Day 27. Choose to be optimistic, it feels better 🌸


I can’t remember the last time we had a duvet day. We’re always so busy and our days are pretty much filled up each week, but today we’re having a much needed day on the sofa. I’m currently dying from stomach cramps, I feel so rubbish, so we’ve bought the duvet down to the sofa and planning on staying in our pyjamas all day! Hopefully I’ll be feeling a little better tomorrow as we are planning a day in Windsor shopping, and a walk along the river. My mums doing Sunday dinner too which is always a good thing in my eyes! What are your plans this weekend? ✨


As always, my daily food diary:

Breakfast – porridge, frozen raspberries and chia seeds – 200 Calories 💕2 Litres of water


Lunch – Slimfast chunky chocolate shake at 204 calories, and a little bag of sweet & salty popcorn at 68 Calories 💛1 litre of water 💦


Dinner – I dragged my lazy bum off the sofa and made us our weekly Saturday night treat of homemade chicken kebabs & salad! This was actually Tazmyns meal she cooked but according to her, I make better chicken so we’ve switched job roles 🤣💓 This is one of our absolute favourite meals though, we used to be spending so much money on ordering kebab takeaways and this is a cheaper, healthier and actually better alternative! – 389 Calories

Pudding – Strawberry jelly (sugar free) – 10 cals


Total daily intake – 871 Calories

Also, just wanted to add.. a few people have asked me how I’m “surviving on 1,000 calories or a little less per day.. the answer is really simple, it’s easy! I have huge dinners in the evening, we never go for the boring option, we’re always mixing up our meals and trying new things. Breakfasts are getting a little repetitive but porridge is super filling and keeps me full until lunch! The only reason I CHOOSE to have a slimfast shake at lunchtime is because I like restricting myself a little bit. It’s for personal reasons, and wouldn’t work for everyone but I love having a shake at lunch, it’s more than enough for me. Coffees and hot drinks also help keep me full and I also drink at least 3 litres of water a day which again, fills me up so I’m never hungry. Calorie counting is working for me but like I say, I think it’s all about finding something that works for you and your lifestyle and something that you can do long term rather than a quick fix. We love mealplanning at the weekend and thinking of new recipes! Food = love in my opinion, and just because we’re healthy eating now, doesn’t mean we don’t love eating together. We do, but there’s just more salads now! 💁🏻‍♀️

Lots of loveeee,

Sinéad x

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Review: Wildwood | Ad.


Situated on Richmond Hill in Bournemouth, where all the shops, clubs, bars and restaurants are, is the stylish, modern restaurant that is Wildwood. The restaurant serves a range of European and international favourites as well as menu’s for children.

The general atmosphere of the restaurant is stylish, modern, sophisticated and classy, but comfortable and relaxed too. We visited on a Monday evening, where you may think would be one of the quieter evenings, however, every table was full. The layout of the restaurant is comprised of two floors, the bar being situated on the ground floor. Seating on both floors.

The menu’s are varied but not too overwhelming, which I found a bonus. I don’t like too many options, but that’s just my personal preference. The drinks menu contained different types of lemonade, such as raspberry, passion fruit and mint, which I thought was quite unique and seemed to be quite popular. I ordered a raspberry one myself, Tazmyn went for mint. Both were lovely.

The staff were attentive throughout out meal, and service was good considering how busy they were, I can imagine at a weekend it would be a lot busier though, so would suggest booking a table if you were thinking about dining at any of the wildwood locations then.

