Lidl Vs Aussie


We have all heard about the miracle that is AUSSIE haircare products, the sweet almost bubblegum smelling shampoo and conditioner that never fails to leave your hair smooth, silky and smelling gorgeous, but retailing at up to £6 a bottle depending on where you go, wouldn’t it be great to find something almost the same but just cheaper?

Say hello to Cien’s Mega Moisture range exclusive to Lidl. With its packaging almost exactly the same as Aussie – can this 99p a bottle dupe live up to everything that the Australian haircare brand promises if not more? I decided to test them out and share my review with you all here on my blog.

The Shampoo

Okay so texture wise, it’s slightly thinner than Aussie, scent – exactly the same as Aussie, possibly even more bubblegum scented, I couldn’t tell any differences at all regarding the actual shampooing of my hair, it lathered just the same as the Aussie one, and left my hair feeling silky smooth and not heavy or weighed down which I hate.

Overall rating out of 5: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Conditioner

Major disappointment with the conditioner unfortunately, firstly with the scent.. not sure quite what the smell was but it wasn’t sweet and it wasn’t at all resembling Aussie, it actually was a really unpleasant smell and not something I’d want to use on my hair. Texture wise, extremely runny in consistency, where as I always tend to go for a thicker based conditioner that really moisturises my hair, maybe more so like a mask.. this particular conditioner was so thin and watery that I needed to use loads of it to even be able to get a brush to go through it.

Overall rating out of 5: ⭐️ (sorry!) 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Our Sunday in Windsor 🏰🌷✨


I used to hate Sundays before I met Tazmyn, I mean like really hate them, but I’ve found they’re definitely more enjoyable if either A – there’s a roast dinner involved or B – we go out for the day and do something. Unfortunately there was no Sunday dinner for us today, but we did spend a few hours in Windsor which was really nice.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I absolutely love living where we do. I would never and will never want to live anywhere else. There’s links to so many places and so many things to do, it’s home of Windsor Castle, why on earth would I ever want to leave?

We couldn’t decide on lunch at pizza express or a pub today, settled for the pub because we have had a pizza express recently so fancied something different, plus we weren’t majorly hungry.

We had chicken wraps and chips at the King & Castle pub in Windsor, directly opposite Windsor Castle, it was super cheap too £6.50 including a drink so absolute bargain!

We did a bit of shopping afterwards too..

Lush heaven..

I had to be dragged out of River Island because I wanted to buy the contents of the shop. There’s like 3 bags I want, a pair of boots, a purse, perfume, not to mention the rest! I was just about to buy the perfume when Tazmyn told me not to. Turns out she bought it for me without me knowing, love her 😍

Paris by night from River Island literally smells insane, have you tried it? Even though Tazmyn got me one today, I’m going to ask for another for Christmas. Perfect stocking filler right? 🎁

We had coconut hot chocolates in the best place in all the universe, Pret obviously. If anyone is stuck what to get me for Christmas (you shouldn’t be because I’m the easiest person to buy for.. Pret gift cards will do!) ☕️🍂🌷✨

Once we were home, it was pjs on, candles burning, heating whacked up high, chorizo, tomato and garlic pasta bake in the oven & a night in front of the telly watching the Strictly and XFactor results! – little mix’s performance on the X factor though… 😮😮 aaamaazing!! I think I need to add tickets to their tour on my elfster wish list this year 🤣😭😩 love them.

What did your Sunday consist of? Let me know, I hope you all had a lovely day 🌷✨😘

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Review: Marks & Spencer £10 meal deal.


Its Saturday night, it’s Halloween night on Strictly, what better excuse is there to have a treat tea? We love our Saturdays, we always have something nice for dinner, whether that’s a take away or just something fancy from the shops. Tonight we decided to give the Marks & Spencer £10 Indian meal deal a go. We did admittedly want to get the £9 Indian box meal, which is similar to the Chinese box meal I reviewed several weeks ago, however they were all sold out, so we decided to go for this one instead.

What do you get?

