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My second biggest collaboration of 2018 and I am so eternally grateful for the opportunity to not only have collaborated but to also be an official ambassador for BeYou. My life has changed so much since starting this blog in such a short amount of time, but I think I’ll save all that for another post, let’s get back to this amazing collab!


So what’s BeYou?

In their own words:

a natural solution to help soothe period cramps! ‘Natural’ and ‘herbal’ aren’t just buzzwords to us; they’re at the core of our mission: to create science-backed, natural products for women everywhere. Scientists are increasingly finding inspiration by observing the wonders of mother nature. By correlating the physiological effects of different organic ingredients, you end up with products, which aren’t ‘only’ natural; but created and tested using rigorous scientific research. It’s the best of both worlds, letting you… BeYou.

BeYou Period Cramp Relief Patches are 100% natural, contain no chemicals, and work wonders for women during periods.

By relaxing the muscles it provides discreet and continuous relief from period pain caused by muscle cramps.

BeYou claim to:

🌻 be 100% natural

🌻 long lasting (up to 12 hours relief)

🌻 soothes & relieves period pain

🌻 be able to use anywhere!

My Review:

Okay so now that you know what BeYou actually is & how it works, I’m going to go ahead and give you my review. So firstly I’m going to start by saying, I have always suffered really really bad with my periods. I have PCOS which has been diagnosed for around 18 years now (I was so so young when they diagnosed me!) having said this, my periods have always been right on time. Never late. Always exactly on the same day each month and I never miss a period either so they’re super regular. I guess what I mean by having really bad periods, is in regards to the pain. It’s unbearable. I’m not one for taking tablets and never been a fan of them either tbh! I’ll only take pain relief tablets if I have no other choice, that’s why when BeYou got in touch with me, I couldn’t have been more happy! A 100% natural product, aimed to relief period pain for up to 12 hours. Exactly what I need!

So I decided to use these strips from BeYou for the duration of my period so that I could give you guys the best review based on my overall use rather than just from one time if that makes sense.

So appearance wise..

Okay so each sachet contains 5 strips. Each 5 pack sachet is priced at £6.99 which amounts to about £1.40 per sachet which I personally think is brilliant value for money! Considering the strips give you up to 12 hours pain relief. I really love the packaging the strips come in. The design is simple but bold. I like that the key points are listed on the packaging with everything that you need to know. When I opened up the sachet, I was instantly met with an AMAZING smell of menthol & eucalyptus which already is a calm and soothing scent. I applied one of the strips onto my lower stomach where my cramps were at the time. You can use these strips literally wherever you’re cramping, I know for me I sometimes get cramps on my side too, so you can totally apply the strip to wherever you need to! The strip was really easy to apply, and it’s really really sticky so once it’s on, it doesn’t come off easily which I also found a bonus! So many plaster type strips always come off easily, but I liked that this was firmly applied without the risk of coming off.

Once the strip was on, I felt a cooling sensation to the applied area, I guess this was the menthol in the ingredients. Within about 10 minutes it was working and gave me relief from my cramps! I was honestly so shocked at how fast it began to work! Usually if I’m forced to take paracetamols or pain relief type tablets, I’m waiting at least 30 minutes before they even begin to work. The same with a hot water bottle! So the fact these strips were working within 10 minutes literally amazed me! I kept the strip on all day under my clothes, and removed it in the evening. I did the same thing for the next couple of days each time I would begin to get a stomach cramp, and again, within 10 minutes the strips had began to work and I was relieved of all pain! Amazing.

I am 100% going to be using these from now on, each month whenever I get stomach cramps. I also feel like these strips would be super good for lower back pain too.

Out of 5 stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

(I couldn’t think of any fault what’s so ever!)

Okay so where can I buy these?

To browse the entire BeYou collection, shop their website here.

& to follow BeYou on Instagram, click here.

The guys over at BeYou have created a unique discount code for all of my wonderful readers, simply enter code: BUTTERFLIES20 at checkout to get your discount!


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found it helpful, especially if you suffer with bad period cramping each month like I do. This has without a doubt been one of my favourite collabs of 2018! And I’m super excited to continue using my strips each month, knowing I’ll have that instant relief from horrible pain!

Let me know how you get on with your BeYou strips, & or any questions you may have, leave a comment below ✨💖

Lots of love,

Mrs Chalke x

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(Review) Little Channels Bistro, Afternoon Tea 🍰🥂☕️🧁🥪💕✨


This post has been highly requested from my Instagram followers who have messaged me asking me to do a review, after seeing pictures of our afternoon tea last week for Josie’s gender reveal. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

Firstly I’m going to say that Tazmyn & I have never actually had an afternoon tea before prior to last week, neither of us are afternoon tea sorts of people, we’d much rather go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.. but that being said, we did think it would be a lovely thing to do for my friend to surprise her with the gender of her baby. We’ve been for hundreds of cream tea’s together and loved them.. so we definitely wanted to give afternoon tea a go. My mum and my sister have been for around 60 afternoon tea’s at posh hotels in London and country manors etc, it’s their hobby! So I had a rough idea of the sorts of places I wanted to book and look into.