For starters, we both decided to try the garlic & chilli tiger prawns on a bed of sourdough bread, I think we went for this starter simply because my mum makes the most amazing garlic and chilli prawns so we assumed they’d be similar tasting, we don’t usually order prawns when in a restaurant though. I’m going to be honest because I don’t want to give my readers a false review, to our personal taste, we really didn’t like these. Tazmyn took one mouthful and said she couldn’t eat anymore, I tried a few mouthfuls but again, couldn’t finish them. They tasted really weird, I’m not sure if they were as fresh as they seemed or whether they just weren’t seasoned enough for us, but either way we kindly told the manager we didn’t like them and apologised (not that it was our fault!) – I’m quite set on how I expect management to treat customers, I think this is because I’ve been to many restaurants and establishments and met some first class staff members, so I don’t see any reason why the level of service should be any less depending on where you go. Unfortunately the manager at this particular Wildwood restaurant, wasn’t very polite, and snapped at us when we said unfortunately we didn’t like the prawns. Her response was “well I’ve tasted them myself and they’re fine” – I didn’t want to get into an argument or disagreement with her because after all, this was a free meal which I was and am eternally grateful for, but I’m also not going to pretend I like something when I don’t.

Anyway, mains came.. and they were better.

Tazmyn went for the wild mushroom risotto, which came with chicken in, even though on the menu it states it is a vegetarian dish and no meat was included in it. When Tazmyn said to the waitress she thought it came with no chicken in, the manager then yelled from the other side of the bar “well are you vegetarian?” Again, I didn’t really think this was professional, and whether you are vegetarian or not, if something says it does not include meat, it shouldn’t include meat lol. Anyway, trying not to be difficult, Tazmyn ate it regardless and said it was lovely, full of flavour.

I had peri peri spicy chicken pasta. I’m Italian, so generally I’m fussy when it comes to pasta, and I am yet to find a better pasta dish than one from my favourite restaurant of all time which is Zizzi, and this wasn’t about to be a contender unfortunately. The actual sauce was nice, and it was spicy, but there was far too much cream in it for me, and I didn’t like the chicken which was thinly sliced like the type you get in a plastic packet in Tesco. It just wasn’t for me, but I ate it regardless. I just wouldn’t order it again.

Dessert – unfortunately, the dessert menu lacks much imagination and there wasn’t anything that actually stood out to me. I would have been happy not having dessert (which is super unlike me) but Tazmyn wanted one so we both had a sundae.

So, Tazmyn went for the chocolate baileys sundae, which contained Oreo biscuits and just all the chocolate basically. She actually said this was one of her best desserts ever. So she thoroughly enjoyed it and would have it again, presentation wise I think it looks okay, but it is priced on the menu at £6 and I’m not sure if it justifies that in my personal opinion. I went for the Eton mess sundae, and again I’m going to be honest because that’s only fair really, I was horrified at its presentation. Again, priced at £6 I just expected presentation to look a bit better than this, because if you compare the presentation of the desserts to the general style and decor of the restaurant, they don’t really add up in my eyes. I’ve had sundae’s at gala and mecca bingo which range in price from about £1.70 which look the exact same as this sundae from Wildwood. I had two spoonfuls and left the rest, it just tasted really cheap and bland. I think if I could suggest anything, I’d possibly keep sundae’s to maybe the children’s menu but eliminate them from the main menu, as they just aren’t very sophisticated in my opinion, and they’re quite dated as well.

I feel terrible being so negative about a free collab with a restaurant that reached out to me and invited me to try their menu, but at the same time, if I lied and said everything was perfect, the companies I really do think are perfect aren’t given the true recognition they deserve and I don’t want to fill people’s minds with false impressions. My review has been nothing but honest, and are only my opinions.

Thank you so much to Wildwood for this opportunity, I’m honoured to have been able to review your restaurant at the Bournemouth location, and i am confident, had we ordered maybe something else from the menu, we would have had different opinions, but all I can talk about is what we actually ate. If you have a Wildwood near you, do check them out, I’d love to know what your experience with them was like, what did you order? Send me pictures and let me know about your visit.

Bournemouth, day 2 in pictures.


Harvester breakfast 😍

Boscombe is so pretty 🌊🐚💛

The selfie wall on Bournemouth pier.

She always drags me on any car racing games in the arcades, and obviously she always wins.


My review of Wildwood restaurant will be live on the blog tomorrow ✨

Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life.


So just browsing through Netflix like I do from time to time.. and CHRIS BROWN comes up! Like what the hell? When? How did I not know about this? A full on documentary, about his life. I didn’t need to give it a second thought, it was getting watched right that second.