2 mains

2 sides

We went for a chicken tikka masala curry, a chicken madras curry, 1 side of tarka dahl, and 1 side of Indian selections, which included onion bhajis, pakoras and samosas.

We also decided to add some naan breads, mini popadoms and rice which I already had in the cupboard so this was obviously not included in the meal deal.

How much does it cost?

£10 available any day of the week.

The result

Our review, out of 5 stars.

Tazmyn: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Me: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

(It was good, cheap, you got a lot for your money compared to what we’d have paid at an actual Indian restaurant, however, I’m super fussy and you can’t beat a real curry can you?)

I hope you enjoyed this review lovelies! If you have tried or do try any of the M&S meal deals, do let me know, it’s our fave place to buy food! Always on the hunt for yummy things to try.

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The Autumn Tag


Thank you to the lovely Charleigh for tagging me in this, I have actually been nominated for this a few times but never for around to actually doing it. So here goes!

1) What signifies the start of Autumn to you?

colder mornings, darker nights, the crisp, smoky fresh air and the changing of leaves.

2) Best way to spend a rainy day?

In my pyjamas, under a blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies with my wife.

3) Your most favourite Autumn memory?

I got engaged on my favourite day of the year which is in fact in autumn. Bonfire night 2016. It is without a doubt my most favourite autumn memory.

4) Favourite fall scent?

Sweater weather candle by bath and body works.

5) What are you most excited about this Autumn?

I’m really looking forward to firework night next weekend, we’re going to a display at a really cute country pub and Tazmyns booked us a night away so it’ll be lovely.

6) Favourite Autumn song?

Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood.

7) Favourite Autumn film?

Really don’t have one, but we watched Mrs Doubtfire the other week after a roast on a Sunday and that was such a childhood classic of mine.

8) What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall?

I’m all about strictly come dancing.

9) Favourite Autumn colour?


10) Favourite fall fashion trend?

Dressing gowns and fluffy socks.

11) Your most loved outdoor Autumn activity?

Autumn is the only time I like to go for walks.

I Tag;

(Sorry if any of you have done this already!

Lisa | Oh Luna


Beth | LipstickLashes&Life

Kirsty Kinsella

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Nia Skincare Review | Ad


Recently I was kindly sent some goodies from Nia, the worldwide known skincare brand, to review on my blog. I’m so excited about this collab and can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts.

NIA – Not Into Ageing.

“A radically different collection of lifestyle infused skincare that counters the situational stressors that steal your natural glow” – Nia

Available from:

In store at Harvey Nichols or online.

If you’re in the UK – you can purchase Nia skincare products here.

So the first item I tried out was the Sunday Detox whipped clay peel-off mask. This is priced at £30 and comes in a light weight bottles with instructions of how to use on the back.

Tazmyn and myself both tried this out, Tazmyn is majorly into clay masks, so she’s the expert more so than me. We quite liked the texture of this particular mask, as it does have that whipped feel to it and it’s very light as well. Most clay masks we have used previously have been a lot thicker in consistency so this was a lot thinner and possibly needed that bit more of it for full coverage when applied to the face. The one thing we didn’t like about the applying stage of this mask, was the smell. It was not a pleasant smell at all unfortunately, and as you can see from the ingredients above, it does contain lentil seed extract and clay as well as bamboo charcoal powder which was kind strong in smell. That aside though, it felt amazing once applied to the skin, really fresh, light and hydrating.

We left it on our face for the recommended time of 10-15 minutes, and then gently peeled off the excess mask once it had set.

Instantly both of our skin felt really soft and energised.

We decided to both rate this clay mask out of 5 stars with 5 being the best. We based our views on texture, quality, results, packaging etc.

Tazmyn: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Me: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We both felt the only thing that could make this better would be the smell, I don’t think any of us particularly want to have something that doesn’t smell nice on our skin, however we would use this product again.

I then went ahead and tried the Glow on Demand energising Illuminator, this is priced at £29 but currently on sale at £19.90. To be honest, I hadn’t really used any illuminating serums before so this was kind of new to me.

