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  • I’ve teamed up with the guys over at Thortful, the greeting card company that caters for every occasion you could think of, showcasing a whole range of up and coming artists, with their own personal unique illustrations you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The website is super easy to use, simply click the category you’re looking for, for example: Christmas, and you will find endless different designs and cards suitable for everyone! I decided to pick out a Christmas card for my mum this year, and this one really stood out to me. I’m always looking for something a bit different, funny and unique, so this was perfect.

    Delivery is super super fast, my card arrived the following day with first class postage. Each card is around £3.99 with postage included, but the lovely team over at Thortful have created a unique discount code especially for my readers to use which will give you 20% off all orders. Simply enter: BUTTERFLIES at checkout to get your discount! 💗

    Thank you to Thortful for working with me on this collaboration, I’m excited to buy more greeting cards for every occasion, and I hope you all find something perfect for you too!

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    My favourite plus size winter coats this season.


    It’s that time of year where I buy my winters coat, every single November, just before bonfire night I always get myself a new coat. To some it’s probably ludicrous to buy a brand new one every year, whilst some buy several every few months. For me though, one winters coat see’s me through the rest of autumn and all of winter so it serves me well.

    I’m a plus size curvy girl, so for those of you out there who too are perhaps a little top or bottom heavy, and find coat shopping difficult or maybe have been unable to find something you like, don’t worry.. I have you covered! Whilst I have now chosen my coat this year (its last on the list I’m about to show you!) there were also some other great contenders, so I hope you enjoy this post & manage to find it helpful! 💗

    1. Grey Faux Fur Collar Bouclé Coat – Newlook – £49.99

    Available in sizes 18-32, I really love the style of this coat. It’s grey, which is very on trend at the moment, I love the fur collar the most.. but I think what ultimately put me off buying this in the end, was the material perhaps not being sustainable in bad weather. Also I worried it looked a little too grannyish? If that’s even a thing. What do you reckon?

    2. Vero Moda Curve Oversized Teddy Coat – ASOS – £70

    I’m going to be totally honest, ASOS have let me down big time this year with their curve range- last year was a lot lot better, however Teddy Coats are really in at the moment with everyone wanting one, and I liked this one by ASOS at £70. Again, what put me off was the idea it resembled some sort of carpet or rug, as well as obviously getting completely soaked in the rain. Available from sizes 18-24 with free delivery.

    3. Plus Belted Faux Fur Hooded Puffer – Boohoo – £49

    Okay, so whilst I’m not a personal fan of boohoo curve due to their horrendous sizing, they do have some really stunning pieces throughout the year and some great bargains too. This coat caught my eye and would make a great staple piece to your winter wardrobe I think, priced at £49 with 99p next day delivery, this coat is available in sizes 16-24.

    4. Black Longline Wet Look Puffa Coat – YoursClothing – £85.99

    Yours Clothing is always my last resort when picking out a winter coat, because I’ll be honest (as always!) however nice something may look on their website (if it looks nice at all) you can bet your life on it, it won’t look the same in person.. so that’s why I’d strongly suggest if you’re shopping from Yours, to go in store and try something on and see it for yourself rather than just buy it online and hate it when it comes. I always find winter coats from Yours come with absolutely no shape and aren’t flattering at all, however this was the best of the bunch this season in my opinion.. in sizes 16-36, you’ll most likely have a lot of room to play around with, and this looks a lot more fitting than majority of them do!

    5. Khaki Parker With Detachable Faux Fur – Simply Be – £70

    I really really love this coat, and for Simply Be which is renowned to be quite dated with their pieces in the past, this is super on trend and made it to my top 3 coats this year. Available in sizes 10-30 – I absolutely love the fur trim, but Tazmyn wasn’t keen on the colour of the fur, so maybe that’s why I went against it in the end. Also it looks quite fitting as well giving you that flexibility with shape, always a bonus!

    6. JunaRose Ola Pink Fur Trim Parka – Very – £100

    This was in my final two when making the decision on what coat to get this year. I LOVE the pink fur hood, but for the price I would have wanted some more shape to it, where as this doesn’t look flattering around the waist what’s so ever which always puts me off, available in sizes 14-28 – I personally think this is very on trend, maybe just a bit pricy for what it actually is?

