dislike of travelling into London in general – I’d never actually been, so when I discovered there was now one in Brighton – it was definitely the first thing on our list of things to do whilst here!

We thought about booking a table but decided we’d just turn up and hope for the best. Situated, hidden down some cobbled streets in Brighton central, is The Breakfast Club.

We were told there was about a 15 minute wait for a table, this was around noon on a Monday (during half term week!) so we didn’t think that was too bad and were happy to wait. They took our name and number and sent a text straight to my phone once our table was ready which I thought was pretty cool, you can also track where abouts in the queue you are as well!

So the menu, in my opinion isn’t too varied which I think is actually a good thing! Each item on the menu is a standard breakfast club dish that people come back for time and time again. I’ll be honest, we did have a cheeky look at the menu before we got there so we already knew what we wanted. Pancakes of course! Duh.

Fluffy American style pancakes, stacked with maple syrup, berries and vanilla ice cream – which tasted amazing! 🍯🍓🥞✨ We both got super lemony lemonades too but lots of smoothies and coffees were available as well.

How hot does my wife look?! 😍

The general vibe and decor inside the breakfast club is what I’d describe as hippy/trendy, with high stools and wooden tables, booths and hanging fairy lights and plants with old school music being played. It would be the perfect place for a birthday celebration I feel. Hint hint Tazmyn, my birthday is in 87 days 😭🤣😘

We absolutely loved our visit to The Breakfast club and will definitely be back!

Have you been? If so, what did you go for?

Sending love,

Sinéad x

Night 1 in Brighton ✨


I don’t know what it is about Brighton, but whenever I’m here I feel relaxed and calm, sort of like a sense of peace and comfort which is weird because this seaside city is so busy with people all of the time and so full of life. We checked into our hotel, 4 room changes and an argument with a very horrible manager later, we settled into our room before getting ready to go and get some dinner. We love the Harvester right on the seafront so we chose to go there. Give me a salad bar any day of the week and all the bread rolls. I’m feeling a lot better now, I still have this dirty cold but my kidney infection is 70% gone so I’m definitely on the mend and I’m really going to live in the moment these next couple of days and enjoy this break away with the love of my life. I had steak for dinner, I’ve had steak 3 times in the space of a week. Who even am I?! We got rocky horror for dessert, if you don’t get a rocky horror sundae did you even go to the harvester though?! We took a walk along the pier after dinner which was all lit up with pretty lights, it’s cold but not bitterly cold, I love the sea breeze air, it feels fresh. We came back to our hotel room, Tazmyn managed to find a shop down the road and bought us biscuits to have with tea (typical us!) and we’re ready to watch this new Baptiste spin off show at 9pm on bbc one, if you saw the missing a couple of years ago, you’ll want to see this tonight, we can’t wait! We have a full day of fun stuff planned tomorrow so I’m really excited for that.

How pretty is Brighton? ✨

Lots of love,

Me x

Coach Trippin


This blog post is being written whilst I’m sat on a national express coach, as we are on our way to Brighton for a few days, a Christmas present from my mama. We absolutely love Brighton, so she booked us a couple of nights away right on the seafront!

We’ve used National Express a few times now when we go away for the weekend, and on the whole, it’s pretty good, cheap, no drama, air con that works and free WiFi too. However, there’s always that one person on the journey who has the desire to crack open a tuna sandwich and packet of skips or cheese and onion crisps and ruins the entire trip for all involved!

I thought I’d share a few things that keep me going during any journey, whether it’s coach/plane/bus/train. We all have our little things that we do to make the traveling experience as bearable as possible!


We pack for wherever we are going the day before, and write lists on our phone of all the things we need to pack.. Tazmyns usually a lot more organised than me when it comes to packing and list writing but it’s vital for us as I know we would just forget things!

🌸 Don’t travel on a full stomach

Definitely something I’ve learnt, travel on a relatively empty stomach. I’m prone to getting travel sickness and if I eat something before I’m bound to feel even worse, especially if it’s a hot drink with milk in it. Recipe for disaster!


Travelling without music is just a no no.


Always got a bottle of water in my bag when we travel anywhere – today it’s strawberry water from marks and spencer.

🌸 Get a good seat

Always either sit at the front or the back of a coach, definitely not the middle. Just personal preference but front would be my chosen spot, less chance of travel sickness in my opinion.

🌸 Make a playlist

Carrie Underwood is my getting me through today!

🌸 Remember your phone charger

I think that’s pretty much it. I hate travelling in general but I find if you plan a little before hand, and prepare as much as you can, it definitely helps!

Next stop, Brighton!


Sinéad x

Milk & Honey 🥛🍯


And most importantly love, like it’s the only thing you know how, at the end of the day, all this means nothing, this page, where you’re sitting, your degree, your job, the money, nothing even matters except love and who you loved, and how deeply you loved them… how you touched the people around you and how much you gave them.

Valentine’s Day 2019


Another Valentine’s Day with the love of my life. I woke up to Nutella pancakes with strawberries. She’s made them for me every Valentine’s Day morning that we’ve been together. Each year they get better.

I’m still dying from my horrible kidneys/cold/flu/back ache/blocked nose syndrome. I’m slowly losing my voice and I can’t even breathe unless it’s in the bathroom being steamed by vapour rub, but I somehow managed to cook steak for dinner. I’m really the most terrible cook but I gave it a go and it was a success. The house smells like garlic, despite the sink being full of Zoflora and bath and body works candles both upstairs and down, not to mention my mad febreeze spree of all the furniture. Steak lingers and the smell takes days to get rid of doesn’t it? Oh well it was good.

We ate tiramisu in bed & she ran me a bubble bath with candles and that new peppermint radox bath oil that’s quite literally become my new best friend.

I came out the bath to this little note inside my pyjama bottoms.

It’s definitely the little things isn’t it?

I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Ever. What I have is more than I ever wished for, it’s everything that means anything to me.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day, even if it wasn’t spent with someone you love.

With a heart as full as ever,

Me x

Horrible kidneys.


I’m sick with a kidney infection and I’ve spent the day struggling to even stand up because I’m in so much pain. I’m feeling sorry for myself and hoping the anti biotics start to work seriously fast because nobody sucks at being unwell more than I do. I hate it. I’m thanking god for Tazmyn. More so than any other day. She’s the legs when I can’t use my own and she is literally the best thing in my life I’d be so lost without her. Major wife points go to her today, picking up my medication when I couldn’t and making me dinner because I was too busy slowly dying on the couch. We watched Ibiza on Netflix tonight, I can’t say I loved it but I feel like I’m on an ecstasy trip after watching it and probably never want to visit actual Ibiza again in my life but there ya go. I’ve drank 3.5 litres of water today and my back hurts like I’m 84 years old. Gracie had a good birthday by the way, she stayed out late last night the dirty stop out! Here’s to hoping I feel more my age tomorrow and a little more myself because it’s Valentine’s Day and steak is seriously on the cards.

Goodnight x