Chris Brown is and always has been my favourite male artist, I don’t think there’s any songs of his I don’t like, but I do have my favourites. I remember his early stuff when I was 15/16 years old, and it literally has just got progressively better over time. Over the years I have mentioned his music on twitter and I’d get the odd reply here and there from haters, saying he can’t possibly produce any good music after the whole Rihanna allegations 🙄 but I’ll go into that later..

Obviously I didn’t know anything about this documentary before watching it, I didn’t even know there was a documentary so I had no idea what to expect. It starts with interviews from Chris Browns mother Joyce talking about how Chris was first discovered, which was interesting to me because it’s something I didn’t know. He was 13 years old, and a record label guy came into the gas station his dad was working at, and said he was looking to sign up a new artist. The rest followed. His mum explained how the fame happened quite literally overnight, how she raised Chris as a single mom for many years, how she tried to keep him grounded in the early days when it all took off and how proud she was of him. The documentary shows lots of never seen before footage of Chris as a teenager and when he first got signed. Interviews with him then, and now. Usher was interviewed as well as various other artists including Rita Ora, Jamie Foxx, music producers, Tyga and even JLO. It states in the documentary quite early on, that Michael Jackson was thought to be the one who introduced Usher into the music business and Usher then went on to do the same for Chris Brown. Lots of his music was played throughout the documentary too which I loved, some I had forgot about which obviously were added straight back on to my Spotify!

Chris Brown speaks openly about being at the top of his career at such a young age, being 16/17 years old and performing at the VMA’s, the fact he could get whatever he wanted, and how blessed he was to have had the fame and the fortune that came so quickly to him. He also went into detail how that all came crashing down when he was arrested for domestic violence against Rihanna. I was shocked hearing him reveal information that I hadn’t read online or in the media before, it was quite refreshing to hear him explain it in his own words, as in the media, I think we have only really ever heard Rihanna’s side of things, I remember when she did that huge Oprah special and spoke all about what she went through with Chris Brown, so yeah it was nice to hear his version of events. He said how he was 15 when he first met Rihanna, how they were friends for years but always had a “thing” between them, but never made it official until moments before the pair went on stage together for their VMA performance, they were backstage and Chris told Rihanna he wanted to be official and be with her properly. Weeks later they were in a car driving somewhere and Rihanna went through Chris’s messages on his phone and found one that said some girl wanted to meet him at an after party, and she flipped. Chris tried to reassure her it was nothing but Rihanna wasn’t having any of it, and that’s where the two of them got into a physical fight. Chris talks openly and honestly about this, I quite liked the fact he left all the bullshit at the door and held his hands up and admitted what he’d done. It was extremely emotional when you hear him say, in that moment when he punched Rihanna, gave her a split lip and then started biting her, he viewed himself as a monster and all he could see was his step dad, who he had grown up witnessing beat his mother. In his own words, he said this was the one thing he had spent his adult life running from, but later realised he became. During this part of the documentary you hear interviews from family members, Chris Browns lawyer, other musicians and celebrities, and get their perspective on what they thought about the whole Rihanna relationship and domestic violence charges. After this all happened, Chris explains how his life quite literally spiralled out of control, he felt suicidal, worthless and that he was becoming somebody he wasn’t. He talks about his album F.A.M.E that came out not long after his split from Rihanna, and that it stood for “forgiving all my enemies” – again, something I didn’t know until watching the Netflix documentary.

I also got really emotional during the part where he performed a tribute to Michael Jackson 1 year after his death, you see Chris Brown break down on stage and you can see his pain, and that was moving to watch. He talks about checking in to rehab following his charges, but how he was soon asked to leave rehab following false allegations that he began a sexual relationship with a member of staff from the rehab facility, his community service and finally his 3 month prison sentence and how during his time in solidarity confinement he would draw on the walls and read the bible. All of which was facinating to me as I felt like I was getting to know a part of him that I did not know, as a fan of his music for so many years.

