Day 34. Seek, Flourish, Bloom. 🌸


Quote of the day:

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”


Good morning everyone! How are you all? It’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining, what more could you ask for?! ☀️ We’re catching up with housework and laundry this morning & then going to have a mooch about the shops this afternoon. I can’t wait until it gets warm enough to start eating breakfast and dinner outside and hanging clothes out to dry. The smell of fresh laundry drying in the sun is my favourite.


Saturdays food diary:

Breakfast – 200 Calories 💕1 Litre of water


Lunch – 204 Calories 1 Litre of water


Dinner – You already know what it is by now, our weekly Saturday night treat of homemade chicken kebabs! I look forward to these so much. 389 Calories 💓__________

Total calorie intake: 793 Calories 💗


Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Day 27. Choose to be optimistic, it feels better 🌸


I can’t remember the last time we had a duvet day. We’re always so busy and our days are pretty much filled up each week, but today we’re having a much needed day on the sofa. I’m currently dying from stomach cramps, I feel so rubbish, so we’ve bought the duvet down to the sofa and planning on staying in our pyjamas all day! Hopefully I’ll be feeling a little better tomorrow as we are planning a day in Windsor shopping, and a walk along the river. My mums doing Sunday dinner too which is always a good thing in my eyes! What are your plans this weekend? ✨


As always, my daily food diary:

Breakfast – porridge, frozen raspberries and chia seeds – 200 Calories 💕2 Litres of water


Lunch – Slimfast chunky chocolate shake at 204 calories, and a little bag of sweet & salty popcorn at 68 Calories 💛1 litre of water 💦


Dinner – I dragged my lazy bum off the sofa and made us our weekly Saturday night treat of homemade chicken kebabs & salad! This was actually Tazmyns meal she cooked but according to her, I make better chicken so we’ve switched job roles 🤣💓 This is one of our absolute favourite meals though, we used to be spending so much money on ordering kebab takeaways and this is a cheaper, healthier and actually better alternative! – 389 Calories

Pudding – Strawberry jelly (sugar free) – 10 cals


Total daily intake – 871 Calories

Also, just wanted to add.. a few people have asked me how I’m “surviving on 1,000 calories or a little less per day.. the answer is really simple, it’s easy! I have huge dinners in the evening, we never go for the boring option, we’re always mixing up our meals and trying new things. Breakfasts are getting a little repetitive but porridge is super filling and keeps me full until lunch! The only reason I CHOOSE to have a slimfast shake at lunchtime is because I like restricting myself a little bit. It’s for personal reasons, and wouldn’t work for everyone but I love having a shake at lunch, it’s more than enough for me. Coffees and hot drinks also help keep me full and I also drink at least 3 litres of water a day which again, fills me up so I’m never hungry. Calorie counting is working for me but like I say, I think it’s all about finding something that works for you and your lifestyle and something that you can do long term rather than a quick fix. We love mealplanning at the weekend and thinking of new recipes! Food = love in my opinion, and just because we’re healthy eating now, doesn’t mean we don’t love eating together. We do, but there’s just more salads now! 💁🏻‍♀️

Lots of loveeee,

Sinéad x

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Day 13. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.


Hello lovelies, hope you’re well. The sun is shining today and I think a spring clean is on the cards. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to start hanging washing on the line again, the smell of clean laundry is my absolute favourite. What are your plans this weekend? ✨


Daily Calorie Intake

Breakfast – 200 Calories 💕

2 litres of water down by 11am 💦


Lunch – leftover sweet potato dahl from last night but without any pita bread today – 246 Calories 🌸

1 litre of water


Dinner – My absolute faveeeeee dinner. I look forward to Saturdays because that’s when Tazmyn makes homemade chicken kebabs with a huge subway style salad (except for this week, I actually made dinner instead!) – 389 Calories

Pudding – Hartley’s strawberry jelly – 10 calories

Total Daily Intake: 845 Calories 💕


Lots of love,

Sinéad x

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Day 6. Mindset is everything 🌷


Happy Saturday guys!! 🌸 it feels good to finally be the weekend after a pretty long week, what are your plans? The weather is rubbish here at the moment which is such a shame because we had some gorgeous sunshine during the week.

I have had some pretty amazing collaborations come my way over the past week so I’m really excited to get those up on the blog, they will be coming in the next couple of days so look out for them. One is with a brand I absolutely love so I’m really excited to get them drafted and published for you!

Back to my daily calorie intake..

______________ ♥ _____________

Breakfast – Porridge of course!! Made with coconut milk and frozen raspberries – 200 calories.

2 litres of water by 11am! Totally smashing this water thing today! 💦

________________ ♥ _____________

Lunch – Slimfast chocolate shake – 206 calories

Another litre of water 👏🏼💗

_______________ ♥ _____________

Dinner – Tazmyn made homemade chicken kebabs and lots of salad with a wholemeal pita – 386 calories

Pudding – muller light strawberry fruitopolis – 65 calories.

