Cara’s Corner Creations


I’m a HUGE fan of small independent business’ and even more so if they’re for a good cause, which brings me to Cara!

I’ve followed Cara’s blog for a little while, she blogs about mental health and lifestyle and I’ve enjoyed all of her posts, so when I noticed she had started up her own little shop, I had to get involved. It stemmed from a passion to make things in her spare time for her family and her friends, and with the encouragement from them, Cara decided to put her creative side to use, and start an online store, selling the things she makes in the hopes they will make people smile and whilst doing so allowing her own mental health to improve by focusing on something so positive.

You can find Cara’s blog here and her selling page, hereplease do go and check her out! 💗

So whilst browsing the items Cara had made, a few things really stood out to me. I absolutely loved the fact that some of the proceeds of her items were being donated to either Mind Charity or Beat. Both of which are amazing charities that I fully support. If this wasn’t enough to instantly make me want to purchase something, the things she makes are just truly beautiful and so sweet. Things you perhaps may not have thought of yourself, but having seen them now think to yourself “wow this is such a thoughtful gift to either give someone or to simply keep for myself”. I especially liked the pocket sized self care cards so of course I bought them straight away.

Shipping was super fast! I think I received them within a couple of days, and once I opened them, they looked so cute, as well as being packaged so beautifully.

Inside the package you get a little business card from Cara, stating everything she blogs about, as well as all the places you can find her on the reverse side, links to her website, her twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course her Etsy store too!

You also receive a little thank you card letting you know what charity a proceed of the funds have been donated to which I think is a really lovely little touch.

And the self care cards!

So so beautiful. Each card contains a different message on, a small reminder of things you may need to hear every day. Whether it’s a reminder that self care isn’t selfish, or just to breathe, these little cards are perfect to keep on you at all times, and fit right inside of your purse! I can’t wait to carry mine around with me, and look at them whenever I need to. I think sometimes it’s so easy to forget to be kind to yourself, that it’s okay to take 5 minutes if you need to and that it’s okay to say no. These cards are so perfect for me, for anybody, no matter what job you do, where you are in the world, everyone needs a little reminder sometimes that they’re not as bad as they may feel they are. Nobody is perfect.

When I received these beautiful personalised cards from Cara, I went onto her Etsy store to see what other creations she had, and instantly fell in love with the Mental Health Recovery Stickers and the Feminist Stickers – these were both priced at £2 per pack and you get 10 in each pack, I love stickers, I think they’re brilliant and you can put them anywhere, whether it’s on stationary, in letters, cards, wherever! So I popped another order Cara’s way, and less than an hour later they were shipped!

How cute are they? I love what each sticker says! 🙂

Feminist stickers

Mental health recovery stickers

Thank you Cara not only for sending me these beautiful little creations of yours, but for donating some of the proceeds to charities that are in constant need of funding, for spreading kindness in the hopes it will brighten people’s day. I think everyone needs to stumble across your page like I did 💗

Sunshine Blogger Award


Oh my gosh, so I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Mary Beth. My blog is literally only 40 days old so I feel super honoured to have been nominated for this as I’m still finding my feet. Thank you!

Check out Mary Beth’s blog here; 💗

Here are the rules:

• Thank the blogger and link their blog in your post.

• Answer the 11 questions they asked.

• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

• List the rules and display the logo on the post.

1. What is your ideal vacation?

Literally anywhere the sun is! An all inclusive hotel with a beach close by. Turkey is my favourite holiday destination so far, so I’m going to say there!

2. Do you have your own writing space? Absolutely not. I’d love to have my own little cute room to write all my blogs in, but no unfortunately not! The majority of my blog posts are drafted on the sofa whilst drinking tea.

3. What is your all time favourite movie?

I have like 3, but I’ll say Pretty Woman because I think that’s my all time fave!

4. Who, or what, in the fictional world do you wish was real?

Not really a fictional kind of girl. I just wish Gemma Collins was my best friend.

5. What is the most important lesson you learned in school?

That if I was to ever have a daughter of my own, she wouldn’t be going to an all girls school like I did.

6. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I think when Twitter first came out and I instantly became hooked on it, it’s still my favourite social media platform now, it made me realise how much I like to express myself through words. I’d love to write a book.

7. Do you prefer beer, wine, or another drink?

Diet Coke. All day every day.

8. Is there a particular piece of art or literature that really inspires you?

Pretty much everything that comes out of Laura Jane Williams‘ mouth inspires me.