After prison, Chris Brown decided to turn his life around and focus on his music, he began a new relationship with Karrueche, but admitted he was still in love with Rihanna and battled between loving two people at the same time. It was around this time, he found out he was a father to a daughter he didn’t know anything about. He explains in the documentary about the first time he met his 9 month old daughter Royalty, and how he knew instantly that she was his, and god had created her for him. It’s very clear to see in the documentary his love for his daughter and that now everything he does is for her. Karrueche left him when she found out that Chris had a child she knew nothing about, and Chris talks about his too.

All I know was that I was utterly gripped throughout watching this on Netflix, and when I’m gripped on something without even checking my phone, that’s when you know its really really good. I had a couple of people tell me not long after I’d watched the documentary that they always saw Chris Brown as a twat after what they heard happened with Rihanna, but do you know what? In my personal opinion, whatever crimes he commits in his personal life, does not define him as a person. To say you don’t like or don’t listen to someone’s music just because they punched someone in their teenage years, however wrong it was, is beyond pathetic I’m afraid. His music, his song writing and his presence when on stage is beyond talented. Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of our generation, and there quite literally is nobody like him.

If you like his music, you will absolutely love the documentary, and if you don’t really know if you like him or his music, still give it a watch because I think you’ll be extremely surprised, and come away from this Netflix documentary feeling like you now know a little bit about Chris Brown, his life and his career.

I absolutely LOVED it. Now I’m just waiting for him to tour the U.K., because Tazmyn and I will be first in line to get tickets!

12 foods I hate


Another blog post bought to you by the brains of my wonderful wife.

I love food, I’m an absolute foodie, but I’m fussy too and there’s things I hate.

Tomatoes – not like ketchup or pasta sauce or pizza sauce but like actual whole tomatoes. And I call myself Italian? 🤦🏻‍♀️😳


Roast Pork And Roast Lamb

• Tuna – when people go into subway and ask for a 6 inch tuna cheese and toasted, are you feeling okay hun?


Cheese and onion crisps – the smell 😷🤮




• Duck

• Gherkins

There’s probably like 300 other things I hate as well but these are the mains, so if you ever invite us for dinner, be sure to check here first for cross reference and to avoid awkward “I’m just so full, I had a really big lunch” conversations.

What foods do you hate? I’d love to know 🧡

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My cleaning must haves


So I’ve done a few posts like this in the past, but never a full list of my cleaning go to’s and must haves. Tazmyn told me to do this post, because my cupboard is literally brimming of products I use on a daily basis so I thought I’d share them with you, for all you clean freaks out there like me! 😇🌿💓

These are my most favourite cleaning items! I’m going to break it down and talk about each item here, including the price and where you can find them too. I’m going to start by saying my favourite shop for cleaning products is without a doubt Wilkos. I genuinely just love Wilkos, I love that they have their own brand of things and everything’s so cheap as well! You can find pretty much everything in there too and it’s just great! Majority of the items in the photo above can be found in Wilkos as well as other stores too!

Okay, so how cute are these baskets? £1 each from Poundland, super cute for every day use, either for cleaning products or whatever you want to put in them! I’ve used the purple basket for cleaning products for upstairs, and the pink one for my anti bac wipes downstairs! I’m sure I’ll find other uses for them too.

My favourite washing up liquid! 60p from Sainsbury’s, this is actually a limited edition one but they’ve stocked it for a while now so maybe it’ll be here for good! I love the smell!

Tumble dryer sheets! Oh my god, these are just the best things ever. I actually used the Lenor summer breeze version of these before but didn’t like the scent very much, but these Wilkos Vanilla & Lavender ones smell amazing and have so many uses. Obviously you can use them in the tumble dryer with your clothes, but I also like to stick a sheet in each cushion cover on my sofa, as well as down the back of the sofa too. We also have a few in between clothes in our chest of drawers and I put some in the book shelf in my lounge too, just for added freshness everywhere! These are priced at £1 so absolute bargain! Love them, and I always have them in the house.

Dishmatic! Don’t we all have one of these in our kitchens? I just purchased my pink one, but I love these, and they’re so handy to have! £1 from Wilkos, but they sell these pretty much everywhere, although I don’t think everywhere does the limited edition pink though!