________________ ♥ _______________

Total calorie intake – 857 Calories.

Lots of love,

Sinéad x

A Saturday well spent 🌸


We’ve had such a lovely weekend so far, last night my darling wife took me for dinner at one of our favourite places, Marco Pierre Whites steakhouse in Windsor. If you haven’t been you should really pay it a visit, from the decor to the food, everything is amazing and the steak of course is the best! 💗

This morning we had a pretty slow start to the day, caught up on laundry and housework, the snow began to clear up so we decided to go for a nice walk along the riverside. We really are blessed with where we live, it’s so pretty.

And, it’s never too cold for a cocktail is it?!

I’ve been playing around with some new edits on my photos, and I’m particularly loving this preset called “The White One” by littlepaperswan on Instagram! If you’re into editing your photos, definitely check out her page for some inspiration! 🌸

Our plans this evening are to just chill, make some dinner and catch up on a few things on Netflix. We really want to see the Ted Bundy Tapes & also Abducted in plain sight so I’ll update you with my thoughts once we’ve watched them! What are your must see’s on Netflix at the moment? Anything true crime, please do let me know your recommendations.

I hope everyone’s having a peaceful Saturday!

With love, always

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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Weekend plans


I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days, life’s got in the way and we have been so busy I’ve barely had time to pick up my phone. I guess this post is just a little update really, we are currently packing as we are going away for the weekend this weekend. It’s my Christmas present to Tazmyn so she’s really excited, as am I. Expect lots of photos. Foodie pics and hotel related posts too! I’ll probably do a full blog post on the actual hotel once we are back Monday lunchtime because the hotel we are going to is actually the oldest inn in the country. We have been lucky enough to have stayed there 3 times already and this will be our fourth. It’s Tazmyns most favourite place to stay & it’s what she wanted for Christmas so I’m super happy I could surprise her with this. We absolutely love our weekends away and after having the most busiest of weeks, this is just what we need.

I think this morning we’re going to have a mooch around Waitrose and pick up some snacks (something we always do before we go away anywhere!) and then maybe get some lunch somewhere too!

What are your weekend plans? Have you had snow? We haven’t but it’s definitely been freezing.

Sending love,

Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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Lil life update


My skin is horrendous, contemplated doing a blog post about it but who in their right mind would want to read about how the doctor recently told me at the grand old age of 28 the reason for my acne breakout is stress related. I know I wouldn’t. I’d scroll all the way past that bitch, but yeah, my skin has never been so bad, and while I tell myself daily I don’t entertain any form of stress, I quite obviously do, I just like to pretend I don’t. I’m on medication from the doctor that clearly states not to be taken with milk. Ew, I don’t even drink milk anyway! But how random, milk? Who even knew that could be potentially harmful. Not me. Our Saturday routine of going to Marks and Spencer’s cafe for hot chocolate and cake was kinda ruined by the fact I’m on my period and fancied a toastie instead but they happened to be all out of toasties so I settled for a sausage muffin at 3:30pm in the afternoon when I think my heart still kinda wanted the hot chocolate, looking back I should have got both, but the girl who was serving me seemed put out enough when I asked her to heat the sausage muffin up, so if I said I wanted a hot chocolate as well she may have had a bitch fit. There ya go, that was my act of kindness for the day, I spared the 18 year old girl who served me in M&S the hassle of having to make me a hot chocolate with cream and marshmelllows. I’ve been in a moany naggy mood all day, half of me wants Diet Coke and loads of it, the half wants to fall asleep in Tazmyns arms with a hot water bottle on my belly. So obviously I’m going to do both. My mum offered to cook dinner for us tonight, like we needed convincing, her gambas pil pil is our favourite meal of all time (apart Tazmyns roast beef dinner for me) but it’s so good.

It didn’t disappoint. Prawns, garlic and all the chilli, with looads of crusty bread. Tazmyn has said all night how it’s her favourite meal ever.

We FaceTimed the inlaws like we do most Saturdays, we watched Strictly and Xfactor.. I hope to god those snakes Katya and Sean(n) get booted off as a matter of urgency and I am outraged that they were even allowed to perform again after breaking both of their real life partners hearts. What kind of example are they setting really? I certainly don’t want to see them on my TV screens that’s for sure. I’m struggling to get into XFactor if I’m honest, it just doesn’t feel the same this year. I love Louis Tomlinson and I like judges houses, but I think I’ll wait until live shows to say who my favourites are. Right now I don’t have any.

We’re off to Bournemouth tomorrow for a couple of days, a wedding present from my mum. She knows us so well, we love our nights away. We have been to Bournemouth quite a few times, so really looking forward to it. We also have a free meal at wildwood restaurants to look forward to, after they reached out to me and invited us to review them, so that’s exciting! Everything’s good, and I’m grateful for everything and everyone in my life right now.

Hope everyone’s having a fab weekend 💗