Day 34. Seek, Flourish, Bloom. 🌸


Quote of the day:

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”


Good morning everyone! How are you all? It’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining, what more could you ask for?! ☀️ We’re catching up with housework and laundry this morning & then going to have a mooch about the shops this afternoon. I can’t wait until it gets warm enough to start eating breakfast and dinner outside and hanging clothes out to dry. The smell of fresh laundry drying in the sun is my favourite.


Saturdays food diary:

Breakfast – 200 Calories 💕1 Litre of water


Lunch – 204 Calories 1 Litre of water


Dinner – You already know what it is by now, our weekly Saturday night treat of homemade chicken kebabs! I look forward to these so much. 389 Calories 💓__________

Total calorie intake: 793 Calories 💗


Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Day 32. Chase your purpose & success will follow.


Quote of the day:

” Direction is so much more important than speed. Some are going nowhere fast”


Good morning! How are you today? Tazmyn told me yesterday that one of my tops now looks like a dress on me, so I think that’s indication I’m going in the right direction and losing weight! I can’t wait until our next weigh in, it feels like ages away but I know it’ll come around before I know it! We started our morning by listening to some Ariana Grande today & doing two loads of laundry. Is there anything better than an empty laundry basket though?! I’ve gained quite a few more Instagram followers recently, so if you want to keep up with what I eat/do each day, definitely pop me a follow on there and I’ll follow back! Between this, insta and Pinterest, there’s no way I will fall off track, I find them all such good sources of inspiration! What inspires you?

Thursdays food diary:


Breakfast – 200 Calories 🌸 what do you have on your porridge? We find granola sprinkled on top gives it a really nutty texture and makes it a lot more filling. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. 1.5 litres of water 💦


Lunch – Today we had our first lunch out in 5 weeks! To us that’s definitely a huge thing! We used to go out for lunch at least twice a week so today it felt like a real treat. We went for a healthy option though, jacket potato and chilli which was 476 Calories1 litre of water


We spent the afternoon shopping in Bracknell. 5 weeks ago, we’d have gone to Bracknell for a Zizzi lunch which consisted of a whole American hot pizza each followed by pudding. We’d skim primark for 10 minutes and that would be it, we’d be too tired and feel sluggish so didn’t look in any shops! Now though, we have so much energy and we looked in so many shops! I even treated myself to some new sunglasses in River Island for our holiday in June! We’re definitely loving this new burst of energy we both have and can’t wait for many many more shopping trips in the future! 💓


Dinner – I just made us some scrambled eggs on toast for dinner this evening to fill us up, which was 262 Calories – that includes two slices of whole meal toast. 1 litre of water 🌸


Total daily calorie intake: 938 Calories


Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Day 27. Choose to be optimistic, it feels better 🌸


I can’t remember the last time we had a duvet day. We’re always so busy and our days are pretty much filled up each week, but today we’re having a much needed day on the sofa. I’m currently dying from stomach cramps, I feel so rubbish, so we’ve bought the duvet down to the sofa and planning on staying in our pyjamas all day! Hopefully I’ll be feeling a little better tomorrow as we are planning a day in Windsor shopping, and a walk along the river. My mums doing Sunday dinner too which is always a good thing in my eyes! What are your plans this weekend? ✨


As always, my daily food diary:

Breakfast – porridge, frozen raspberries and chia seeds – 200 Calories 💕2 Litres of water


Lunch – Slimfast chunky chocolate shake at 204 calories, and a little bag of sweet & salty popcorn at 68 Calories 💛1 litre of water 💦


Dinner – I dragged my lazy bum off the sofa and made us our weekly Saturday night treat of homemade chicken kebabs & salad! This was actually Tazmyns meal she cooked but according to her, I make better chicken so we’ve switched job roles 🤣💓 This is one of our absolute favourite meals though, we used to be spending so much money on ordering kebab takeaways and this is a cheaper, healthier and actually better alternative! – 389 Calories

Pudding – Strawberry jelly (sugar free) – 10 cals


Total daily intake – 871 Calories

Also, just wanted to add.. a few people have asked me how I’m “surviving on 1,000 calories or a little less per day.. the answer is really simple, it’s easy! I have huge dinners in the evening, we never go for the boring option, we’re always mixing up our meals and trying new things. Breakfasts are getting a little repetitive but porridge is super filling and keeps me full until lunch! The only reason I CHOOSE to have a slimfast shake at lunchtime is because I like restricting myself a little bit. It’s for personal reasons, and wouldn’t work for everyone but I love having a shake at lunch, it’s more than enough for me. Coffees and hot drinks also help keep me full and I also drink at least 3 litres of water a day which again, fills me up so I’m never hungry. Calorie counting is working for me but like I say, I think it’s all about finding something that works for you and your lifestyle and something that you can do long term rather than a quick fix. We love mealplanning at the weekend and thinking of new recipes! Food = love in my opinion, and just because we’re healthy eating now, doesn’t mean we don’t love eating together. We do, but there’s just more salads now! 💁🏻‍♀️

Lots of loveeee,

Sinéad x

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Day 19. We are the directors of our own mindset.


Hello day 19, how is everybody today? A few people have asked me what differences am I seeing within myself since eating healthier.. well, the answer is quite literally loads. We’re only 19 days in, and completely unaware of how much weight we’ve lost since we aren’t weighing in until the 25th march as that will be our monthly weigh in, so we can only really go off how we physically feel within ourselves. For me, a couple of my tops are super loose on me, my wedding ring literally falls off (not so good!)! I’m finding myself having a lot more energy, and the lower back ache I’d been struggling with for a couple of months, has now gone. Eating healthier and changing habits you’ve had of a lifetime really benefits every aspect of your life! 🌸

Also I want to say a massive happy birthday to our little darling Rory who’s 2 today! 🎁🎈He’s bought so much love and laughter into all of our lives, we have loved watching him grow and we can’t wait to celebrate with him at his birthday party on Sunday!