Duck! Okay, so I’ve tried every single scent in the duck toilet cleaner, and the Mint is definitely my favourite! I am a little obsessed with cleaning my toilets, and do them every single night! There’s nothing nicer then the smell of mint coming from your toilets, god I sound so old! 🤦🏻‍♀️ From Wilkos and Poundstretcher this is £1, some supermarkets vary in price so always get the best bargain where you can!

Bloo foam aroma – I discovered this maybe 3-4 months ago now, and I am obsessed! I’ve tried the citrus fresh version and the ocean scented one too, but this is my fave, Rose & Apple blossom! Again, I use this every single night in my toilets, once I’ve scrubbed them clean, and put my mint Duck toilet cleaner all around the rim of the inside of my toilet, I go ahead and sprinkle a capful of this powder/crystals into the base of my toilet, watching it foam and fizz away is so satisfying! I leave the lid of the toilet open, and honestly the smell just radiates around the house. Who knew a clean smelling toilet could be so great?

The pink stuff! If you’re a cleaning obsessive like me and you’re into your social media, you’ll have seen this stuff raved about everywhere! It really does do what it says on the pot, it is the miracle cleaning paste! It kind of smells like sherbet, and is light pink in texture. You only need a tiny bit of it at a time, and you can literally use it on anything! I use it on my hob, all around my sink, taps and draining board! You don’t need to use it every day but I use it a couple of times a week when you really want to do a deep clean! It’s just amazing, and a tub this size lasts aaaages! This costs 99p and available from Savers.

Ironing water and Fabric Freshener! Absolute must haves. Both from Wilkos, the ironing water is 75p and the fabric freshener £1! Both smell insane, and pretty self explanatory really, can’t ever not have either of these in my house!

1001 spray! My favourite item out of all of my must haves. I get through a bottle every two days, seriously. Hooked on the stuff. So basically this is a spray you can spray all over your carpets, curtains, rugs, sofas, blankets, beds, whatever really! It comes out like snow, and it smells insane. This is my favourite scent and it’s the only one I believe in the range that is pet friendly which is a bonus for me! I use this every single day after I hoover, and it just makes everything smell and feel super fresh. It can be pricy though, I’ve shopped around and the cheapest place I can find this so far is poundstretcher that sells it for £1.50, some supermarkets retail it for up to £3.50! So definitely try to get a bargain where you can on this, especially if you end up using it as much as I do!

Anti bac sprays! So, Method is without a doubt my favourite cleaning brand. I just love it, but it’s pricy. The French lavender scent is my favourite, and sometimes you can find a good deal on it for about £2 in supermarkets, otherwise it tends to be a bit more. I’ve also shown you the Wilkos own brand in the Apple and apricot scent, which is a foam texture and I also really love, this is priced at £1 so much more reasonable. I have so many bottles of anti bac spray in my house, it’s so handy, I must wipe down my kitchen sides at least 100 times a day with this stuff, coffee tables, dining room tables, you name it!

My two absolute favourite washing softeners! The Love for Lace by Oasis, exclusive to Sainsbury’s is just unreal. It smells like perfume and I can’t get enough of the stuff. It’s priced at £2 so really really reasonable. And the new limited edition frosted pine and apple comfort, again smells insane for this time of year too! I picked up mine for £2 in Poundland but I believe poundstretcher have it too for slightly cheaper so stock up as I imagine it will sell out fast! Everyone is loving all things pine at the moment aren’t they?

My MINKY!! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️😇 if you follow Mrs Hinch on instagram aka the cleaning guru, you will know all too well exactly what this is! The holy grail of the cleaning products. People are literally forming Facebook groups complaining that they can’t get hold of one of these as everywhere has sold out! I got mine a few weeks ago on amazon, it was £2.99 and I’ve not needed to purchase another one since. I use this with the pink stuff to rub the paste into whatever it is I’m giving a good clean, and yeah it’s great! I’ll be honest, I don’t really know why people are crying their selves to sleep at night because they can’t get hold of one though, it’s just a sponge pad in all honesty, and there’s cheaper alternatives out there, they all do the same thing! 💛

This Glade, magical forest limited edition air freshener spray at £1 from Wilkos is my favourite spray at the moment! It smells like Christmas trees, it’s so fresh and I’ve stocked up, I’ve got 5 bottles of the stuff because I’m just a crazy cleaning obsessed woman who goes through these like you wouldn’t believe!

