Gracie turns two


Happy Birthday my baby angel. You’re two years old. How did that happen? I remember the day we got you like it was yesterday. The 2+ hours it took us to get to you, (it was Thursday and rush hour!) our first cuddle, it was love at first sight and I knew you were the one I was going to spend my very last penny on for the rest of my life (because that’s how long you’re going to live for!)

You were 7 weeks and 4 days old when we got you. You never once had an accident and were litter trained already. You learnt how to climb the stairs during your first week with us, and before long you even learnt how to pull the carpet up in our first rented house (our landlord didn’t love that!) we bought you a bed but you always preferred ours and you were a cuddler right from the get go, which is just as well because we love cuddling you.

I named you before I even got you. My love for teen mom holds no bounds and Gracie just suited you. If I had to name you all over again, you’d still be Gracie. It’s the perfect name.

Your favourite thing to do is face plant the bed when you’re sleeping and you even snore like your mama (your other one that is, not me of course!) you climb trees but only half way because you get scared and come running back indoors and you never stay out for longer than 20 minutes at a time because you miss me almost as much as I miss you.

I won’t ever love another cat as much as I love you. You were made for us. I’ve even made sure you’ve had all your jabs and continue to pay a direct debit each month for insurance for you. That’s how you know it’s real. You want for nothing and we definitely give you way too many treats since the vet continue to let’s me know you’re overweight but guess what, I’m a feeder and food = love, plus who wants a skinny cat anyway? You definitely look cuter since you’ve filled out more.

You are the most loved cat in all the universe.

Happy second birthday Gracie baby! 🎉🌸

Your overprotective, super proud mamas x


Irreplaceable You.


I like that you make me take my tablets even on the days I really can’t be bothered to, it shows you care, even if I don’t. The weather really alters my mood, I think that’s why I love spring, everything is fresh and new. I hate scary movies but I love true crime documentaries. You’re so organised, on our shopping list under biscuits, you put rich tea fingers first because you know they’re my favourite. I don’t like odd numbers and my favourite day is Wednesday. We do this thing in bed where I turn over first and you’re the big spoon, 10 minutes later we turn over on your side and it’s me that’s spooning but that’s how we end up falling asleep, every night. I somehow managed to get you to watch footballers wives with me and now you love it almost as much as I do. I hate the smell of smoke, smoking in general is just disgusting in my opinion. I don’t like busy shops or having to queue for ages. I definitely believe in angels and ghosts and life taking you on different paths, all for a reason, even if we don’t know what the reason is. I live for roast dinners, they somehow taste better during the week but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them on a Sunday, because I really do. You replace the batteries in our fairy lights before I even notice they’ve ran out and you make the best cup of tea. I like garden centres, and department stores with cafes. Autumn is my favourite but Spring is a close second. I’m a drama queen, you’re the opposite. Maybe you level me out. I do your eyebrows but I get mine done every 10 days by the same lady. If she’s not there I go into panic mode. You see the best in me, but you’ve definitely seen the worst too. Food is the way to my heart, but I love a massage. You could be a chef, I love your cooking but I’m happy it’s only me that you cook for. I don’t like trains. I’ve loved you since the beginning, I’ll love you forever. I’m a deep thinker but I’m super impatient. I’m fussy. I like things done my way and change really scares me. I believe home can be a person and that for me is you. I love flowers but my love for chocolate is definitely on the rise because of you, we always have a secret stash of it. You take longer in the bathroom than I ever will, even if you’ll never admit it. My nails are either always red or dark almost black. I don’t take compliments very well but neither do you. We’re both cat people. I named Gracie after watching teen mom for many years. We have secrets that nobody else knows about. We both cry at sad movies. We dislike the same people. I can’t imagine my world without you in it. Life’s all about the WHAT IS rather than the WHAT IF’s, and I can’t wait for all the memories we are yet to still make together 🔐💗

Review: Soap & Glory’s “The Ultimelt” Hot Cloth Cleanser.


I’ve seriously been slacking with blogging lately, life’s kinda got in the way and there’s truly just not enough hours in the day sometimes.

I’m a sucker for a hot cloth cleanser, so I decided to review The Ultimelt by Soap & Glory. My sister has sworn by this cleanser for years now and it’s definitely her favourite, so I was really excited to give it a go myself.

Available from Boots, this cleanser usually retails for £10, however at the moment is half price at just £5 which is an absolute bargain! Packaging wise, I personally love. All the soap and glory products generally come in really nice packaging so this hot cloth cleanser is no exception and definitely caught my eye on the shelf.