On the packaging, it does say to use at any time of day or night, whenever your skin feels like it needs a boost, promising to rev up dull, lifeless skin. However, once I had applied it to my hand, I realised it’s probably not something I’d apply at night, and more so maybe before doing my make up as it’s quite dark in texture.

I applied this to my face and instantly fell in love with it, I love the texture of it, how alive it made my skin feel and that it is slightly tinted which made my skin look really radiant.


I’d absolutely give this product 5 out of 5 stars and I can’t wait to use it again as a base before applying my make up.

I hope you enjoyed this review, as much as I enjoyed testing these products out.

A huge thank you to Nia for working with me on this collaboration, I really appreciate being able to review these items on my blog.

Have you used these products before? If so let me know what you thought below

Days like these 🍂💛


Spontaneous train journeys to hidden little villages in the heart of where we live, drinking tea and eating pasta, planning our future on park benches in late October. Today has been one of my favourite days, my darling.

It might look like all we do is eat out, that’s because we do. And we love it.

I fell in love with the White Company. I think I left a piece of my heart in there when we came out, I want everything.

You, with your hard to forget eyes 💘

Bedtime with our baby angel Gracie.

Counting my blessings as always ✨🌷💛

Hoping everyone is having a good week! Xxx

Halloween Haul


It’s more of a mini haul really because we haven’t gone overboard this year.. but who doesn’t love to decorate their house or room at any time of year?! So thought I’d share with you the bits and bobs we have got. It’s also my baby cousin Rory’s first Halloween in the UK since he was born in Thailand, so a lot of these bits are more so for him than us ☺️

Going to start with these super cute mini pumpkins. Adorable aren’t they? £1 each from Waitrose and I love that they have white ones too. Perfect if you’re doing a little Halloween display.

Halloween crackers! I absolutely had to get these because I thought they were super cute, especially for my little cousin too. £1 Poundland

Tealight holders – love them, and you can never have too many. £1 each from Poundland

How cool are these ghost shaped crumpets from Asda? Great if you have little ones and want to give them a spooky breakfast! £1 so really cheap.

Spooky giant marshmallows from Aldi, I think these were about 79p so really really cheap, and again brilliant if you’re entertaining or having a party this Halloween. My wife loves marshmallows, me not so much unless they’re in my hot chocolate!

Sweet/Candy bucket. I thought this would be cool to put on the table and fill with crackers etc. Again this was just £1 from Poundland.

Halloween cupcakes! Do I need a reason? £2 from Sainsbury’s, and these are definitely just for Tazmyn and I 😋

Don’t judge me!! But obviously when I saw this novelty pet Halloween dress up cape from Poundland, it had Gracie’s name all over it. She’s going to be our little pumpkin this year. £1 – you all need to get one of these for your little fur babies. As you can see, Gracie is modelling it in the picture for you all too 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🎃

Chocolate lollies! 10 of these in a pack for 99p from Aldi. I thought these were great to just put in bowls with other sweets as well.

Like I was going to leave bath and body works out? Don’t be silly. Bath and body works is my absolute favourite candle brand, and it annoys me so much when people say you can’t get hold of them in the UK – babes I’m born and bred from the UK and I’ve been buying them for 10 years. I get all mine from eBay, and I’ve never spent more than around £18-20 per candle, which in my eyes is very much worth it. This one is the updated version of sweater weather’ which is another must have from bath and body works. It smells amaaaaaaazing😍😍

& Finally, our little Halloween display in our bedroom.. the pumpkin fairy lights are about £1 from Poundland, I got them last year so thought I’d put them to use again, going to put some around the downstairs TV as well I think.. I still need to get some bunting and some more sweets, also some larger pumpkins for us to carve!

I hope you’ve enjoyed his haul, what are your Halloween plans? Do you decorate? What about dressing up? That’s not my scene, but I know lots of people dress up and attend parties etc at this time of year. As always, let me know💛