Holiday dreaming


Sunday night dreaming about our summer holiday 2019! 🐚☀️ We are off to Turkey in June for two weeks! We visited Turkey last June with my mum and loved it so much we quite literally booked up to go again as soon as we got home, only this year we are going for two weeks instead of just the one. I don’t know about you, but I feel like one week isn’t enough! Two weeks feels like a proper holiday in my opinion, and a real chance to tan! I’m really excited to blog during this holiday & to document all of our wonderful holiday memories!

Have you got your summer holiday booked yet? If so, where are you off to?

I thought I’d write a little list of why I love Turkey so much and what were the reasons that made us want to return, so that for those of you who may not have visited before, may decide it’s the place for you! 💗


🌾🐚 The airport is small.

– Okay, I don’t know about you, but I can’t be dealing with all those Spanish airports that are quite literally like a maze and take 3 hours to find the exit sign after you’re through baggage claims! Turkeys Antalya airport is TINY which ultimately means it takes super super speedy time to grab your bags and head out the doors to find your private transfers to the hotel. This was a huge factor for me because I hate airports at the best of times but really liked the one in Antalya.

🌾🐚 It’s always HOT

– So, this may not be ideal for everyone and I’m totally aware of that, but for me personally, I’m a lover of the sun and HOT climates so Turkey is ideal for me. Last year we visited in early June and some days the temperature rocketed to 38 degrees. I was in my element. Lounging by a pool drinking frozen cocktails, how could you not love it? Turkey is guaranteed hot weather all year round so it’s the place to be if you’re looking for that D x

🌾🐚 Its CHEAP

– Turkey is sooooo cheap! I hate the people that slag off Turkey and say it’s only cheap because nobody wants to go there due to the terror attacks etc, NOT true. Yes Turkey is cheap but not because nobody wants to go there, far from it, everyone wants to go there! We booked our holiday through Thomas Cook and managed to get a really really good deal, you can find even cheaper package holidays through online companies such as Travel Supemarket and On the beach which we have used in the past and are really good! Once you’re actually out in Turkey, everything is really cheap too. For example in our hotel we had a spa which did package deals where you got a full body massage, a traditional Turkish spa, and a facial for less that £30 English pounds! We were in the spa for a good few hours too and thought it was amazing! So so worth it. Perfume, watches, handbags, everything you can think of, designer labels, everything is super cheap!

🌾🐚 The people are so friendly

– Again, before we went to Turkey last year, everyone tried to warn us of dodgy people approaching us and telling us what they can be like.. but we didn’t experience anything like that at all! We stayed in a 5 star resort (we’re going to the same one this year!) and everyone, staff and guests were all so polite and friendly.

🌾🐚 The beaches are STUNNING

-They really are. I’ve never seen beaches prettier than the ones in Turkey. So clean too!Made you want to visit yet?

Sending love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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Trip advisor queen 🐝👸🏻


I leave reviews on trip advisor WHEREVER we go. Whether it’s a cafe or a hotel, I always review the shit out of them because you can’t beat an honest review really can you? The one I left for our hotel in Turkey in June has had come with benefits, we’re going back there next year and it’s cost us nothing. We have had meals in restaurants for free due to me reviewing them, but on the down side.. not all of these reviews are good. And there’s no point in pretending they are because what good is that going to do anybody who reads it?

I’m honest. Sometimes I’m too honest. But just like I praise something if I enjoy it, I’ll criticise it if I don’t and hopefully others can learn from my experience and make their own judgement after reading my thoughts.

I asked my followers on Instagram whether or not I should post on here my recent trip advisor review for the hotel we stayed in, in Barcelona and this is what they said..