Inside the box, you get the white tube of cleanser, along with a muslin type face cloth, which is a really good quality cloth as well.

The Ultimelt cleanser, is suitable for all skin types and claims to act as a deep purifying hot cloth cleanser with provitamin B5, sweet almond, orange & lavender oils.

My review:

So I’m generally a fan of the Soap & Glory range anyway, so I was really excited to try this hot cloth cleanser. I like hot cloth cleansers because the cream based cleanser really leaves my skin feeling super squeaky clean and refreshed opposed to micellar waters or the dreaded face wipes. We’re all guilty of using both aren’t we?

I absolutely loved the scent from this Ultimelt cleanser, it was strong and resembled something you’d find in a high end beauty salon.

I massaged the cream based cleanser into my face and neck and it felt light weight and non oily which is a huge bonus, as so many of these cream type cleansers can be so incredibly greasy in texture, and if you happen to have an oily skin type, you’ll want to avoid this where you can. I left the cleaner on my face to really absorb for a couple of minutes, before washing it off with the muslin cloth and warm water.

I really loved the feeling of my skin once I had washed this off, it felt clean, soft and super hydrated! I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this again I think and would highly recommend.

Out of 5 stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I hope you enjoyed this review type post. I believe in maintaining a really good skincare routine and I absolutely love trying new things out. My skin is super sensitive so a lot of the time it’s very much a case of trial and error with what will work for my skin type.

Have you tried this cleanser? Are you a Soap & Glory fan too?

Sending love,

Sinéad x

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We had slow cooked gammon with a honey marmalade for dinner, courtesy of Waitrose of course. I’m getting far too used to the free cappuccinos and I get lost down the cleaning aisle. Today’s new purchase was my absolute fave, French lavender all purpose method cleaning spray. I really am approaching 30 and it’s showing! The Sharon/Louise storyline in eastenders is literally the most funniest thing, I almost can’t wait for it to all blow up in flames when Phil finds out! We’ve started watching the murder files on Netflix and so far of what we have seen, it’s completely chilling. We’re suckers for anything true crime lately, which reminds me, Eleanor Neale really needs to upload something soon to YouTube, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. We’re going to have caramelised onion sausages, cheesy mash, mushy peas and gravy tomorrow night for dinner, a sort of comfort dinner for having to be up at 7am in the bloody morning, lord help me! Gracie is two next Tuesday. Where’s my 7 week old baby gone? I’ve had a gut feeling for two days that my grandad is unwell and I can’t seem to shake it off. We’ve been drinking tea before bed the past few nights and it’s worked a dream, I must lower my sugar intake though, I keep forgetting. Love this photo of Tazmyn and I from our first holiday abroad together, I can’t wait for our summer 2019 holiday, just us! 💗

With love, always

Sinéad x

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Holiday dreaming


Sunday night dreaming about our summer holiday 2019! 🐚☀️ We are off to Turkey in June for two weeks! We visited Turkey last June with my mum and loved it so much we quite literally booked up to go again as soon as we got home, only this year we are going for two weeks instead of just the one. I don’t know about you, but I feel like one week isn’t enough! Two weeks feels like a proper holiday in my opinion, and a real chance to tan! I’m really excited to blog during this holiday & to document all of our wonderful holiday memories!

Have you got your summer holiday booked yet? If so, where are you off to?

I thought I’d write a little list of why I love Turkey so much and what were the reasons that made us want to return, so that for those of you who may not have visited before, may decide it’s the place for you! 💗


🌾🐚 The airport is small.

– Okay, I don’t know about you, but I can’t be dealing with all those Spanish airports that are quite literally like a maze and take 3 hours to find the exit sign after you’re through baggage claims! Turkeys Antalya airport is TINY which ultimately means it takes super super speedy time to grab your bags and head out the doors to find your private transfers to the hotel. This was a huge factor for me because I hate airports at the best of times but really liked the one in Antalya.

🌾🐚 It’s always HOT

– So, this may not be ideal for everyone and I’m totally aware of that, but for me personally, I’m a lover of the sun and HOT climates so Turkey is ideal for me. Last year we visited in early June and some days the temperature rocketed to 38 degrees. I was in my element. Lounging by a pool drinking frozen cocktails, how could you not love it? Turkey is guaranteed hot weather all year round so it’s the place to be if you’re looking for that D x

🌾🐚 Its CHEAP

– Turkey is sooooo cheap! I hate the people that slag off Turkey and say it’s only cheap because nobody wants to go there due to the terror attacks etc, NOT true. Yes Turkey is cheap but not because nobody wants to go there, far from it, everyone wants to go there! We booked our holiday through Thomas Cook and managed to get a really really good deal, you can find even cheaper package holidays through online companies such as Travel Supemarket and On the beach which we have used in the past and are really good! Once you’re actually out in Turkey, everything is really cheap too. For example in our hotel we had a spa which did package deals where you got a full body massage, a traditional Turkish spa, and a facial for less that £30 English pounds! We were in the spa for a good few hours too and thought it was amazing! So so worth it. Perfume, watches, handbags, everything you can think of, designer labels, everything is super cheap!