Daily Intake:

Breakfast – 200 Calories 💕

1.5 litres of water


Lunch – Café latte shake – 204 Calories

1 litre of water 💦


Dinner – Homemade chilli con carne, baked potato and huge subway style salad! (I’ll never get bored of this meal!) – 410 Calories 💛

No pudding today!

Daily calorie intake – 814 Calories 💕

Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Tom Kerridge’s Sticky Pork Chops.


I have the best wife. One of her many, many talents is her ability to cook, and the fact she really enjoys it too makes it even better! Tonight she made the sticky pork chop recipe from our beloved Tom Kerridge Cookbook! It’s a low calorie meal and there’s not an overwhelming amount of ingredients that are needed which is always a bonus!

Okay so this recipe serves: 2 people

Calories: 420 per serving.


Pork chops/pork steaks (with all fat removed)

Olive oil spray (we actually use fry light!)

For the marinade sauce:

4 tsp tomato ketchup

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp English mustard

1 tsp cayenne pepper

For the slaw

100g red cabbage shredded (we couldn’t find fresh red cabbage anywhere so settled for carrot!)

100g white cabbage shredded

1 tsp white wine vinegar

2 tsp Greek yoghurt (0% fat)


1. Heat the oven to 240°C/Gas Mark 9. Line an oven tray with baking parchment.

2. Season the pork chops on both sides with salt & pepper. Heat a griddle pan over a high heat. Spray both sides of the chops with the oil spray (fry light). When the griddle pan is smoking hot, add the chops and cook for two minutes on each side or until well charred. Set aside on the lined oven tray.

3. For the marinade sauce, mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.

4. Coat the chops in the sauce, on both sides. Cook on the top shelf of the oven for 10 minutes or until cooked through.

5. Meanwhile, mix together all the ingredients for the slaw and season with salt & pepper.

6. Remove the chops from the oven, serve with the crunchy slaw.

We actually had homemade potato wedges with ours! Tazmyn is a pro at making chips and wedges, they’re super yummy and slimming world friendly too, if you’re on slimming world that is! (I know a lot of my readers are!) 💗

Dinner was delicious! I’m a lucky girl having a wife who is so good in the kitchen that’s for sure!

What did you have? I can’t believe it’s almost Friday. This week has flown by, probably because of how super busy we’ve been!

Sending love, as always

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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Tom Kerridge Pea & Ham pasta. (We used pancetta!)


I’m going to be super lazy with this post and literally just attach photos of the actual book and the recipes for you instead of writing them out word by word, but you still kinda get the drift! I cook all the pasta in our household and I must say, this recipe was seriously seriously easy! Anybody could make it and it’s really quick too! A few of the ingredients we didn’t use, for example anchovies.. neither of us like those so we left them out! And instead of ham we used M&S pancetta. But yeah overall this is super easy and yummy!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of garlic, onions and pancetta cooking away is there?

I also found it super weird how the recipe tells you to add the frozen peas into the boiling pasta once cooked! Something I’d never actually done before but totally makes sense now.

We served ours with some rocket, grated Parmesan cheese, and garlic bread too of course!

Rating out of 5 stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let me know if you enjoyed this recipe and if you think you’d give it a go yourself! If you like carbonara type dishes, you’ll love this!

Sending love as always,

Mrs Chalke x x

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Recipe: Tom Kerridge Chicken Satay with cucumber salad.


Tonight we attempted the first recipe from our Tom Kerridge cookbook and decided to give the satay chicken a go with cucumber salad.

Okay so this recipe serves: 2 people

Calories: 235 per serving


2 chicken breasts

For the marinade:

15g galgangal root finely chopped

2 lemongrass stems finely sliced

1tsp light soy sauce

1tsp fish sauce

2cm piece of fresh turmeric root chopped

1 long red chilli sliced

1 shallot chopped

Juice from 1 lime

For the satay sauce:

1 tsp crunchy peanut butter

1 tsp boiling water

1 tsp Sriracha hot sauce

1 tsp agave

1 tsp light soy sauce

To serve:

120g cucumber, diced


1. For the marinade, blitz all the ingredients together in a small food processor until smooth.

2. Line a baking tray with baking parchment. Slash the breast of the chicken and place on the lined tray. Spread the marinade over both sides of the chicken and rub into the slashes. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight.

3. When you’re ready to cook the chicken, preheat the oven to fan 100°C/. Cook the chicken on the middle shelf for 1 hour, then remove. Increase the oven temperature to 220°C.

4. When the oven is hot, roast the chicken on the top shelf for 30 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from the oven and wave a cooks blowtorch over the surface until charred and blackened in places. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

5. Meanwhile, put the ingredients for the satay sauce in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally, then take off the heat.

6. Serve with the crunchy cucumber salad and satay sauce alongside.

We obviously didn’t use a blowtorch (who even has one of them?!) but apart from that, this recipe was super quick and easy to make once the marinade was done. We served ours with some fluffy jasmine rice on the side and some toasted pita breads too so the calories would have been more than what the recipe states.

Out of 5 stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (didn’t like the peanut sauce, tasted just like peanut butter and possibly needed a bit more of a spicy kick to it!)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Let me know if you decide to give it a go. We’re excited to try lots more recipes from the book!

Lots of love,

Sinéad xxx

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