Here’s my trip advisor review for our hotel in Barcelona, submitted on Thursday

My wife and I recently got married and decided to be spontaneous and book a “mystery holiday” through sunshine holidays. We were guaranteed a 4 star hotel but had no idea where exactly we would be staying until two days prior to our flight. When we finally got the email to say we would be staying at the Pineda palace, I’ll be honest I wasn’t impressed. The reviews were pretty much all crap and the photos showed an old fashioned run down hotel which isn’t my cup of tea at all. After 45 minutes on the phone to sunshine holidays trying to change the hotel, and getting nowhere as it was too close to the departure date, we were left with no choice but to make the best of it and see it as an adventure. The shuttle bus from Barcelona airport to the hotel was absolutely horrific, from speaking to other people on our bus/coach who had holidayed in Barcelona before, we now know that all shuttle busses from the airport to hotels are known to take a long time. We sat on the coach for about 30 minutes before the driver decided to put his foot down, then he took us to terminal 1 to pick up even more passengers even though there was barely any room left on the coach! 1 hour and 45 minutes later we arrived at Pineda Palace, tired, hot and ready to sleep. The front of the hotel is facing a railway track and behind that is the beach which admittedly is beautiful. The actual enterance of the hotel is underwhelming and reminded me of faulty towers! The guy who checked us in was tall, grey and with a receding hairline.. I think he may have been French but I’m not certain. Anyway, he’d obviously been on a long shift because his mouth was incredibly dry and this breath smelt so bad, bless his heart though he was pleasant enough and even gave us a sea view room which apparently is an additional €35 a night!! We were in room 527 on the fifth floor, right by the lift and our view was incredible. The room itself was 1960’s decor and not been updated since. The beds were two singles pushed together and I think my back needs 6 months of physio now after 4 nights of sleeping on it. The bathroom was ok, again old fashioned but the shower was good and really powerful. The TV was a nice size and on the wall but we couldn’t get any English channels which was annoying! WiFi was €10 euros per person for 3 days which I actually thought was quite a lot but there you go, we still paid it because I wasn’t about to be without Instagram for 4 days. The restaurant in the hotel is probably the worst restaurant in any hotel I have ever stayed in (I’ve been to all the Canary Islands, Italy, Tunisia, Ibiza, Turkey, etc) but this restaurant is the equivalent of what I imagine retirement home meals to be like. Nothing is warm, everything is tasteless and boring. I had pasta at every meal but even that was ringing in water because apparently this hotel don’t believe in draining their pasta before shoving it on your plate! My wife had chips and bread at every single meal because the sight of everything else turned her stomach. The Italian themed night was the best, the risotto was edible and we had seconds but everything else was gross. Breakfast was an absolute car crash, the eggs looked like they should still be in the chicken!! I had pancakes most mornings but they tasted like rubber and I couldn’t wash away the taste with the orange juice because that tasted like rats piss so I spent all of my money in the vending machine situated in reception on cans of sprite and bars of kinder bueno, 4 days in and I think I am turning into a kinder bueno so it’s probably just as well we fly home later today. The swimming pool situated on the rooftop on the top floor of the hotel has some pretty views, but the swimming pool itself is smaller than one you could get in your back garden. We didn’t go in the pool once where usually every holiday we go on we spend all day lounging by the pool and swimming. It just wasn’t appealing here. There’s some nice seating next to the bar on the rooftop which we sat at occasionally with a drink only because there was nothing else to do. If you cross the road from the hotel and walk under the subway you will come out directly on the beach and you’ll see the beach bar called Molokos. Definitely worth giving this a go, we went a few times, the seating, cocktails and atmosphere is great and it’s right on the beach so you’ve got a beautiful view. The strawberry daiquiris are amazing and come frozen in a huge glass. We had lunch here one day too, I had tagliatelle carbonara which was €7 and really nice. On our final night we decided to walk left of the hotel down to a pizza place and had dinner. Worst pizza I have ever had in my lifetime! It tasted like charcoal and I dunno what cheese was used on it but it wasn’t mozeralla that I’m certain of. The tiramisu came out of a packet and they charged €5 for that so yeah I would advise you stay well clear of that place. There’s a little train stop opposite the hotel which you can catch once an hour for €3 that takes you into the little town of Calella. We did this and enjoyed it. Calella is okay, it has lots of shops and bars and restaurants so if you fancied a day out you should do this. I’d say that and the beach bar were the best things about this mini break away. I don’t think we will visit Barcelona again, especially not this area and absolutely not this hotel. I am so confused how it’s gained a 4star superior rating, I wouldn’t even give it 2 stars. It’s full of old people who are aged 65 plus and have walking sticks or zimma frames.. it’s all inclusive but you don’t get given a wrist band like in most all inclusive hotels, instead they give you about 5 plastic cards and you have to hand these cards into the bar each time you want a drink. They keep hold of the cards until you return the glass back and want another. The system they are using is soooo strange and seems very bizarre to me. This was meant to be our honeymoon break away, I feel like I need to check into the priory now.