    7. Plus Black Faux Fur Trim Longline Parka – River Island £115

    The winter coat of dreams, and the one I ended up going for this year. Stunning much? Obviously there’s a running theme with the type of coats I like, being the oversized fur hooded trim, and it really stands out with this one. It is pricy at £115 but I did manage to find an online discount code for river island, so if you do end up going for this one or another from River Island, let me know and I can give you that code. River Island though, are absolutely smashing it right now, when aren’t they? I want the entire collection, and I deserve this coat this season so it’s a treat to myself. Sizes range from 18-28.

    So there you have it, my top picks for plus size coats this season. I hope this has helped you in shopping for the perfect winter coat for those cold days and even colder evenings. What was your favourite from the ones I listed? Where do you usually shop for coats? Leave a comment below as always 😘🌷✨

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    Our Sunday in Windsor 🏰🌷✨


    I used to hate Sundays before I met Tazmyn, I mean like really hate them, but I’ve found they’re definitely more enjoyable if either A – there’s a roast dinner involved or B – we go out for the day and do something. Unfortunately there was no Sunday dinner for us today, but we did spend a few hours in Windsor which was really nice.

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I absolutely love living where we do. I would never and will never want to live anywhere else. There’s links to so many places and so many things to do, it’s home of Windsor Castle, why on earth would I ever want to leave?

    We couldn’t decide on lunch at pizza express or a pub today, settled for the pub because we have had a pizza express recently so fancied something different, plus we weren’t majorly hungry.

    We had chicken wraps and chips at the King & Castle pub in Windsor, directly opposite Windsor Castle, it was super cheap too £6.50 including a drink so absolute bargain!

    We did a bit of shopping afterwards too..

    Lush heaven..

    I had to be dragged out of River Island because I wanted to buy the contents of the shop. There’s like 3 bags I want, a pair of boots, a purse, perfume, not to mention the rest! I was just about to buy the perfume when Tazmyn told me not to. Turns out she bought it for me without me knowing, love her 😍

    Paris by night from River Island literally smells insane, have you tried it? Even though Tazmyn got me one today, I’m going to ask for another for Christmas. Perfect stocking filler right? 🎁

    We had coconut hot chocolates in the best place in all the universe, Pret obviously. If anyone is stuck what to get me for Christmas (you shouldn’t be because I’m the easiest person to buy for.. Pret gift cards will do!) ☕️🍂🌷✨

    Once we were home, it was pjs on, candles burning, heating whacked up high, chorizo, tomato and garlic pasta bake in the oven & a night in front of the telly watching the Strictly and XFactor results! – little mix’s performance on the X factor though… 😮😮 aaamaazing!! I think I need to add tickets to their tour on my elfster wish list this year 🤣😭😩 love them.

    What did your Sunday consist of? Let me know, I hope you all had a lovely day 🌷✨😘

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    Review: Marks & Spencer £10 meal deal.


    Its Saturday night, it’s Halloween night on Strictly, what better excuse is there to have a treat tea? We love our Saturdays, we always have something nice for dinner, whether that’s a take away or just something fancy from the shops. Tonight we decided to give the Marks & Spencer £10 Indian meal deal a go. We did admittedly want to get the £9 Indian box meal, which is similar to the Chinese box meal I reviewed several weeks ago, however they were all sold out, so we decided to go for this one instead.

    What do you get?

    2 mains

    2 sides

    We went for a chicken tikka masala curry, a chicken madras curry, 1 side of tarka dahl, and 1 side of Indian selections, which included onion bhajis, pakoras and samosas.

    We also decided to add some naan breads, mini popadoms and rice which I already had in the cupboard so this was obviously not included in the meal deal.

    How much does it cost?

    £10 available any day of the week.

    The result

    Our review, out of 5 stars.

    Tazmyn: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Me: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    (It was good, cheap, you got a lot for your money compared to what we’d have paid at an actual Indian restaurant, however, I’m super fussy and you can’t beat a real curry can you?)

    I hope you enjoyed this review lovelies! If you have tried or do try any of the M&S meal deals, do let me know, it’s our fave place to buy food! Always on the hunt for yummy things to try.

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    The Autumn Tag


    Thank you to the lovely Charleigh for tagging me in this, I have actually been nominated for this a few times but never for around to actually doing it. So here goes!

    1) What signifies the start of Autumn to you?

    colder mornings, darker nights, the crisp, smoky fresh air and the changing of leaves.

    2) Best way to spend a rainy day?

