Day 21. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.


Happy Sunday 🌻☀️ The sun is shining and I’m feeling as fresh as a daisy this morning. Today we have Rory’s birthday party so expect lots of pictures throughout this post.. my uncles wife is also doing a Thai buffet, so I’ll take photos of the lovely dishes she makes too! We’re really lucky to have her make us different meals all of the time, as we’d never really tried Thai food before! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and the sun is shining wherever you are today!


So as always, my daily intake:

Breakfast – 169 Calories 🌸1 litre of strawberry water 💦🍓


Lunch – Rory’s birthday party 🎈🎁💕

My uncles wife made us the most amazing Thai food! We had Pad Thai and Papaya salad with sticky jasmine rice and grilled chicken 😍

Really no clue on how many calories were in this food but no oil was used so I’m pretty sure it was all very low calorie and we only had a taste of everything.

2 litres of water 💦💗


Dinner – We Just had a healthy ready meal from Marks & Spencer this evening as we were super tired once we were home from Rory’s birthday party! I chose this ham & mushroom tagliatelle at 375 Calories1 Litre of water


Lots of love,

Sinéad x



I don’t believe in love at first sight when it comes to people, because you can’t love someone without knowing them or what they’re about, at least that’s my opinion anyway. Love at first sight with pets though? Now that’s something I strongly believe in. Just one look, one cuddle, and you can be truly smitten with an animal and know they’re the missing piece. 

Meet Gracie.. 


I remember the night we got Gracie. We hadn’t long moved into our second home together, we both knew we wanted a kitten from the get go, I’d always grown up with tabbies so that’s what I had my heart set on. We drove to Kingston in Surrey to this ladies house to get Gracie, I think it was a Thursday evening, traffic was an absolute jokeeeee, what should have taken us 40 minutes maximum took us two and a half hours! My heart was racing and I was so scared the women we were getting her from would think we weren’t coming and give her to someone else! We got there, Tazmyn has barely unbuckled her seatbelt when I was grabbing the cat carrier from the backseat and running to this ladies front door. I don’t remember anything the women said to me once I was inside, all I remember is her passing me this 7 week and 4 day old BEAUTIFUL little kitten, she was so content in my hands, she had piercing eyes that were just staring up at me, and I knew right then, it was love and she was the one. The drive home was horrific, I’m not sure how first time mums feel on their drive home from the hospital with a newborn in the back, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I felt like. Gracie was crying non stop, she was so scared and I just wanted to cuddle her. Btw, we picked out the name Gracie before we got her, so we started calling her by her name straight away. It didn’t take her long to settle into life with us, the first couple of nights she slept in her cat box with a fluffy blanket, the door open so she could investigate as and when she wanted. She had no trouble finding her food and water bowls, and from the 7 week old kitten she was when we first got her, to the 18 month old sass queen that she is now, we have never experienced one accident with her. Not one. She was litter trained from the moment we had her, she was and still is the dream. In the early days we would spend our days with her asleep on our chest under a blanket like a little newborn baby, and the amount of toys we had for her, could have helped us open up our own toy shop! She didn’t take long to learn how to climb the stairs, and once she knew how to do that, we got her a pretty pink fluffy bed to sleep on outside our bedroom door. She’d go to sleep there every night when we went to bed, and in the morning she would come in to us. 

Fast forward 18 months, to the here and now.. she eats for England, she is THE most affectionate cat in the universe, loves a cuddle does my Gracie. Tazmyn and her are both the best of friends, she’ll go to her for a cuddle and me when she wants to be fed. She follows me everywhere I go, and she’s super independent and nosy, wanting to know what’s going on 24/7 and exploring new places all of the time. Quite a fan of bringing us gifts too but kindly leaves them on the doormat instead of inside the house, thanks Grace! 

We woke up yesterday morning to see that Gracie’s front right paw was 3 times the size as her left one. She didn’t seem herself, she wasn’t coming when we called her which is super unlike her, she was crying non stop, again she never cries, and she was licking her paw constantly too so we knew something was wrong. Me being me, the over dramatic worrier, was straight on the phone to the vets. They told me to bring her in straight away, especially as her breathing was super fast too, they said that indicated that she may be really distressed. So anyways, we got her to the vets, I spent what seemed like forever filling out forms, registering her to the vet practice, giving my name and contact details, it feels super cute seeing my name as her mummy on all her documents. We eventually get called in by the lovely vet named Scarlett, she did a full MOT on Gracie, turns out she has a huge abscess on her front right paw, possibly caused from a bite from another cat, Scarlett said if we had of left it and not brought her in to get checked, the abscess would likely burst and get worse so I’m super glad we took her in when we did. She gave her an anti biotic injection and gave us some to take home too, weighed her (apparently she’s at the high end for her age! She looks so small and petite to me so that was strange!) they flea and wormed her, microchipped her too as I’ve been wanting that done for ages. I love knowing that if something ever happened to her or she got lost, they’d be able to trace her back to me. I also booked her in for her injections for three months time, again something I should have probably had done by now! But when you have a pet and they seem so perfect to you, it’s easy to forget the things they actually need to get done. I did get her spayed as soon as she was old enough though! No kittens for little miss sass queen, she’s still only a baby at 18 months and I hated the thought of her so easily getting pregnant at such a young age, instead we can spoil her rotten and she loves it. Vet bills are atrocious though, they’re kinda sneaky the way they don’t tell you how much it’s going to cost you until AFTER they’ve done whatever they need to do, but it’s fine, even if it had cost me a million pounds I would have figured out a way of getting it. She’s my baby. Life since getting Gracie has been way better than life before her, she makes both of us so happy. She is our family. I also signed her up to the complete care plan package, which basically means I make a monthly payment and that covers her for flea and worm treatments throughout the year, a vet consultation free of charge every 6 months, discounts on lots of other products and procedures too, which in the long run will only benefit me so I’m feeling quite positive about that. After all, if you had a baby you’d make sure they saw a doctor every so often and kept healthy, so should be no different for your pets really. 

I’m sure this blog will see and hear a lot more of Gracie over the next 357 days, I hope everyone thinks she’s as cute as I do.