Recipe: Pork Steaks With Sautéed Lentils.


I realised last night whilst scrolling through my camera roll that 95% of the content, okay maybe 99% is all of food! Food we have either eaten out, cooked ourselves or had someone else cook for us which got me thinking, maybe I should just be a food blogger! I mean, we are absolute self confessed foodies, we eat out at some of the most amazing places, but more importantly, we both love to cook. Tazmyn is definitely the more skilled cook out of the two of us, where as me, I’m just a mess in the kitchen and my timings are really bad! That being said, I’d love to learn and I’d love to cook more, I’d love us to cook together more and I’d love to try new foods. So to add to my ever growing list of New Years resolutions, or should I say, things I want to do more of in 2019, is to cook more, enjoy food more and to document it more!

I invested in some foodie magazines today and whilst flicking through, I came across a recipe I really wanted to try so just like that, we found ourselves in Waitrose buying ingredients and indulging in our most favourite thing about Waitrose, the free coffee of course!

Pork steaks with sautéed lentils.

I did think about writing out the complete recipe but it’s right there in the magazine, so hopefully you can see it clearly should you wish to give this recipe a go yourself!

It was relatively easy to cook, I think the most time consuming part was the prep! Cutting the garlic, slicing the asparagus, getting the pork steaks in half, and chopping the onion (I cheated and bought it already chopped for me!) But overall, we loved this recipe and would definitely eat it again! You can also use chicken breasts instead of pork steaks if you’d prefer which we may do next time!

Out of 5 stars? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ And a half!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m excited to experiment more in the kitchen and try new things!

Lots of love,

Sinéad xxx

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Days like these 🍂💛


Spontaneous train journeys to hidden little villages in the heart of where we live, drinking tea and eating pasta, planning our future on park benches in late October. Today has been one of my favourite days, my darling.

It might look like all we do is eat out, that’s because we do. And we love it.

I fell in love with the White Company. I think I left a piece of my heart in there when we came out, I want everything.

You, with your hard to forget eyes 💘

Bedtime with our baby angel Gracie.

Counting my blessings as always ✨🌷💛

Hoping everyone is having a good week! Xxx

Pizza Party


yep what it says on the tin. Yesterday was literally like the hottest day ever, 32 degrees I think it got to here.. and what do we decide to do? Only the bloody food shop. Note to self: never do the food shopping or any kind of shopping in these temperatures ever again. It was disgusting and I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Last night we made homemade pizzas in the Chalke household.. not something we do very often to be honest, not sure why because it was like the best meal ever. Tazmyn over did hers with the oregano in typical Tazmyn fashion, I opted for all the chorizo and chillies because I’m Italian and there’s no such thing as too much flavour. I’m liking this cooking together malarkey, what’s better than cooking with your wife? Do you cook with your significant other? If so what’s your favourite thing to cook together? 

2E86B0C2-E1BA-44A2-8410-1EC34A78E14CTazmyns Pizza.

91751167-9722-4364-AC30-6EEAF21E2A06.jpegMy pizza.