9. What is on your current playlist?

Carrie Underwood as always, Ariana Grande’s new album too but I always listen to Carrie Underwood when I’m blogging.

10. What advice would you give to new writers and bloggers?

Don’t try to find a niche to fit into. Write about what you’re passionate about, and that will become your niche.

11. What is your Hogwarts house?

Apologies, I am not a Harry Potter girl at all.

Now I am nominating the following bloggers for being amazing role models for me as a writer, for constantly giving encouragement to me as well as others, and just for being awesome!

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& here are your questions, bloggers!

1. What is your most favourite memory?

2. What are your blogging goals for the rest of the year?

3. Saturday night in, or Saturday night out?

4. What is a quote you live by?

5. A Song that describes you well?

6. Describe your blog in 3 words?

7. How do you relax?

8. What is your favourite season?

9. How old is your blog?

10. Name something on your bucket list?

11. Costa or Starbucks?

That’s everything, looking forward to reading these lovely ladies blog posts! Have a great day 😘🌿💗

Brain Dump #2


How dare radio 2 live at Hyde Park not advertise it more or promote it enough? Because I’d have been the first one to get tickets just so I could see Carrie Underwood live. She’s gonna go on maternity leave soon and then who’s to say she’ll ever come back to the UK to do a tour? And even if she does, she probably won’t even perform heartbeat or like I’ll never love you again by then because she’ll have another album to promote. So now on Sunday I’ll be watching the entire concert from the comfort of my own bed, probably have better seats at home than there anyway. Will there even be seats there? Maybe it’s a standing concert and lord knows that’s not my scene. Fuck what am I even on about, it’s Carrie Underwood, I’d stand on my hands if it meant seeing her live. Pfft. My almond milk body yoghurt from the body shop is running low and I’m trying to avoid making another order with our body shop consultant for the simple fact, we always order too much and we’re trying to save our pennies for spending money in Barcelona in a couple of weeks. I’m still not over the text messages between my dad and I almost 5 days ago now, although I’m satisfied that I had the last word. Always getting the last word. I find myself scrolling through his messages at least twice a day to remind myself of the bastard he really is. I don’t think I’ll hear from him again, I don’t think I’ll respond even if I do. 28 years is 28 years too many to deal with his bullshit. I think I want to write a book, I’d love to write a book. There’s words that have been left unspoken that are too painful to say aloud but I think I’d find some sort of peace in putting them to paper. I truly believe you can’t move on with anything in life until you learn to let go. Maybe I’ll see what this year of blogging consists of and then think about writing a book, I truly wouldn’t know where to start. Costa dropped their autumn menu today, nothing I like on it which upset me. When is the Christmas menu coming out? Or is this it? Bloody hope this isn’t it. I wish I liked dark chocolate but I can’t get the taste for it. We discovered Superdrug online do free home delivery if you have a points card, which I do, so today’s a good day. We shared a pizza again tonight, I swear we will turn into a thin base with extra jalapeños one day. Emmerdale was a let down, the Lachlan storyline is boring me to tears and I feel like I’ve been waiting half of my life for Matty and Victoria to get it on, which they almost did tonight. Why do they have to tease me like that? I bought new cleaning products today. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to clean my toilet.

Until tomorrow,

Things that piss me off.


So a while ago I did a post about all the things that make me happy. I think there’s even more things that piss me off, so where better to let it all out than here?

• Eating with your mouth open/Talking with a mouthful of food! – just whyyyyy? 🤦🏻‍♀️

• Queuing in shops or just anywhere.

• Being put on hold

• Waiting for food when I’m hungry

• The Welsh Accent

• Milky tea

• The Birmingham accent

• Burnt toast

• The taste of lemongrass

• Adverts on the telly

• Uber’s that don’t smell fresh

• Trying to get a doctors appointment

• 02 customer services

• The simpsons

• Paddy McGuinness

• A good candle burning out

• Busy supermarkets

• Half term

• Meatball marinara not being a sub of the day

• Chipped nails

• When a suntan fades

• People not covering their mouths when coughing or sneezing

• Bad manners

• Drunk people

• Paul O’Grady

• Smelly people on public transport

• Snoring

• Undercooked steak

• The German Language

• Junk mail

• Airports

• Train stations

• Wasps

• Robbie Williams

• Public toilets

• The name Kirsty

• Baked beans

• Dirty cutlery in restaurants

• Drinks without a straw

• Rebecca Ferguson

• When Diet Coke isn’t on offer

• Split ends

What pisses you off? I’d love to know x

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