🌾🐚 The people are so friendly

– Again, before we went to Turkey last year, everyone tried to warn us of dodgy people approaching us and telling us what they can be like.. but we didn’t experience anything like that at all! We stayed in a 5 star resort (we’re going to the same one this year!) and everyone, staff and guests were all so polite and friendly.

🌾🐚 The beaches are STUNNING

-They really are. I’ve never seen beaches prettier than the ones in Turkey. So clean too!Made you want to visit yet?

Sending love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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The Ted Bundy Tapes, Abducted in Plain Sight, Sunday Lunch & Gemma Collins.


Didn’t actually know what to name this blog post so thought I’d title it a bit of everything and just hope for the best.

So, we’ve finally managed to have a Netflix binge & caught up on The Ted Bundy Tapes, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know who Ted Bundy was prior to watching the Netflix show, I found the 4 episode documentary quite hard to get into, it was slow and I got bored but I stuck with it. It’s a fascinating case that’s for sure, and is chilling in parts too. Ted Bundy was a monster and extremely calculated. How he managed to escape prison twice blew my mind, and went on to kill more girls during his escape just doesn’t bare thinking about. I don’t believe in the death penalty, never have and I don’t think I ever will so obviously hearing about how he was executed wasn’t pleasant, but he took so many peoples lives and he was so incredibly dangerous. If you haven’t managed to see the Netflix four part series, you should.

We watched Abducted in Plain Sight too Which again is on Netflix, another mind blowing case. At first I literally thought the people you see talking in the documentary were actors, as I couldn’t actually believe what I was hearing could ever be true. It basically shows a families torment when one of their daughters gets abducted by their family friend/neighbour. But it’s sooooo much deeper than just that, I mean it’s sick really. I’m not too sure if I like the way the documentary was done, the actual family members resembled actors and seem really fake when speaking, the recreated scenes of what actually happened, annoyed me as well but the case in itself, is bizarre. I came away from watching the 1 hour 30 minute documentary still so bloody confused, I felt like the parents were not right in the head and they were somewhat to blame. It’s a hard one to explain unless you’ve seen it, so I’d recommend it to those who haven’t seen it. Prepare for some fucked up true crime shit.

We took my mum out for Sunday lunch today which was really nice. You can’t beat a good roast dinner on a Sunday can you? How pretty does my creme brûlée look? It tasted amazing.

We’re currently snuggled up watching Dancing on Ice (our usual Sunday night routine!) – I’m really annoyed that Gemma Collins keeps getting a load of stick! She’s a QUEEN and she gets up and shows up every week without fail, that in itself should be commended. I can’t imagine getting so much abuse from the public and how it must eat away at your self esteem and confidence every single day. She’s an icon! And as for James Jordan getting 9.5 by the judges? Umm, he’s a professional dancer babes, how is that fair?! I want Wes to win personally, I think he’s amazing! 💗 who’s your faves?

I’m about to do a face mask and drink some ribena. I hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend and is fuelled ready for a full week ahead!

Sending love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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A Saturday well spent 🌸


We’ve had such a lovely weekend so far, last night my darling wife took me for dinner at one of our favourite places, Marco Pierre Whites steakhouse in Windsor. If you haven’t been you should really pay it a visit, from the decor to the food, everything is amazing and the steak of course is the best! 💗

This morning we had a pretty slow start to the day, caught up on laundry and housework, the snow began to clear up so we decided to go for a nice walk along the riverside. We really are blessed with where we live, it’s so pretty.

And, it’s never too cold for a cocktail is it?!

I’ve been playing around with some new edits on my photos, and I’m particularly loving this preset called “The White One” by littlepaperswan on Instagram! If you’re into editing your photos, definitely check out her page for some inspiration! 🌸

Our plans this evening are to just chill, make some dinner and catch up on a few things on Netflix. We really want to see the Ted Bundy Tapes & also Abducted in plain sight so I’ll update you with my thoughts once we’ve watched them! What are your must see’s on Netflix at the moment? Anything true crime, please do let me know your recommendations.

I hope everyone’s having a peaceful Saturday!

With love, always

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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