Josie’s baby scan was in Essex, so I decided to look around the local area of where her scan was which was Shenfield, at where may be suitable to book for our afternoon tea. It’s here I came across Little Channels, and from their website and pictures, I instantly knew this was the perfect location and place for afternoon tea!

Located in a place called Little Waltham, just outside of Chelmsford in Essex, is Little Channels Estate, here is where you will find Little Channels Bistro, within the estate and golf course grounds. Driving up into the car park, it does look very plush and luxurious.. the car park is large, with lots of spaces, however the Bistro is not clearly sign posted so it took a little while for us to find it. Half of the building is used as a restaurant, and the other half is a bistro where you can have tea/coffee/lunch and afternoon tea. This is where I booked a table for.

Okay so there’s two types of afternoon tea available at Little Channelsa Traditional afternoon tea, priced at £14.95 per person.. and a Luxury afternoon tea priced at £19.95 per person. I decided to go for the traditional afternoon tea, as obviously my friend is pregnant so wouldn’t be drinking the alcohol, I’m not too fussed about alcohol and Tazmyn wasn’t either so we were happy with the traditional option. When I booked the table several weeks ago now, I did ask a few questions as to what would be provided on the day, as well as choosing my own sandwich fillings as I am quite fussy and didn’t want to leave it until the day and end up with something I didn’t like, I also didn’t want Josie or Tazmyn to get something they didn’t like either. The guy I spoke with on the phone was very friendly, he explained that because it’s December, the afternoon tea would be a little different as it would be Christmas themed. That sounded fine to me, I requested my sandwich fillings, which were bacon, brie and cranberry, egg and mayo, and cheese and chutney.

On arrival, we were shown to our table within the bistro. The waitress was friendly, she asked us if we would like tea or coffee while we waited for the actual afternoon tea to be served. She shortly after bought over the tea and coffee which I must say, was really good. Tazmyn had the coffee which she said tasted like a really strong good quality coffee, I had tea and it was amazing. I’m super fussy with tea! At 2pm the afternoon tea was served, and we absolutely loved the presentation!

Presented on a picnic bench/type tray, was the afternoon tea, enough for 3 people. This included finger sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, quiches, macaroons, cupcakes, fruit scones, cream & jam. As well as unlimited tea and coffee of course! Everything tasted lovely and we really enjoyed it, it left us feeling really really full which I think is always a bonus! – a few little critiques on my part, only because I am super fussy in general and I think my standards are exceptionally high. I would have liked to have been given more option of jam, as we were only presented with one kind which was apricot. I always like my scones with strawberry jam. I did ask to swap this and it was absolutely fine, so that was sorted straight away. I would have liked to have been given the option between plain scones and fruit scones, which we unfortunately weren’t given. When I did ask about this on the day, the staff simply told me they don’t have plain scones, which again was a little annoying but not the end of the world. Everything else was lovely and we enjoyed ourselves.

I think the best thing about this afternoon tea, in my opinion, was the location. Set on a golf course on a lovely private estate, just outside the hustle and bustle of busy Chelmsford, it’s quiet, peaceful, and makes you feel like you are somewhere very posh. I really liked that element. If we lived closer to Essex, we would definitely be regular customers to little channels, and also think this bistro barn, would be great for private functions, parties, engagements, etc! It was really cosy.

If you want to check out Little Channels, you can do so by clicking here.

Until next time,

Sinéad xx

Feeling festive


Fourth therapy session went really really well, I still don’t know if our therapist actually likes me, but regardless, she’s helping us and we’re thankful for that, I’m thankful for that. We had a Toby Carvery again, I just love it in there, it’s so Christmassy and warm and cosy. Although, the gravy let me down today. Hate when that happens. I think I’m 75% done with my Christmas shopping, I still feel massively behind compared to usual but presents are just presents at the end of the day, I’m more looking forward to creating memories together, another Christmas spent with the love of my life, that’s all that matters. We always make a huge thing of Christmas Eve, we have lunch somewhere fancy, go to the Christmas carol service at the church and then my mum gets a Chinese take away in, it’s like our family tradition, Chinese and love actually. I love that Tazmyn is part of that tradition now and together we both have our own too. Just us. We’re sending our Christmas cards out tomorrow, was meant to be Saturday but we didn’t have stamps, trust us! So they’ll be sent out first thing tomorrow morning, once they’re sent out I’ll do a blog post and show you all the ones we had made this year. It’s our first Christmas being married so obviously we had to be all American and get personalised Christmas cards with a photo of us on the front! I’m so excited for people to receive them. Literally everyone we know is getting one. Has to be done. We’re currently snuggled up on the sofa with candles lit, the Christmas tree looking pretty, drinking cups of tea and watching the Christmas special of Gavin & Stacey! It’s the best isn’t it? They seriously need to make another series, it’s been too long!

Hope everyone’s well and feeling festive!