    In my pyjamas, under a blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies with my wife.

    3) Your most favourite Autumn memory?

    I got engaged on my favourite day of the year which is in fact in autumn. Bonfire night 2016. It is without a doubt my most favourite autumn memory.

    4) Favourite fall scent?

    Sweater weather candle by bath and body works.

    5) What are you most excited about this Autumn?

    I’m really looking forward to firework night next weekend, we’re going to a display at a really cute country pub and Tazmyns booked us a night away so it’ll be lovely.

    6) Favourite Autumn song?

    Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood.

    7) Favourite Autumn film?

    Really don’t have one, but we watched Mrs Doubtfire the other week after a roast on a Sunday and that was such a childhood classic of mine.

    8) What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall?

    I’m all about strictly come dancing.

    9) Favourite Autumn colour?


    10) Favourite fall fashion trend?

    Dressing gowns and fluffy socks.

    11) Your most loved outdoor Autumn activity?

    Autumn is the only time I like to go for walks.

    I Tag;

    (Sorry if any of you have done this already!

    Lisa | Oh Luna


    Beth | LipstickLashes&Life

    Kirsty Kinsella

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    Nia Skincare Review | Ad


    Recently I was kindly sent some goodies from Nia, the worldwide known skincare brand, to review on my blog. I’m so excited about this collab and can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts.

    NIA – Not Into Ageing.

    “A radically different collection of lifestyle infused skincare that counters the situational stressors that steal your natural glow” – Nia

    Available from:

    In store at Harvey Nichols or online.

    If you’re in the UK – you can purchase Nia skincare products here.

    So the first item I tried out was the Sunday Detox whipped clay peel-off mask. This is priced at £30 and comes in a light weight bottles with instructions of how to use on the back.

    Tazmyn and myself both tried this out, Tazmyn is majorly into clay masks, so she’s the expert more so than me. We quite liked the texture of this particular mask, as it does have that whipped feel to it and it’s very light as well. Most clay masks we have used previously have been a lot thicker in consistency so this was a lot thinner and possibly needed that bit more of it for full coverage when applied to the face. The one thing we didn’t like about the applying stage of this mask, was the smell. It was not a pleasant smell at all unfortunately, and as you can see from the ingredients above, it does contain lentil seed extract and clay as well as bamboo charcoal powder which was kind strong in smell. That aside though, it felt amazing once applied to the skin, really fresh, light and hydrating.

    We left it on our face for the recommended time of 10-15 minutes, and then gently peeled off the excess mask once it had set.

    Instantly both of our skin felt really soft and energised.

    We decided to both rate this clay mask out of 5 stars with 5 being the best. We based our views on texture, quality, results, packaging etc.

    Tazmyn: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Me: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    We both felt the only thing that could make this better would be the smell, I don’t think any of us particularly want to have something that doesn’t smell nice on our skin, however we would use this product again.

    I then went ahead and tried the Glow on Demand energising Illuminator, this is priced at £29 but currently on sale at £19.90. To be honest, I hadn’t really used any illuminating serums before so this was kind of new to me.

    On the packaging, it does say to use at any time of day or night, whenever your skin feels like it needs a boost, promising to rev up dull, lifeless skin. However, once I had applied it to my hand, I realised it’s probably not something I’d apply at night, and more so maybe before doing my make up as it’s quite dark in texture.

    I applied this to my face and instantly fell in love with it, I love the texture of it, how alive it made my skin feel and that it is slightly tinted which made my skin look really radiant.


    I’d absolutely give this product 5 out of 5 stars and I can’t wait to use it again as a base before applying my make up.

    I hope you enjoyed this review, as much as I enjoyed testing these products out.

    A huge thank you to Nia for working with me on this collaboration, I really appreciate being able to review these items on my blog.

    Have you used these products before? If so let me know what you thought below

    Days like these 🍂💛


    Spontaneous train journeys to hidden little villages in the heart of where we live, drinking tea and eating pasta, planning our future on park benches in late October. Today has been one of my favourite days, my darling.

    It might look like all we do is eat out, that’s because we do. And we love it.

    I fell in love with the White Company. I think I left a piece of my heart in there when we came out, I want everything.

    You, with your hard to forget eyes 💘

    Bedtime with our baby angel Gracie.

    Counting my blessings as always ✨🌷💛

    Hoping everyone is having a good week! Xxx