Zoflora! Of course. I’m not going to talk too much about Zoflora because I did do a entire blog post on it and all it’s uses which you can find here – my cupboard is quite literally full of different zofloras but these are two of my faves. And I use them every single day without fail. £1 from any Poundland, supermarket, Wilkos, poundstretcher etc..

Plug ins! We have plug ins at all times in our house, usually lavender or linen fresh, but keeping with the pine theme and as a lover of all these autumnal and Christmassy, this is our new one, it smells like Christmas trees! This was £2 from Wilkos, but be careful as Sainsbury’s are selling the exact same one for £4!

Wax melts! I absolutely love wax melts, and once the house is hoovered and all clean, you want a nice candle or wax melt burning to radiate even more of a lovely smell around the room, so this Vanilla and Tonka Bean wax melt is from Sainsbury’s and was reduced to £1.25 so it would have been rude not to buy it! I usually buy all my wax melts from Instagram independent stores so I’ll keep that for another blog post maybe, but for this price you can’t complain, and it smells lush!

Anti bac wipes! I literally don’t understand why people buy branded names of these that are stupid prices, they all do the same thing at the end of the day in my opinion! These Apple and apricot ones, smell lovely and are priced at 50p per pack at Wilkos. Dirt cheap and so great to have in the house for whenever you need them. I have a pack of these in the upstairs bathroom at all times, a pack in the downstairs toilet at all times, and a few packs in different scents under the kitchen sink too! They do the exact same ones in lemon at Wilkos too for 50p!

Lastly on my cleaning product must haves, is my homemade febreeze spritz! Right so for this, you need a spritz bottle – £1 from Wilkos, your favourite fabric softener and your favourite Zoflora. I’ve used linen fresh recently because combined with this softener it smells insane. So 2 capfuls of softener, 1 capful of Zoflora and the rest of the bottle water. I spritz this absolutely everywhere, sofas, curtains, carpets, bed, towels, etc! Every night before bed I spritz the shit out of everything with this, it’s just so satisfying knowing you’ll wake up to nice, fresh smelling furniture haha 🤣💓 you know you’re gonna go and make one yourself now don’t you? Do it!

So that’s it guys, that’s my cleaning must haves! I hope you enjoyed this post 😘

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Review: Thames Riviera Hotel


As some of you may know, we were recently invited for a complementary stay at the Thames Riviera Hotel in Maidenhead where we live, with lunch/dinner and breakfast the following morning included. This was a huge opportunity for us, and we are ever so grateful. Who knew these sort of perks could come from simply just writing about our lives? Forever grateful.

So, The Thames Riviera Hotel is situated right on the banks of the river Thames by Maidenhead bridge. The hotel comprises of 52 bedrooms, 18 which are situated in the waterside lodge which is sited to the rear of the main building. The hotel has a renowned restaurant and bar called The Blue River Cafe that is known for its lively atmosphere, live music and great tasting food. The Thames Riviera Hotel is close to Dorney Lake home of the 2012 summer olympics, as well as Henley on Thames, Legoland Windsor, Thorpe Park, Heathrow Airport and Cliveden House. The hotel provides free parking for guests, and rooms vary from a single to an executive suite. Pricing can all be found on the Thames Riviera Website.

Our stay

We checked in to the hotel at around 1:45 in the afternoon on a Sunday, and although check in isn’t officially until 2:00pm, the hotel had no problem with us being early and were able to get us checked in straight away. We were kindly given the premium suite, which was situated in the outer building Waterside Lodge, to the rear of the main building. Our room was 412, and had a gorgeous river facing view with our own balcony.

The room itself was lovely, comprised with a king size bed, tea and coffee making facilities, a flat screen TV on the wall, bottled water and glasses, a walk in wardrobe with an ironing board, an iron, plenty of coat hangers and a fan as well, as due to how old the building is, the rooms do not come with AC.

The bathroom was nice too, small, but equipped with a bath and shower, a heated towel rail, and complementary toiletries as well.

Inside the Guest Directory left inside the bedroom, was information on lots of things including a price list of the laundry service the hotel provide, breakfast times in the restaurant, room service as well as a food and drinks menu, local taxi company phone numbers should you need one, local attractions you may like to visit, details about how to log into the free WiFi that the hotel provide, housekeeping and how to organise a morning call if you wanted one.

With our stay, we were kindly given a complementary lunch or dinner and breakfast the following morning. We arranged to have lunch, and booked a table in the main restaurant for 2:30pm. We have infact eaten in the Blue River Cafe several times previously so we knew our way around the restaurant and the standard of food they provide. It was a Sunday, so I went for the Carvery, and Tazmyn decided to try the Veggie burger out instead. The staff told us we could have a three course lunch should we want to, but we settled on having just the two courses instead. Main and pud. Our favourite. The roast beef that I had was lovely, the creamed cabbage with bacon was my favourite part! 😍 – If you wanted to come for a two course Sunday lunch here, it is priced at £9.99 which is an absolute bargain! For that price, you can choose from either a starter and main, or main and a dessert. If you didn’t fancy doing the Carvery, like Tazmyn, there some alternatives you could have chose from too, so fantastic value for £10!

For Dessert we both went for ice cream. I had coconut and lemon, Tazmyn had amaretto and caramel. The coconut ice cream in this restaurant is seriously insane, I’ve had it every single time we have come here! 😳

After lunch, we decided to go for a walk, it was a sunny day so it seemed like the perfect excuse to have a walk along the beautiful river. We really are so blessed to live in such a pretty place, I’ll never want to live anywhere else.

We stopped off at a corner shop to get some snacks for our hotel room, and walked back to the hotel to chill in our room. Who doesn’t love Hotel life though?

In the evening, I took a bath, we did face masks, ordered some room service.. like we even needed more food but oh well, absolute foodies over here! 😳🤦🏻‍♀️💗

The Thames Riviera Hotel offer 50% off all food on Sunday evenings after 7pm. So for two sausage ciabatta’s we paid something like £5!! And then the ice creams which were half price as well, £2 each! How could we not really? I think we’ll definitely come back for a Sunday evening meal, there’s so much to choose from on the menu! 🙂

(Yes I was reading the menu in the bath!)

We watched Strictly, and then X Factor, followed by the second part of the cry on bbc one.. oh my gahhhhd who is watching that please? Jenna Coleman is gripping. I can’t take my eyes off her, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actress who can hold the audiences attention quite like she does, the entire episode left me with chills in my body. I was convinced Alexandra the ex wife had teamed up with Joanna and they’d hatched a plan to hide baby Noah to kind of punish Alistair and teach him a lesson for wanting to take Alexandra’s daughter Chloe away from her, turns out I’m probably wrong.. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t already seen it, go catch up!

We slept really well, the bed was super comfy, and the room wasn’t too hot or too cold. Breakfast was good, with a continental style buffet, as well as a cooked breakfast buffet too. There was a wide range of pastries, fresh fruit, yoghurts, cereals and cold meats, where as the hot buffet food included bacon, eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms and beans. I always opt for the continental version wherever we go for breakfast, it must be the Italian in me!

Overall, our stay at the Thames Riviera Hotel has been lovely and we will certainly be recommending this hotel to family and friends or just anyone visiting the local area and needing somewhere to rest their head at night.

Again, massive thanks to the management at the hotel who so kindly invited us to stay with them, this has opened so many doors for me as a newly established blogger, and I’m very grateful for this wonderful opportunity! 💗

If you have any questions about this Hotel, or think I’ve missed anything out within my review, please do just ask or let me know!

Sending love,

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